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We approached our wedding registry 20 years ago with white as our theme. I like white. White is alright. White goes with everything, right? White dishes and towels were certainly easy to work with when we moved into our new home a couple of years later. Ever since, I’ve always been partial to sticking with the classic white place setting. It’s worked well over the years.

Recently, I’ve realized that it has more to do with me not being able to commit to a color or pattern that keeps me loyal to basic white. That’s why many years later I found myself in a basic black and white kitchen, with even more white dishes. Although I’d attempted to add pops of color through a spattering of colored serving dishes and pans, plus a little collection of Polish Pottery (which compliments white quite nicely), I thought it was time for something new and fresh and fun. So I purchased one place setting of Fiesta dinnerware a year or so ago in happy turquoise to see how I liked it. It felt like such a bold move. I know you understand.

Fiesta dinnerware is a sturdy classic, and not fancy. I felt if I could decide on a color, I’d go with the Fiesta dinnerware and move out of the white abyss. The turquoise was nice and bright, but it was bright. I think I’d get tired of it, ya know? Then I thought of red. Red is good. Red works for so many holidays, but it’s red. And very … red. Red all the time? I don’t know … because the green is so lovely too … and that pumpkin color would be nice for autumn. The cobalt blue would match the polish pottery. They do have a white Fiesta dinnerware, don’t they?

This is the process I go through with wall colors, linens, purses, eyeshadow …

I know I’m not alone. Right? Please tell me I’m not alone.

It seems I was missing the beauty of Fiesta dinnerware in that all the colors can be mixed. That’s what a fiesta is anyway, a celebration, right? But I still wasn’t sure. Until I visited Ree this summer and enjoyed first hand how she mixed all the colors of the Fiesta rainbow together. She really likes Fiesta too. It really was the perfect solution for my indecision.



So, as I found a coupon or sale here and there, I gradually began purchasing 4-piece place settings. When Randy and my parents asked what I wanted for Christmas, I had a simple answer. The fun thing is, any color can be bought. My mom was able to go pick out whatever colors she wanted to and not have to worry about matching. And if a piece breaks? No biggie. Just replace it with any color. Genius. And not white.

Randy surprised me with the fabulous red salt and pepper shakers.



And aren’t the mugs cute? They feel so solid, and that little ring hole is adorable.



It’s been fun to see the kids gravitate to their favorite colors. I’m hoping to keep adding to our colorful collection. These will be the dishes that our children and grandchildren will enjoy over the years, then will eventually be handed down, possibly even split up between them all for them to begin their own personal collections. And when they come to me to ask my opinion about what they should register for when they get married, I’ll have the perfect answer.


Do you have a favorite collection or pattern of dinnerware? Do tell!



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  1. 1


    Hi, Amy. I love this. Love the vibrant colors – fun for any occasion!

    I love my standard white and I accent with lots of colored plates, etc. If I had more room in my house, I think I could really get into getting some patterns, colors, adding to different collections.

    Now, when can I come for dinner and eat on those plates? :)

  2. 3

    Kristen says

    I have a huge set of Fiesta from my Grandpa when he passed away. We rarely use them – I need to get them out for everyday dishes. I love the colors!

  3. 5


    I’m not shy of vibrant, bright colors in the kitchen! I wish I would’ve registered for Fiesta instead of traditional white china when we got married. I do like that it is inexpensive enough that I can slowly build a collection, though. :)

    • 6


      That’s what I like about them too! They’re great quality but don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m looking forward to adding odds and ends servings pieces I find them on sale.

  4. 8


    Fiesta is very cute. I’ve been tempted several times to get them. My everyday now has become a collection of various patterns of those plastic sturdy little dishes from Target that change with the season. They’re cheap, fun and best of all, they don’t break.

  5. 9


    We did the whole white thing too, although we didn’t really discuss what we wanted prior to registering. TOTALLY wish we’d gone a different direction – I love the bright colors in the Fiesta pieces! And 6 years later I realize that I like the whole non-matching thing a lot better than having a nice set of white plates. Fits our personalities much better 😉

  6. 10

    Nancy says

    My children gave me a set of vintage Fiesta ware for Christmas two years ago. My son in law is an auctioneer and he got it for me. I have all colors, even boring white and I adore using it. I mix the colors and it sets a beautiful table. I have platters, everything but a pitcher.

