We approached our wedding registry 20 years ago with white as our theme. I like white. White is alright. White goes with everything, right? White dishes and towels were certainly easy to work with when we moved into our new home a couple of years later. Ever since, I’ve always been partial to sticking with the classic white place setting. It’s worked well over the years.

Recently, I’ve realized that it has more to do with me not being able to commit to a color or pattern that keeps me loyal to basic white. That’s why many years later I found myself in a basic black and white kitchen, with even more white dishes. Although I’d attempted to add pops of color through a spattering of colored serving dishes and pans, plus a little collection of Polish Pottery (which compliments white quite nicely), I thought it was time for something new and fresh and fun. So I purchased one place setting of Fiesta dinnerware a year or so ago in happy turquoise to see how I liked it. It felt like such a bold move. I know you understand.

Fiesta dinnerware is a sturdy classic, and not fancy. I felt if I could decide on a color, I’d go with the Fiesta dinnerware and move out of the white abyss. The turquoise was nice and bright, but it was bright. I think I’d get tired of it, ya know? Then I thought of red. Red is good. Red works for so many holidays, but it’s red. And very … red. Red all the time? I don’t know … because the green is so lovely too … and that pumpkin color would be nice for autumn. The cobalt blue would match the polish pottery. They do have a white Fiesta dinnerware, don’t they?

This is the process I go through with wall colors, linens, purses, eyeshadow …

I know I’m not alone. Right? Please tell me I’m not alone.

It seems I was missing the beauty of Fiesta dinnerware in that all the colors can be mixed. That’s what a fiesta is anyway, a celebration, right? But I still wasn’t sure. Until I visited Ree this summer and enjoyed first hand how she mixed all the colors of the Fiesta rainbow together. She really likes Fiesta too. It really was the perfect solution for my indecision.



So, as I found a coupon or sale here and there, I gradually began purchasing 4-piece place settings. When Randy and my parents asked what I wanted for Christmas, I had a simple answer. The fun thing is, any color can be bought. My mom was able to go pick out whatever colors she wanted to and not have to worry about matching. And if a piece breaks? No biggie. Just replace it with any color. Genius. And not white.

Randy surprised me with the fabulous red salt and pepper shakers.



And aren’t the mugs cute? They feel so solid, and that little ring hole is adorable.



It’s been fun to see the kids gravitate to their favorite colors. I’m hoping to keep adding to our colorful collection. These will be the dishes that our children and grandchildren will enjoy over the years, then will eventually be handed down, possibly even split up between them all for them to begin their own personal collections. And when they come to me to ask my opinion about what they should register for when they get married, I’ll have the perfect answer.


Do you have a favorite collection or pattern of dinnerware? Do tell!