Gift Ideas (And a giveaway!)


Are you all done with your holiday shopping? If so, YAY!  (You stinker.)

I’m totally not finished. If you’re like me and still shopping, I’ve tossed together a few finds.

Plus, there’s a nice little giveaway at the end just in time for Cyber Monday shopping.


A few things that have caught my eye…





And now for the giveaway! Winner has been chosen, see below.

Giveaway details:

One random* winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Amazon, just in time for Cyber Monday shopping!

There are a four ways to enter:


  1. Leave a comment with a gift idea. (I need some, man.)
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Entries will be accepted from now until Sunday, November 27, 2011, Midnight PST. Winner will be announced and contacted via email Monday morning, November 28, 2011, so the winner will have time to shop before Cyber Monday is over with.

*No purchase necessary. Must be over 18. One winner with a valid entry will be selected randomly.

We have a winner! Congratulations to #312 Kathleen from The Culinary Capers.
And thanks for everyone who stopped by to enter.


Happy shopping!

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  1. Erin Young says

    how about something like a gym membership, gift cards or gifts from a small business? :)

  2. says

    My gift idea…uh…yeah. I’ll get back to you on that. I think we’re doing the Kindle Fire for the kids. To share, yes. Four kids can share a Kindle…right? What’s wrong with that?

  3. says

    If we are talking about Amazon, then it has the best deals on perfumes! I usually try one at a store and just check the price on Amazon while standing in the store and 9 out of 10 times, its way less!

  4. farrah a says

    i dunno what happened to my gift idea post.
    1. kitchenaid mixer ice cream bowl attachment
    2. long puffy winter coat (calf length) cause we just moved here
    3. trouble/clue/perfection (is that the name) — board games to play with my kiddies

    there was another, but i can’t remember what it was. LoL

  5. Julie D. says

    Any books by author Charles Martin. Look in the Christian section at your local bookstore or online. Chasing Fireflies is my favorite.

  6. Kimberly says

    I plan to make some of my gifts this year, and for a few of my friends I hope to make some monogram greeting cards! Customized to their taste (and name), inexpensive, and practical! Love it :)

  7. says

    I love the product from Brooklyn Slate Company in Upstate NY. They have beautiful slate cheeseboards, coasters, etc.
    But I also like that 2c measuring pan. How handy would that be…. toffee anyone?
    Thanks for inviting us to your party.

  8. says

    My gift idea is to pick out some local food goodies for out-of-town relatives. I live in CA while most of my family lives in Ohio, and I love getting them special coffee from local roasters or local olive oil that isn’t available where they are. And for the cheapest of gifts – Meyer lemons from the tree in my backyard! :)

  9. Alexandra Schroeder says

    For a video game guy in your life, the new Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii!! My boyfriend has been waiting YEARS for this game, and it just came out in time for Christmas!

  10. Michelle Husser says

    With the kids all grown now, they kindly accept my hand-made offerings. Plus I add some cash to let them pick out something that they need for their homes. Local craft bazaars are wonderful places to find unique stocking stuffers.

  11. says

    Great list,
    I have the igo charger and LOVE it :)
    gift idea: favorite movies on DVD are always a huge hit with me, as I don’t watch a lot of TV like normal people, I don’t sit and relax. I love to cook and bake with favorite movies on they don’t need 100% of my attention :) and since I’m quite forgetful sometimes I’m still surprised at the endings.
    Another great gift idea wireless blue tooth headphones, they sound great to me :)

  12. Margaret says

    I have a couple of gift ideas!

    For the baker, a edge brownie pan (so only edge pieces are created!)
    For the fashionista, Kate Spade Taxi Mittens
    For anyone–a listography journal! The perfect way to keep track of your life in lists.

    Enjoy! Hope that helps. :)

  13. Emily P. says

    I love to give homemade gifts like Christmas-themed cake pops, caramel, or cookies.

  14. says

    For my grown daughter who’s always asking me to bake her favorite cake, I put together a kit for her to make her own: a bundt pan, cake mix, pudding mix, spatula, and the recipe. She loved it!
    I’ve also given Starbucks gift cards to the caffeine-addicted, Kindle gifts cards for the e-reader fans, and Lowe’s gift cards for new homeowners. Those always seem to go over well.
    Good luck with your shopping!

