I’m not what you would call a neat freak. Yeah, I like things generally in order and picked up. Though, at any given moment around here, you can find a load of laundry needing to be folded, or a sink full of dishes. So in the way of domestic bliss, I guess I’m not the anal type.

Not so much.

But this…

This is disturbing.

I can’t begin to tell you how this upsets my innards.

My son, I love him, but where in tarnation did he learn to do this anyway?

Not from me I tell ya.

Not from me.

Off to do some dishes. Ta ta!

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  1. 1

    SMITH BITES says

    Nope, that would not fly in this house . . . no siree . . . must start at the bottom of the tube and either roll up towards the top OR use the edge of the counter to push all excess paste towards the top – LOL!! I am not anal . . . right . . .

    Now the next post we should see is whether or not toilet paper rolls off the top or from the bottom . . .

  2. 2


    Ohhhhh – my son does this too and also leaves a big glop of toothpaste at the end of the tube so it hardens and doesn’t come out. DRIVES ME NUTS.

  3. 3

    Michelle (What's Cooking) says

    We have a glopper in our house, too! I blame it on my son’s motor skills delay and hope that he will grow out of it when he can control his hand muscles better. Hoping and Praying…

  4. 5

    Wenderly says

    Just *looking* at this is making me squirm in my seat! I have a little thingy that goes on the end and forces the “squeezer” to keep the tube neat & tidy. I’m not anal at all…uh uh, not at all.

  5. 6

    Angie B says

    You should get the boy a pump dispenser and save yourself from an ulcer! Jen’s toothpaste crimes revolve around multiple blobs left in and around the sink. (She has the pump, it does nothing to help this particular problem.)

  6. 7

    Tickled Red says

    Hahahaha…boys. Yep mine do it as well, which drives me bonkers! Not to mention the blue crust in the bottom of the sink in the morning. I now refuse to clean their sink. It’s all up to them. Sometimes passing the buck feels good.

  7. 8

    Patrice says

    I looked at that and cringed. That’s really weird, because I would win NO awards as a housekeeper. The way a toothpaste tube is squeezed is an important matter. One of the girls started a mean squeeze on toothpaste a while back and I nipped it immediately. Messy house, but tidy toothpaste tube!! 😉

  8. 9


    Ha! Ha! I’ve never had a problem with the way the toothpaste is squeezed out. Probably because everyone has their own little tube and I don’t share the bathroom with my hubby. (Shift worker)

  9. 10


    Oh, dear me. It’s been drilled into my head from the very beginning that you start squeezing from the BOTTOM. My mom even squishes the toothpaste from the bottom to the top with chopsticks… the Japanese have clip-like contraptions for these kinds of things. 😛

  10. 11

    Robyn says

    Makes me want to go out and buy that toothpaste squeezy thing you see on commercials. You know the one that sticks to a mirror, wall, etc. and you just have to push the lever with your toothbrush and a perfectly measured “squirt” lands on your toothbrush? Yeah, that’s the commercial. Maybe they have a buy one get a gazillion free thingy going on cause my son is famous for toothpaste chaos.

  11. 12

    Kris says

    Oooh. I wish I took a pic of what I found this morning. The toothpaste was upside down, cap off, all night and had oozed a puddle of toothpaste the size of a COASTER on the counter. So much for that tube!

  12. 13


    Just look how creative he is. And, here’s some really good news — the boy brushes his teeth. Woohoo! (PS. I live with 2 men – hubs and son – and their response to “What’s with the toothpaste tube?” would be “What?” Eye rolling would then ensue.)

  13. 15


    OMG are we living in parallel universes??? My son does exactly the same thing and it freaks me out! Where do they learn this behavior??

  14. 19

    Mickie says

    It’s simply the husband’s/child’s mentality: [My wife] will come along behind me and fix it, just like she does everything else. GRRRRRRR

  15. 20


    HAHA – this is so funny. My mom was the QNEEN of squeezing every last bit of toothpaste out of the tube to the point that she wud cut the thing open if nothing would come out. I used to make so much fun of her. And now my husband makes fun of me because I am slowly but surely becoming my mother.

  16. 21

    Emelie Abing says

    haahah powerful grip … by the way is that a crest pro whitening mint? i could see the mint word but im not sure what crest is that ..

    how do you find that whitening toothpaste compare to colgate? is that better?

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