  7. 13

    Kathy J. says

    We bought Fiesta place settings for 12 a few years ago. In white! Our Type A personalities told us that we can add color with napkins, etc, but white would go with everything. Recently we started buying accompanying Fiesta ware in colors – 4 beautiful coffee cups, a set of ramekins (all different colors). I want to gradually add more colors and am starting to realize that not everything has to “match” in order to be beautiful!

  8. 14

    Liane says

    I’m with you on the Fiesta! When my daughter got married a few years ago, she registered for Fiesta. After that I decided I needed some too. I now have a full compliment– probably 10 or 11 place settings–all in different colors. (I also previously had white dinner ware!) This year I got a 4 piece place setting of the new Flamingo. Love it! I have numerous other serving pieces, but I’m still working on adding to my collection! I think Plum (purple) is my fav!

  9. 15


    I thought I was the only one with “color indecision syndrome”! I’m breaking out of that mold by having my son paint my dining table a jade green. I love your idea of buying a four-piece place setting in each color a little at a time! I’ll have to try that.

  10. 16

    Cassie | Bake Your Day says

    My mom always loved Fiesta Ware and I love all of the colors but I did the same thing with my registry…white all around!

  11. 17


    This is so me. I am a gal who has stayed plain white too. I’ve been thinking I would like to add color..You’ve convinced me. I’m going to town tomorrow and buy some color!!

  12. 19


    I have always had Pfalzgraf, but have loved Fiestaware for quite some time. I think the next time get new dinnerware, that the way I’ll go.

  13. 21


    I’ve had Fiestaware for close to 20 years. The original colors I have are all discontinued except the turquoise (the others are rose, persimmon, pale yellow, and periwinkle). For Christmas I got 3 place settings each of 3 new colors, lemongrass, paprika and ivory. I LOVE this color combo. We’re going to add cobalt to the mix, too! I have more place settings than I’ll ever know what to do with, but I love all of it! Welcome to the Fiestaware club!

  14. 22

    Sommer@ASpicyPerspective says

    I have a big stack of fiesta ware and find it always cheers me up to serve dinner of such vibrant plates.

  15. 23

    Aggie says

    I’m with you about not being able to commit to a color – I get it! These plates are beautiful, and I love those cute mugs!!

  16. 24


    This is such a great idea! I break dishes like they are free, I’m so clumsy. I am constantly getting new sets, this would be the way to go for me and I always love the bright colors of Fiesta Ware!

  17. 26


    I, like you, am a white girl. My MIL collects fiesta wear and has a HUGE collection… they really are an amazing and sturdy and beautiful brand!! Your pictures are wonderful!

  18. 28

    Lizinwfb says

    I too have a GLASS front kitchen cabinet with my fiesta wear. I started marriage with all white too but made the change about 10 years ago. I love it as does the fam. Mix and match the red family on valentines. Reds and teens are at the top for December . Oranges and yellows in Fall.
    My favorite collection however is my McCoy pottery. Over 100 pieces that sit on the tops of my cabinets. All colors, shapes & designs. I think they are beautiful ! And lok great withe the fiesta wear too!

  19. 30


    You have no idea how much your thought process is just like mine. It’s time to replace our everyday (white) dishes, and new Fiesta ware would have been at the top of my Christmas list…if I could have only decided on a color!! Our friends have a beautiful home, with white painted interior trim, and paint and furnishings that have a feel for the sea. Blues, greens, etc. I always love eating from their mix of colorful Fiesta ware in the same colors. You’re convincing me to just do it!!

  20. 32


    Oh, Amy — I don’t live far from the Fiesta plant! I used to collect the limited colors of their dishes, still have a ton down in the basement. The vases are my favorite, especially the sapphire blue one that I have. It was a very limited color that they made in the late ’90s.

  21. 34

    Diane says

    I love my Fiesta it’s my everyday dishes I collect all the colors !
    I love the special pieces like the watermelon bowls and the lady bug mug etc so fun to add to the collection everyday I decide what color dishes and flatwear hubby and I will use for dinner that night it’s just so fun!
    Two of my kids now collect it as well so that makes it even more fun!

  22. 36


    I have a ton of fiestaware down in a cabinet in my basement. I went through an ebay phase about 12 years ago and snatched up a whole odds and ends collection! It’s fun on holidays to serve dinner with a rainbow of colored plates!

  23. 38

    Sheri | Really Most Sincerely says

    I love Fiesta. My grandparents an extensive collection as I was growing up and when I was in my 20s I got a big chunk of it as we were dispersing their things. I was more than a little heartbroken as I realized that all my pieces likely have lead-based paint in them. I’ve been stumped for years on what do do with the lot. Any suggestions?