  15. Tracy says

    I just got the game Quiddler…sort of a short word card game in the vein of Scrabble.

  16. Denise B says

    This year we’re giving books. Lots of books. lotion, trains, and some cool looking weather predicter things I found in a magazine!

  17. Linda M says

    It may seem impersonal, but last year my MIL gave me an amazon gift card…It was wonderful! I bought all sorts of books for my kindle! (Shhhh, I think I bought fondant and cookie cutters too!)

  18. says

    i LOVE the ice cream maker…Lord knows i need one. other ideas though? maybe a donut pan? i never really post about donuts on my blog since everyone has them but i love the pan and we have healthy donuts maybe 3 times a week!

  19. says

    I think baked goods are always a great gift. This year instead of a gift my sister and I will be spending extra time together. I think that is the best kind of gift!

  20. says

    I have only just begun my shopping…sigh! I have some ideas though. Two that stand out to me as awesome gifts for this year are the Split Decision Pie Pan (lift and serve option too) – its a pie pan that has 2 halves to make 2 different pies – love it – they get 2 pie flavors, 2 recipes and this beautiful pan :)
    Alos – GENIUS ( for my husband) called Inkling – Its a pen and a thing you clip on your paper…what you draw/scethch on paper is made digital and goes on your computer – he will love this. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Amy and good luck with the holidqay shopping!

  21. MaryBeth says

    Here’s a grift idea – I did this a few years ago for coworkers. I made “cookie mix in a jar” and paired that with a decorative cookie plate. The mason jars were inexpensive – it was a snap to make an assembly line to fill the jars with ingredients, and I already had festive fabric and ribbon to tie around the jar and attach the recipe instructions. I think folks appreciate home-crafted gifts!

  22. Buccinator says

    My favorite gift I’m giving is for my mom, she’s getting a pizza slicer/rocker and a homemade pizza dinner by yours truly.

  23. kirsty says

    How about a special membership, perhaps to a shooting range, or classes (like painting, sculpting, or other artsy type) at a local community center or school? :-)

  24. says

    How fun! This year I made homemade vanilla, vanilla sugar, and vanilla honey. Bought several high quality loose leaf teas, and plan on putting together a basket of goodies for the tea lovers in my family.

  25. keilah says

    I am getting my mom some fancy measuring cups like Paula Deen’s. She has wanted them for years, but man, they are expensive. I found some very similar at a local gift/boutique shop.

  26. mary fanara coleman says

    Gift ideas…..I like homemade items such as my bakery wrapped creatively. Or recipes in a jar decorated nicely like a mixture for brownies, hot chocolate etc..

  27. says

    When I’m giving a gift to someone, I think about what they’ve given me in the past. I always have a tendency to buy people things I like, so I figure most people probably do the same thing. One of my favorite gifts to get my girlfriends is a cookbook and either an apron, pot holders, or tea towels. It’s small but it’s the gift that keeps on giving as they make recipes from the book.

  28. LauraMaggie says

    I really like getting gift cards to my fav shops: DSW, iTunes, Ann Taylor Loft, New York & Co. A great family gift is a game: Mad Gab, Blokus, Apples to Apples, Connect 4. Another great gift idea to do as a family is to do something together for charity: Angel Tree gifts, donate to a shelter, gift a gift to troops overseas, etc.

  29. says

    fun giveaway Amy

    I’m struggling with gift ideas too………my wish list……
    -a good chef knife
    – new acrylic cutting board
    – perfume

  30. Terry says

    Most of my gifts will be handmade (knitting gifts) this year. Those who I am unsure of will be getting Ceramic gifts this year from a local pottery shop. Going local this year :)

  31. Pam says

    A gift ideas:
    and the never fail – gift card! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Lindsay M. says

    Gift ideas…… maybe nail polish? Cute gloves + a matching hat? A cozy fleece blanket with the person’s initials? Or absolutely any kind of chocolate. : )

  33. says

    LOVE the power extender idea. My man is on the road a lot so this is something great for him!

