Cream Scones Drizzled with Chocolate Recipe

These Cream Scones Drizzled with Chocolate are perfect for many holiday celebrations.

Our cookbook shelf is overflowing. I’m not complaining. No. Not one bit. Each book seems to have it’s own personality, as if it wrote itself. But we know better. There are people—usually lots of people behind each bound collection of scrumptious recipes.

scones with chocolate

A new cookbook graced our doorstep last week, just in time for the holidays: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays by my sweet friend, Ree Drummond. I quickly made room for this pretty and tempting book. It’s packed with Ree’s handiwork, plus so many precious moments from the Drummond Ranch. It’s the kind of book that makes you want to cook, and try something new for the ones that you love. It really is one I’ll grab over and over again for menu ideas during for celebrations throughout the year.

Just like Ree’s other cookbooks, as well as all the recipes you’ll find on her site, The Pioneer Woman, this cookbook shows helpful step-by-step photos for each and every recipe—140 recipes to be exact! I know how often pictures help me in the kitchen when I’m unsure of how it should be looking. Pretty nifty.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks pioneer woman cookbook

One of the many recipes that I marked to try soon was Ree’s recipe for the Perfect Cream Scone. I’m not usually a scone fan, because I think they tend to be dry and crumbly, so I was happy to find this one slightly crispy on the outside with a soft, yet coffee-dunking worthy inside. I added a drizzling of melted chocolate to dress them up a bit.

cream scones scones recipe

I couldn’t stop nibbling on them, and sent a few to school with my daughter and quickly froze the others. Quite addicting indeed. Ree knows her scones.

I’m happy to be part of a group celebrating the release of Ree’s new book. Be sure to check out the delicious recipes being featured (all links are below).

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cream scones recipes

Happy cooking, y’all!

Now for that Cream Scone recipe:

4.7 from 55 reviews
Cream Scones
The perfect cream scone perfect for a light treat, or tea time. If desired, serve drizzled with chocolate.
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • ⅔ cups sugar
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 egg
  • optional: melted chocolate
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into a large bowl.
  3. Using a pastry cutter, or two knives, cut the butter pieces into the flour.
  4. Whisk together the cream and egg.
  5. Drizzle cream mixture into flour mixture; stir gently with a fork until barely combined. Mix should be crumbly, but if it's too crumbly to work with, splash in a small amount of heavy cream.
  6. Turn dough onto a floured surface and lightly press it together until it forms a rough rectangle. Use a rolling pin to roll into a rectangle about ½ inch to ¾ inch thick. Use your hands to help with the forming if necessary.
  7. Use a knife or pizza cutter to cut into a symmetrical rectangle, then cut the rectangle into 12 symmetrical squares/rectangles. Next, cut each square/rectangle in half diagonally, to form 24 smaller triangles.
  8. Transfer to a parchment or baking mat-lined cookie sheet and bake for 18 minutes, or until barely golden brown.
  9. Optional: Drizzle with melted chocolate.
  10. Enjoy!

easy scone recipe


  1. says

    I will always and forever love Christmas the most – not only for the reason, but because the time together is always so sweet and cozy!

  2. MaryB says

    I love Christmas! I want to try these scones – I usually shy away from scones because so many of them are dry, as you mentioned. These sound really good and I love the chocolate drizzle.

  3. morgan says

    Christmas is definitely my most favorite holiday! We don’t have a typical Christmas, we have an Italian Christmas! That means we have lasagna, stuffed shells, meatballs, spicy sausage, ziti, and even my nana’s famous pigs feet. Plus having all of our family together in one house is a rare treat! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

  4. Jessica L. says

    My cousins and I loved playing with my grandpa’s amazing miniature train set every Christmas. It’s a lovely memory :)

  5. Andrea says

    I would say Thanksgiving-our family gets together and we all cook. It’s really the only time we can all be together and we have fun in the process.

  6. says

    I love Christmas, but when it comes to cooking I most love cooking for our Thanksgiving dinner! My favorite memories were when everyone in our family got together around the table to eat…before life happened and seems that everyone stays too busy now. :/

  7. says

    Xmas has always been my favorite holiday. There is nothing better than sitting in the light of just the tree, nibbling on Xmas cookies, drinking a hot beverage and listening to Xmas music. Best if a soft snow is falling outside. Magical!

