Like many of you, I was never the proud owner of an Easy-Bake Oven when I was younger. Maybe the fact that I was a tomboy had something to do with it? I dunno. I think if my parents knew that I secretly wanted one to play with when it was raining outside and I couldn’t rough up the kid across the street, they would’ve gladly gotten me one.

Okay, I only roughed him up once. Maybe twice. But he asked for it. He was a bully. And Amy don’t take no junk from bullies.

BUT… maybe if I had owned an Easy-Bake Oven those many years ago, I could have changed his bullying ways with some sweet treats? Who knows?

Anyways, when the folks from Hasbro contacted me about sending an Easy-Bake Oven for me to try out, and not just any Easy-Bake Oven, but the new EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven, I was all over it. Look at how cool this EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven is?


Of course I had to invite an expert young baker over to try it out with me. Carrie, of Carrie’s Christmas Cookies fame, joined me yesterday to try out some chocolate chip cookies in the EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven.

She mixed it all up, made itty-bitty cookie dough balls and baked them right up. Carrie is gifted in the kitchen folks.

I stood by and watched as she did it all by herself. She made it look easy.

Carrie gave her approval on the oven and the cookies too. She even wrote a review for me to share with y’all…

“The Easy Bake Ultimate Oven is fun and simple! And looks like a purple spaceship!”

Thanks Carrie! I had fun baking with you.

Hasbro provided me with an EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven. I have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions and comments are my own (and Carrie’s too).