    I’m making a lot of DIY gifts this year to save on costs. I’m hoping to make a few Wine Mulling buckets (homemade mulling spices, bottle of nice wine, few glasses, maybe some cinnamon sticks). As well, homemade preserved citrus for stocking stuffers. Who doesn’t love those things?

    Great ideas!

  34. Kaitlin says

    The best news that I got this morning was that Neil Diamond is coming to my parents’ town in June. It basically means that my Christmas shopping for them is done.

    Otherwise, at the top of my list is a pair of running shoes and pretty earrings from Swarovski.

  35. Deborah says

    My son, Jason, showed me something cute on Amazon yesterday. search on turtle constellation and you will see these animal/night light combinations that are battery operated, The light stays on for 45 minutes and then shuts off and they project the night sky onto the ceiling. Sounds pretty cool and has a high customer rating. The past several years I’ve done most of my shopping on Amazon.

  36. Katie says

    My gift idea is coupons for babysitting or shopping for someone or cleaning for someone. The gift of time.

  37. Laura says

    Here are some gift ideas that I’ve been putting together on my Pinterest :) <– they're all under £30, cause my family like to give small treats :) I also really love the 'brownie mix in a jar'-type home made ideas. Lovely!x

  38. Urban Wife says

    I’m all about handmade gifts – knitted scarves, potholders or beanies. Other handmade items great for gifting are cookies in a jar or soup in a jar, vanilla extract, candles, or even bake some cookies and put them in a tin. The possibilities are endless!

  39. Marley05 says

    I’m getting my family gift cards to amazon and iTunes. We all use our iPods, iPad’s and Kindles to read, listen to music, watch movies and shop so it works out well!

  40. Pattypro says

    I’m fond of giving away gifts from my kitchen…spiced nuts, quick breads, cocoa mixes, cookies, candies, etc.

  41. Rachel says

    One nice gift I’ve given is a pretty wooden cheeseboard with a small gift certificate to a cheese shop. You could take that same idea and apply it to other foods, like wineglasses or a wine cork and a gift certificate to a wine store.

  42. Misty Lynn says

    Hmmm…gift ideas…compression socks for a runner, The Best New Recipe cookbook for the chef in the family, a vintage locket with pics of the grandkids inside it for grandma, a family membership to the Western NC Nature center for $62 gets you free or discounted entrance to AZA zoos and aquariums *AND* ASTC science centers (usually you only get one or the other and membership costs more) a really great deal and you do not have to go to the WNCNC to benefit…but it is a nice place!

  43. says

    My favorite things to give are homemade. This year I’m making arm warmers, spice blends, felt ornaments and kids’ plushie dolls.

  44. Ashley says

    We are doing homemade gifts with our family this year. I am giving a gift box filled with assorted treats (truffles, cookies, scones) and some my of homemade jam!

  45. Julia says

    I like to include something homemade with something purchased, so a new scarf and some cookies! Or for one of my teenaged cousins an itunes card and some chocolate covered pretzels.

  46. says

    I’ve been struggling with ideas this year too. I’m trying to avoid a bunch of toys and stuff that the kids will be able to play with even years down the road so I’m trying to do more games instead even if still on the youner scale – cooties, chutes and ladders, perfection, maybe operation. I’m not sure what else. I still have a long way to go before I’m done. Only just started today haha.

  47. Kim says

    magazine subscriptions are always fun and different. also scarf and glove sets are everywhere and super cute!

  48. Jocelyn Wolf says

    I Love my Kindle and think it is a great gift idea also the assessories for it also make great gifts!

  49. Cassie Tucker says

    Hmm I like giving and receiving Gifts in Jars. They’re super easy, gives them something to do, and are a tad home-made. Other than that I would say classes if you know that they are wanting them. For example, I would not take it as an insult if my hubby gave me a certificate for a cooking class or a Wilton’s Cake Class…or wait would I?

  50. Anita says

    I like to visit flea markets and antique stores to find pretty cup and saucer sets for girlfriends.

