Dark Chocolate Banana Bread with Coconut


Lately I’ve been finding a ton of great recipes over at Tasty Kitchen. If you’ve never checked out the popular recipe community, you should. Anyone can join the fun and submit recipes to share with the group. This recipe for Dark Chocolate Banana Bread with Coconut is one of the most recent ones I’ve tried with happy results.


It can be enjoyed both as a breakfast or dessert bread. Plus, it’s on the healthier side of things using beneficial coconut oil. For the low down, check out the full recipe photo tutorial over at Tasty Kitchen.


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    I am such a sucker for dark chocolate and coconut. I can’t believe how delicious this looks!! I want a slice right now.

  2. 14


    This looks beautiful! I ate oatmeal cookies for breakfast the other day, so this would be a better, healthier option, and still kind of dessert-y. :) And all three of those ingredients work really well together.

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