    • 39


      Hey Sheri!

      How cool that you have theirs. I bet they’re neat. I hadn’t thought about the lead-based paint issue. What if you use them as vases or other display pieces?

  24. 40

    Sheila says

    i have the longaberger basket weave ivory plates. Super basic. I like them, but I would love to have Fiestaware. I’ve been hinting for the last couple birthdays…but no luck. A colorful plate make food more interesting too! fun post ; )

  25. 41

    Terry says

    I have loved Fiestaware forever and a day. It started with my great-grandmother’s pieces from the 30s and 40s. We used them for everyday dinnerware when I was growing up – until my mom realized they were too valuable for that. She gave them to me as a housewarming gift for our first house, and I slowly added to them with thrift store and antique junkets, and forays through eBay. I’ve even cataloged my haves and wants here:

    But my Fiesta obsession didn’t stop with the vintage stuff: I received a set of Fiesta-type dinnerware about 25 years ago, and I mixed-and-matched my way through a couple decades while our kids were growing up. When Fiesta introduced square plates, and I broke over and bought a full set of dinner and lunch plates. The old set of round plates and bowls are boxed and ready for middle son to take with him when he moves out (he asked me to set them aside for him. Another generation of Fiestaware lovers is born.)

  26. 42

    Sandi Duncan says

    I did exactly the same thing — now I have 14 different colors and look forward to each new shade they come out! Food just rinses off so easily! I didn’t see anyone mention that they are MADE IN THE USA in West Virginia (no offense to China)!!! A few years back Macy’s had B1G1F and Friends and Family at the same time — what a deal! It’s so great to buy genuine home-grown USA products of great quality for such an inexpensive price!

  27. 43

    Betsy says

    I love Fiesta ware. It makes me happy…like a party in my cabinet. I open that door on a cold winter day and smile…call me an idiot but I smile at my dishes. In the morning when my boys are getting ready for school and they are randomly pulling out plates, mugs and bowls if they happen to get two of a kind I act like they hit bingo…..oh how my teenage sons love that at 6:00 in the morning. My youngest son is an Oregon Ducks fan so I occassionally hit him up with a yellow plate and green bowl…it makes him smile eventhough he thinks I’m a freak. Your pictures of the dishes are beautiful. I’m contemplating using the bowl picture as a screen saver…..makes me smile I swear. You are so right about gift giving. I received a flamingo butter dish for Christmans and I was happy as could be!

    • 44

      Kath says

      I have just started collecting Fiesta and I love it!!! I have 16 place settings and there’s more that I want to make different color combinations. I catch it when Belk has buy 4 get 1 free or some other special. Fiesta makes me smile, too, and I wonder what I will ever do with it all but am excited about the different tables I’ll be able to set!!

  28. 45

    Julie says

    Love Fiestaware! I had my white crate & barrel set since 1997, and decided it was time for a change. I started off small, purchasing one 5 piece place setting at a time at Kohl’s when they were on sale and when I had a 30% coupon. Now I have 15 place settings of all different colors, some retired (including lilac, which a friend of mine GAVE to me, I am so lucky). I am now branching out into the serve ware. Some day, I would love to get the mixing bowls and the prep bowls.

  29. 46

    Kathyo says

    Hi! I just read your blog after deciding I wanted Tangerine Fiesta dinnerware. I too have white everything and I am moving into a white kitchen. My Le Creuset collection is in Flame. I love your set. i now want every colour! Thank you!!!

    • 47


      Hello Kathyo!

      Flame is so pretty, and so perfect with the Fiesta ware—especially the Tangerine! Your kitchen will look lovely.

  30. 48

    Liz Patrick says

    I started Fiesta about 4 years ago, with just scarlet. Then my cousin bought a Fiesta store! Now I not only have every single piece of Fiesta, I could feed about 75 people with just the plates I have! It is an obsession that is for sure! I use mine every single day, in the oven, on the table, in the microwave. My 3 year old is learning her colors from the dinner plates! Instead of red she knows scarlet, shamrock, peacock! My plates rotate with the seasons/holidays. Have fun and add more color!

  31. 50

    Elaine says

    I, too, use Fiestaware in Sunflower, Peacock, Persimmon and Lemongrass. I love it!

  32. 51

    Carmen says

    Hello, can you tell me what the bowls are called in your first picture? I’ve read that many bowls don’t stack well. I want to start my fiestaware collection with bowls and I need a good sized cereal/soup bowl that stacks. That looks like it might me it. Thanks

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