  51. Cassie Tucker says

    And last, but not least, I liked She Wears Many Hats on Facebook. BTW great picture on the FB page :)

  52. Michele H. says

    What about a spa day – manicure, pedicure, massage. I always like gift cards to my favorite restaurants too!!

  53. Sandy says

    Gift ideas: put together a gift baske using a wicker basket or a cute plastic basket: add movies (Bugs Bunny classics- the good classic ones or Pink Panther or any other good classic)(for adults pick a good classic depending on whether they like mysteries, dramas or sitcoms), add some beverages (bottled colas, flavored drinks, or alcohol), add food (candy, Goldfish, flavored jelly beans, etc.), add some microwave popcorn or Jiffypop. You could put in some plastic glasses and some napkins. They also have plastic and paper popcorn containers you can buy (saw them at Target). Plastic wrap it and put a big bow on it. Also for adults how about a foot massage unit or a gift certificate for a massage- who wouldn’t love to have one of those after the holidays :)

  54. Cathie says

    I find that the older my children get the more they like family vacations so we put the money towards snow skiing trips in the winter & beach get-a-ways in the summer! they talk about it for years!

  55. says

    I’m giving food items this year. Cake pops, wine and gift baskets. At least they can be consumed and won’t be more “junk” sitting at someone’s house.

  56. Kim C says

    I didn’t even start my gift list yet. I definitely need to get on that asap. Hmm, gift ideas….I’ll probably give a few gift cards, I have some picky family members and I want try to put a few personalized gift baskets together for some family and friends.

  57. Mami2jcn says

    Gift ideas: for the boys, Star Wars Saga on Blu Ray. for the grandparents, framed photo collages of the grandkids. for mom, Cuisinart ice cream maker. for the baby, Let’s Rock Elmo.

  58. Jennifer M. says

    Some gift ideas:
    -Loose teas a tea infuser
    -Pizza stone, peel, and slicer
    -Kitchen aid attachments
    -Fun wine glasses and a bottle of wine

  59. says

    For the last couple years I’ve gotten movie passes for the teens on my list. They love them, and look forward to it. Usually the kids hit the theater before the Christmas break is over.

  60. Shewanna says

    I was thinking of getting one of my foodie friends a 6 month membership to her local CSA!

  61. courtney b says

    a great gift idea would a laptop.. there are SO many sales going on right now!

  62. Amy says

    The Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit with Portable LED Light from ULTA is my gift idea. I’m getting each of my three sister-in-laws that for X-mas and “strongly” hinted to my husband that I want one too. That way we can all do our own gel manicures at home.

  63. Janice Cooper says

    What about perfume. I love to buy my beauty products from Amazon like perfume. I always find a better deal thru . When I buy for my mom, I used Amazon and got the fragrance she wanted a lot cheaper than in the stores.

  64. Lynna H. says

    a nice gift idea would be a pack of gold movie tickets! most people love going to movies & these never expire!

  65. Cathy says

    I liked you on Facebook…now it’s time to get my link on (ok actually share this link on FB)

  66. Mrs. Puma says

    I like to give magazine subscriptions because it’s like a gift every month!

  67. amy pugmire says

    leappad, car wash gc, target gc, colongne or perfume, my hubby wants a gun (good luck) clothes, gift cards are always a win win!

  68. Jennifer Marie says

    My gift idea would be restarurant gift cards for times to get out and away.

  69. says

    I always like accessories like jewellery or hair accessories. I’d also put a kitchenaid on that list (pink of course!)

  70. Kim B. says

    Don’t feel bad…..I haven’t even started!! Magazine subscribtions are fun cause it truly is the gift that keeps on giving :)

  71. Beth says

    A great gift idea is moccasins from LL Bean they are warm, comfortable and have a life long guarantee.
    I’m liking you on Facebook, following you on facebook.

  72. says

    Gift idea – this year I’m going to make homemade sugar scrubs – they’re really easy and there’s a bunch of great variations on pinterest.