  8. Jessica says

    Thanksgiving – I’m a planner at heart. Preparing such a feast for my family

  9. Alisa Hilde says

    I love Christmas–what other time of year do you get to eat all that good food and sweets plus you get to decorate your whole house (I have not gotten as far as getting Christmas bedding, but I do change over the bathrooms to Xmas shower curtains, etc)

  10. JudyW says

    I love Halloween. Partly because I love fall and partly because of all the different ways people decorate for it.

  11. Mo says

    Thanksgiving. Love all the food prep the day before, kids have a half day, the house smells so good, and of course the leftovers!

  12. Carrie Kristopeit says

    I LOVE Christmas!! We always make a birthday cake for Jesus with our boys! Thanks for the chance to win the Pioneer Woman’s Holiday cookbook!! :-)

  13. Leslie Kiley says

    I really love all the holiday’s because I spend more time with my Family! We cook together and spend more time decorating and getting things ready! It is always wonderful. I guess my favorite is Christmas because we spend time going to see lights, looking at decorations, contacting friends we have not talked to for a long while and more!

  14. Kelly Brennan says

    My favorite holiday memories are every Christmas before my mom passed away!

  15. Jennifer Hollingshead says

    I love Thanksgiving! It seems to be more if a relaxing time than Christmas.

  16. Terri Clum says

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because all of my children and grandchildren come home and share the day with my husband and me.

  17. Connie R. says

    I love any holiday where my kids and grandkids are all together in one place. So that can make a non-holiday into a treat! Thanks for the giveaway and I will like you on FB.

  18. Patricia Castellano says

    I love Thanksgiving!! Being with my family, eating, drinking and laughing! Can’t think of a better way to spend a day!

  19. Vicki says

    Favorite Christmas cooking experience, always is making cookies with the kids. (they are older now in their 30″s). The flour, sugar, laughs, tears, and of course the tasting. Then filling the tins so that they can take them home. The cookies never last till Christmas and the kids are always surprise when they come home to find that there is more baked. Not as much fun when you do them yourself, but less messy.

  20. Katy says

    Christmas is my favorite. My favorite memory is my mother sitting by the stove stirring the custard for hours and hours. She is 84 and still makes custard every year. All the kids, grand kids and great grand kids cannot wait to get taste on Christmas day.

  21. Amy Williams says

    Favorite holiday is Thanksgiving like my daughter said everyone comes and eats good food.

  22. MaryJeanJ says

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We get to see family from both sides of the family.

  23. monica says

    I love Christmas, it was my moms favorite holiday, she put a tree up in every room, and baked goodies for weeks and froze them to give away. our house was always full of people at the holidays

  24. Donna Miller says

    Favorite holiday is my kids birthdays!! That counts, right? I love looking forward to a day to celebrate each of the individually.

  25. cat leonard says

    Love Thanksgiving. All the kids and grandkids come without the pressure of decorating and shopping for presents.

  26. Lisa Y. says

    My favorite is Christmas: My favorite childhood memory is decorating the tree while my dad put lights on the house. When it was all done, we would stand out in the yard like the Griswolds looking at it. <3

  27. Jackie says

    My favorite holiday has always been Christmas. I remember getting together with extended family at my Gramie’s house and playing with the other children. It just meant getting to have fun and spend time with family!

  28. Lorraine Zecchini says

    Our Christmas Eve Parties Are My Greatest Memory. Full Of Great Family, Friends And

  29. Tyra says

    I lovvveeeee Christmas!!! I enjoy seeing the joy on my families face when they unwrap their gifts and the ear to ear smiles!!!

  30. Michelle Drollette says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love to see my family members’ reactions when they open up the gifts that we made them. Also because everyone goes to my Grandma’s house and she makes tons of Italian cookies and we are surrounded by all our family in her tiny house.

  31. Julie T says

    Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Growing up, my mom always made tons of cookies to give away. My whole family was involved in baking, decorating, packaging and delivering the cookies.