  73. Ellen Apple says

    I just liked you on Facebook and added your blog to my RSS feed
    HMMM gift ideas….
    one of a kind handcrafted carved peach seeds from eBay?
    ok, I am pluggung, and I know it’s shameless
    my husband carves them
    buffaloes and crosses and monkeys and crosses
    he’s very versatile

  74. Lisa Shoemaker says

    I think a jigsaw puzzle is a great gift for this time of year when people might actually spend more time as a family. Our family likes to put it together over the course of a few days while visiting at Christmas time.

  75. Donna G says

    That paddle attachment for their KitchenAid mixer that keeps you from having to scrape the bowl too much.
    A nice set of silicone whisks. (okay, this is what I want!)
    The Apples to Apples game – it’s a hoot and lots of fun to play when you have a bunch of folks around.
    A massage certificate.
    I got my mom some alpaca gloves with no fingers so her hands can be warm at the computer.
    And the Boss’ mom always wants cash.
    I have no clue what to get those of the male persuasion. The Boss is the only one I buy for.

  76. erin says

    for the grandmas we are doing a candle from bath and body works with one of there metal candle holders as well as coffee!

  77. Rebecca Shockley says

    My first gift idea would be a Diamond Candle, each candle has a genuine possibly high value ring in it. Check it out –
    For my younger brother’s they like money (Fat chance of that happening, lol), they like scratch offs – what ever – it’s a cheap thrill for them – Cologne, any hygiene products.
    2. Most people like Dvd’s
    3. Teenagers like posters, well mine do!
    4. Cleaning supplies for the car and tires could also be a guy item.
    5. Maybe a new laundry basket with new towels, wash clothes, soaps etc…
    6. My daughter loves stickers for her sticker book, the Dollar Tree has a ton of choices
    7. Gift card for an oil change, Itunes.
    8. Cool fridge magnets

  78. says

    I really like to give symbolic gifts that involve donations to my fave charities. It’s meaningful and doesn’t add a bunch of clutter to anyone’s home.

  79. Yvonne Higgins says

    Last year I gave my husband a new rifle for hunting for Christmas and then for Valentine’s day he got a box of clay targets for practice. If your husband is a hunter any gun or knife is always a great gift.

  80. Danielle T says

    Gift cards, Accessories for e-readers (covers and screen protectors), and I actually picked up a couple buffets w/warming tray at Target for only $27 buckaroos for all the ladies in the family that cook. Good luck with your shopping!!

  81. Melissa Berry Shelton says

    A camera makes a great gift. Because that’s what I bought myself for Christmas last night.

  82. Marie says

    Anything a person wouldn’t normally buy for themselves is a good idea :) I think books, movies, movie tickets, etc are all good gifts. I also think gift cards (as tacky as people seem to think they are) are GREAT gifts because the person gets to buy WHATEVER they want! You just need to know where they like to shop!

  83. says

    My husband really loves M*A*S*H, so every Christmas I get him a season or two. Just pick whatever tv series your friend/spouse/relative likes most, and you’re covered for years!

  84. Margaret D says

    A great gift idea would be some baked goodies. Home made bread or cookies are always a hit.

  85. Maureen G says

    I give the slatkin & co candles at bath and body works, with the cute little holders and then make match sets using mini mason jars with sandpaper – they are so cute and lovely and make great sets to have on hand in case you forgot anyone!

  86. sami says

    board games and bop it! we also love giving balls – footballs, basketballs, soccer balls – anything to get the kids outside playing! Happy Holidays!

  87. c hartman says

    how bout a day at the spa to pamper yourself…(i know i’d be THRILLED to pieces with that!!!)

  88. Patricia Pinkston says

    For family-we just do gift cards. Everyone is getting older, and it’s hard to find something they really need.

  89. Solducky says

    Any local food items from your nearby farmer’s market is always great!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  90. Erin R says

    I’ve found board games to be a great gift – ones that work well with 2 players and also with 4 or 5. Agricola, for example, was a great gift.

  91. ms ellie says

    Yesterday we were all looking at the black Friday ads….and several of the male family members said they liked the universal phone charger that you lay your phone on. 29.99 @ radio shack!

  92. southerngal says

    Wellies for the entire family! Found you at Tasty Kitchen today – plan to make the pecan pie muffins today!

  93. Celeste says

    This might sound random — but one of the best gifts I was given a few Christmases ago was a memory foam mattress topper. Oh my goodness. It has changed my life!

  94. Stefani says

    This year, I decided to give my cousin a baking set! Filling an oven mitt with spatulas, whisks, cookie scoops..

  95. says

    Fun gift idea, particularly for grandparents–a photo-blanket! A friend of mine told me about creating one of these for her sister and I thought the idea was FABULOUS!

  96. says

    I’m giving entertainment gifts this year – like a family membership to the zoo, tickets to a show, museum tickets. Things that will give my family and friends a chance to relax this upcoming year. (It also sves buying something you’re not sure they’ll like!)

  97. Carolsue says

    I always go for gift cards — maybe a nice dinner and then something personal added such as an offer to babysit that night
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  98. Jennifer on the coast says

    Tervis tumblers are easy, inexpensive gifts and can be customized for each person!

  99. says

    We’re thinking of getting gift cards to a really nice restaurant for my in-laws, one that they enjoy. We don’t get to see them that much and thought they might appreciate that.

    My mom always enjoys a piece of jewelry, so I’m thinking about picking out something for her. I’m also blowing up a photo that I took for her. It’s from Green Gables when we visited there.

  100. Jen Medina says

    I just received a Babycakes Cupcake maker. My kids & I (ages 16 & 13) spent an entire afternoon/evening baking cupcakes & muffins. We had so much fun. Anything that brings a family together is a great gift in my eyes :)

  101. Deb Harris says

    My gift idea is one I’m using for my son-in-law an avid grill master. A 3initial branding iron & a steak pkg sent from a specialty company.

  102. says

    I adore giving personalized things…. Etsy is one of my favorite places to get gifts. This year I am giving photo key chains to my brother and sister-in-law with their daughter’s photo :)

  103. Nikki says

    My most favorite gift to give is something from Anthropologie. In particular I like to give a tea towel, a monogrammed mug, and an oven mit. People love it every time.

  104. Cindy says

    I have three Secret Santa people to buy for in the 17-25 yr old range. I’m sick of getting them gift cards, so this year I’m making oragami shapes with cash and wrapping it up. Who doesn’t love cash?

  105. Cindy says

    I “like” you on facebook. I like you in the real world, too. But facebook makes it official.

  106. says

    I make all of my gifts for Christmas so that’s what’s on my mind for gift giving. I’m making both coffee (I call it Faux Kahlua) and cranberry liqueurs and curing and smoking bacon. Actually both are in process now and I’ll be done next week. So much easier than shopping or making dozens upon dozens of cookies!

  107. says

    OMG….how generous & fabulous are you?!! A gift idea….more cowboy boots! Ski passes. Gift certificate to a favorite restaurant …..

  108. says

    Tweet, tweet.
    “Holiday shopping yet? @wearsmanyhats has a $100 Amazon gift card to get you started!”

  109. Michelle says

    Gift idea – I love the Nudo olive tree. You “adopt” an olive tree in Italy for someone and then twice a year they get cans of olive oil that were pressed from that tree. My boyfriend did it for his parents last year, and they LOVE it.

  110. Carrie R says

    This year I am making my sister and brother-in-laws (we have 6 couples total) homemade cinnamon hot chocolate mix & a Christmas cookie mix. I am foodie, so this is so appropriate for me. ;)

  111. says

    Great list of gifts, Amy! Last year I bought my mum an olive tree through Nudo Olive Oil. She has received cannisters of extra virgin olive oil throughout the year and has loved it.

  112. Katie says

    I am shopping for triplet 5y/o boys this year…spoiled rotten with toys! I am giving them a trip to Columbus, OH to the Zoo and Zoombezi Bay water park!

  113. Sallybway says

    Knitted/crochet washcloths and handmade soaps make great gifts – one of my favorites to get, anyway!

  114. says

    Taste of Home is having $5 subscriptions this week only (not sure when it ends though. I noticed the sale Friday). I’ll prob get one for my mom.