  32. SherrieB says

    I love July 4 – thinking about our country and all who have sacrificed to make it what it is – and fireworkds!

  33. Denise S says

    As a child my favorite memory would have to be the year got my strawberry shortcake banana seat bike and as a mom my best memory is both of my son’s first Christmases

  34. Casie minich says

    love Christmas!! Besides Jesus being the reason for the season I love having my kiddos to share in the cookie baking!!

  35. Theresa says

    Singing Christmas carols at my Babci’s (grandma in Polish) house with all the aunts, uncles, and grandchildren on Christmas Eve while we waited for Santa to stop by. It was magical to open the door to her living room after the sleigh bells stopped to see piles of presents under the tree. it was so exciting to watch everyone open their gift while waiting for your name to be called.

  36. Thelma Moreno says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas its a time when all the family gets together

  37. Erin says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas because it’s the only time of the year my entire family gets together!

  38. Teresa says

    I love watching pioneer woman cooking show and trying out the recipes…I love Christmas and pecan pie….

  39. Sharon Lookabaugh says

    I love Christmas. My fondest Christmas memory is how the family would pile into the car and drive around town to look at the all the Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Mom would have a thermas of cocoa and cookies for us to snack on while we were on the ride.

  40. Missy Harper says

    I love Christmas!! The decorating starts in just a few days and baking begins soon as well!! Love spending time with family and all the wonderful memories that are made.

  41. says

    I just love the feeling of Christmas in general. The build up of excitement until that morning. I also love scones and that’s thanks to Ree!

  42. Becky says

    I have such fond memories of cooking with my mom as we prepared for Thanksgiving.

  43. Teresa says

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not only because it’s in Autumn, which is my fave season, or the food, simply because it’s a time when the whole family comes together. There are no gifts, just togetherness & thankfulness to have made it through another year and share our blessings!

  44. Kathey Daniel says

    I love Thanksgiving. It is such a complete family thing. Dinner and football and makings sure the whole family has the favorites that they like to eat at dinner. I have got to try these scones.

  45. Marianne B says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas — celebrating “Birth of Jesus”; family time, and good food.

  46. Denise Davison says

    Favorite Christmas memory as a child…Homemade peanut brittle given to us by my fathers boss every year. It was sooooo good!!!!

  47. Jessica says

    My favorite holiday memory is my first Christmas with my husband and his family. We were engaged, but hadn’t announced it and he hadn’t brought me a ring yet. For a gift he bought me this beautiful cherry jewelry armoire and sent me on a scavenger hunt through his mom’s house for me to find the ring. It was a very special moment shared with him and his family.

  48. Megan Toon says

    LOVE Christmas! I have a twin sister and 6 brothers so our holiday is loud and crazy! Having a large family has made many great memories!

  49. Christa Hailey says

    My favorite holiday memory would be from Christmas ’10. I found out I was pregnant on Dec. 11th, but we didn’t tell anyone until our Christmas party. And then we only told our parents and siblings, and swore them to secrecy. No one else knew till February. I just remember all the happy screams and happiness, especially from my mom and sisters. Best Christmas memory ever.

  50. Tina says

    I just had to pin the close-up pic of these scones…sure wish I had a couple right now ;-)

  51. Mel says

    Thanksgiving through New Years is my favorite…one long celebration of family, food, and fun with lots of thanks giving and celebrating going on!

    • Mel says

      I forgot to mention a favorite memory was surprising our mom with a mother’s ring one Christmas…most of us kids live around the world but we were all together that Christmas and it was a special one for her and all of us from the oldest to the youngest.

  52. Pam says

    Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ, the lights of the holiday and our girls (in their 20’s) great glee each year at their favorite part…their stockings.

  53. Jessica Taskey says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love spending time with family and trying out new recipes!!

  54. Heather Eason says

    All Holidays with family… Thanksgiving tops because everyone is relaxed and there is yummy food!!

  55. Tina says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. The one time of year when all the family is smiling together at some point and all the ‘drama’ is forgotten, if only for a little while. :)

  56. Nancy Patlan says

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The meal and the thanks for the bounty are the center of the festivities. This day signals the beginning of the Christmas Spirit that fills our days with wonder.

  57. Linda J Smith says

    I love planning Christmas for my family and having my family together. The babies are the real joy and making them special treats is a real joy.

  58. FrannVA says

    Christmas is a fave of mine. One of my best Christmas memories was when my two girls were little and Santa left some presents outside on the porch. When they went to get the presents he left, they saw Rudolph’s hoof prints in the snow. No other prints around them. To this day, we are not sure how “Santa” did that. Thirty-two years later, my girls still talk about this wonderful memory.

  59. Danielle K. says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. When I was a kid, my mom and grandmas both made cookies and candies. Granny Jewel made Potato candy with peanut butter, Gran A. made divinity and the most awesome sugar cookies ever. I have her recipe and I can’t duplicate – yet. My mom made buckeyes, mounds balls and lots of different cookies. Both my grans are gone and my mom has Alzheimers. I have the recipes,but I can’t hold a candle to their baking. But I keep trying.

  60. Shirley says

    Thanksgiving~I love the wonderful food,family and friends getting together! Thankfulness!!!!

  61. says

    My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas, followed by Halloween as a close second. It isn’t the gifts that make Christmas for me, but rather the time we spend as a family playing board games, watching movies, hot chocolate and a roaring fire in the fireplace. It’s hard not becoming absorbed in the prettiness of it too. Twinkling lights, decorations, and the scent of Christmas trees (in the form of a candle :D )

  62. Cathleen says

    Christmas, because it’s when I got to bring my micro preemie home from the hospital last year.

  63. Alicia Bywater says

    My favorite Christmas was the last one I spend with my dad. He passed away last year 4 days before Christmas. On that day he told each of us and all of his grand kids and great grand kids how proud he was of each of us and of the accomplishment we have had. He also hugged each one of us and whispered a special message in each of our ears just for us and no one else. Love you daddy and miss you big bunches.

  64. Carolyn Clark says

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Fall, apples, pumpkins… what’s not to love!?

  65. Sandy FRALEY says

    I love Christmas I have wonderful memories of everyone sitting around the tree and my dad passing out the presents to everyone and watching year after year as the family grows. We do the same thing at my grandparents home and I cherish every memory and time we spend together

  66. Cathy E says

    Christmas and Halloween are tied for my favorite. Both are so much fun to decorate for!

  67. Millie Dunmire says

    I really do love Thanksgiving. It is all about family and sharing a special time together. Creating new memories and really times past. Of course, I love the turkey, ham, broccoli and cheese casserole, sweet potatoe casserole and cranberry sauce. Yummy! Shout out to Ree! Love her recipes!

  68. Angie says

    Our family loves Christmas! It’s crazy busy with our big family and my nephew’s birthday is Christmas Day. Thus is also our sons very first Christmas! Can’t wait for it to be here and making our big family dinner!

  69. Samantha Lee says

    Christmas, I love all the family getting together and teaching our kids about giving more than receiving.

  70. Heather says

    I love Christmas! There is just something magical about it and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

  71. Melissa Powell says

    Christmas mornings at my mother’s table – fleeting memories that I would have clung harder to had I known it would end so quickly. Homemade biscuits, sausage roll up things, Christmas music on the TV and my momma. I can still look in that window of my mind and see her smiling in the kitchen.

  72. Mary Bushue says

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as we gather for a meal, and count our blessings. No rushing about just me and my favorite people in the world!

  73. Wendy says

    I love Thanksgiving. It is simple and full of family and feasting! Add some football and a walk in the late afternoon, and it is absolutely perfect!!

  74. linda purcaro says

    Holiday family pictures. Especially any pictures of my dear Dad, who passed almost 10 years ago. I cherish the memories.

  75. Christina Bowman says

    My hubby came back from long TDY and we wrapped him on box Christmas Eve night. My older girls unwrapped him and jumped on him. My son (2) just kept looking at the computer because he heard daddy’s voice and only knew to look on skype.

  76. Cheryl says

    Best Christmas memories- our family (grandkids especially) acting out the Christmas story while my Dad read it from the Bible. Eclectic costumes (Herod wore a lampshade for a crown and the angel wore my old wedding gown) made it that much better!