  115. Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. says

    great giveaway! I love all of your holiday finds. I want so many things from Amazon so badly. Hope you had a good thanksgiving!

  116. says

    What a nice Christmas gesture Amy! Gift cards are always easy and well liked. I also like to give families memberships to zoos, aquariums, etc. That way they can enjoy the gift all year. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  117. says

    I love giving magazine subscriptions to cooking magazines and try and select ones based on the recipient’s skills in the kitchen. For beginners I love to give Cook’s Illustrated – it’s a great place to learn the mechanics of cooking!

  118. Carmen says

    Small gifts, but I’m going to get my husband a new tape measure (50′) and an LED flashlight. We have one already but he wants one just a little bit more powerful.

  119. fishgirl182 says

    I could use some gift ideas, too. Christmas always comes so fast. How about a gift subscription to audible for the audiobook fan in your life?

  120. Patti W says

    I have a little guy who is 3. He’s suddenly very into puzzleswe only have a couple, so he will be getting some for christmas. They are thankfully cheap so I can make sure he has a variety. I like to keep his mind and hands busy and we can do puzzles together during snowy days.

  121. says

    I’m sending a box of goodies (honey, roasted coffee, baked goods, jam) from my area. Local gifts = unique and I doubt they”ll get a gift quite like it!

  122. NanaBread (Jeanne) says

    I bought my daughter the Wilton Donut pans with a variety of muffin mixes so she can make quick & easy donuts for the grandbabies on a whim. Also threw in a set of colorful mixing bowls and a set of mini-spatulas.

  123. NanaBread (Jeanne) says

    I follow Amy on Twitter, but then I would follow Amy anywhere! @HeyNanaBread

  124. says

    When I’m having trouble thinking of a gift for someone I usually just go with some type of small luxury that they might not treat themselves too. Nice pajamas, cozy slippers, fancy candles and bath products. I also give people tickets to shows or concerts as gifts a lot, and I like to give couples restaurant gift cards so they can have a nice date night.

  125. Katie says

    An assortment of all the essential kitchen spices in home decorated spice jars is a gift I am going to attempt this year!

  126. Heather says

    For your wine enthusiasts at heart, some wine stores offer a cool ‘wine club’ month memberships. Always a good idea!

  127. K. Ahlborn says

    Well, my gift ideas at the moment are homemade bean bags for a bean bag toss game. (This game is a matter of life and death in our family). Also, I’m thinking homemade laundry detergent, truffles, a pie plate for my Mom, and tea leaves in spades for my brother. (I never thought in a million years that my brother would ask for tea for Christmas. Weird).

  128. Tara says

    A gift Idea I love is the philosophy lotions and soaps- They come in wonderful holiday scents

  129. Kay Carrasco says

    I was looking all over for flavored chocolate stirring sticks (and finding nary a one) when someone asked me, Why don’t you just make your own? It’s not hard! So I think I’m going to do that. :)

  130. Kim Hackenberg says

    I recently purchased an electric stainless steel kettle and use it all the time. So that is a gift I am giving this Christmas.

  131. says

    BOOK: Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day! I was going to get this for my hubby (who is the bread baker at our house), but my sister needed an idea for him, so I passed it along to her. Got any bakers on your giving list?

  132. says

    Umm…food allergies=amazon giftcard! :) That’s a great resource for baking items. Hmm, for regular random gift ideas, scarves and gloves are always great as is a great little digital camera (LOVE Cannon!).

  133. says

    Cookbooks! I like that I just saw someone (a chef on a show) say to give a gift of a cookbook, but buy the dish
    a recipe from the book is made with and make it and give someone the book and the dish with a recipe you made
    from it.

  134. Kelly C. says

    Electronic picture frames for the grandparents, already filled with photos of their favorite grandkids!

  135. ikkinlala says

    My gift idea is a nice hand balm (I like Badger Balm, but I know there are a lot of good options out there). It’s practical in the winter and will get used up, but it’s fun to get as a gift because people may not buy themselves the nicest option. Just watch out for allergies.

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