  77. Sheila N says

    My favorite part is we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The children, grandkids, lights, trees and beautiful music, and food of course. Making cookies with the grands all 5 with newest to be looking on or sleeping. Little Shepherd due Dec. 18th. Grammy & PaPa need to pump up & power on with all the extra energy to keep up with the oldest 5 as they come to spend time with us as Momma & Daddy head to the hospital for the safe arrive of our newest Shepherd.

  78. Missy Harper says

    Pinned the cream scones drizzled with chocolate and cookbook giveaway to Pinterest !

  79. Debbi Higgins says

    My favorite holiday memory, has got to be watching my daddy, checking tags, and shaking presents,with his nose under the tree, his butt in the air! My daddy was the biggest kid of all. Though he has been gone for many years, my family still recalls it as a blessed memory. Love and Miss you Daddy!

  80. Alana says

    Favorite holiday memory was making Christmas cookies everyday for 2 weeks before Christmas, with my Grammy!

  81. linda purcaro says

    Christmas—Holiday family pictures. Especially any pictures of my dear Dad, who passed almost 10 years ago. I cherish the memories.

  82. Jessica Taskey says

    I pinned the recipe, and I also followed you on Pinterest and Instagram!!

  83. Denise garrettson says

    I love Christmas and the joy in the house during this magnificent time of year! Who doesn’t love Santa anyway?!

  84. says

    All my childhood Christmases at my grandparents house. All the extended family squeezed in on Christmas Eve and exchanged gifts.

  85. Karen says

    I love Thanksgiving. Family together, the wonderful smells throughout the house and just love. No gifts or presents…just a house full of joy. Doesn’t get better than that.

  86. Nancy trifiletti says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas and every year my dad would take us up on the roof to watch for Santa Claus!

  87. says

    What’s your favorite holiday or holiday memory?

    That is hard – everyone is a favorite!! Although since I have to choose, the year my husband was deployed and arrived home Christmas Eve (after traveling from Iraq for over 48 hours) and surprised my 2 boys!!

  88. Brooke says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. What a great time to spend with family and friends and celebrate Jesus’ birthday!!!

  89. pamela.b says

    Christmas — love the feeling of good cheer, the cooler weather, being with friends and family!! Can’t wait to try these!

  90. says

    I think I’ll have to go with Christmas as my favorite holiday!

    I think I’ll be in love with this recipe, too!

  91. Paula B. says

    Christmas, hands-down, is my favorite holiday. It’s just such a big extravaganza. (First time visiting your blog, came over from PW’s Facebook page, so glad I did.)

  92. Tina says

    My favorite holiday and memory is Christmas, from picking out the perfect tree with my dad to decorating the whole house, top to bottom, with my mom!

  93. YWhite says

    Christmas is my favorite holiday….Now that I live far away, I always cherish all the memories of gathering at grandmother’s house with all the family.

  94. Peggy Stenglein says

    I love holidays, Halloween is the most fun. Once when I was about 8 or 9, my next friend and I had already trick or treated, but one of us got the great idea to throw on another costume in an attempt to get more candy. I threw a big scarf or something purple and sparlky around my waist like a flowy skirt, and one in my hair and tried to pass myself off as a gypsy! We got some candy, but other people said ‘I think you were already here…’ Funny! My mom didn’t keep candy in the house, so Halloween was like hitting the jackpot!!

  95. Quinn B says

    My favorite Christmas memory is at my grandparents house with all my cousins. We did a home video to Grandma got run over by a reindeer. It was so funny!!! And I think my uncle still has the video. I am sure he is waiting to show it when it will be the most embarrassing time.

    Your scones looked delicious!

  96. Dianne H says

    What’s your favorite holiday or holiday memory? Probably one of my favorites, I was in middle school and I really, really wanted a faux fur coat, when they were long to your ankles. It was an ivory color. Had no clue I was going to get it. I was so thrilled when I opened up the gift and there it was, the coat of fake fur, and along side of it my mother had knitted a scarf and hat to match. No clue as to when she had time to do that, but she did. Best present ever!

  97. Wendy says

    I love Christmas the most! I love celebrating Jesus in my life!

    I’m going to make these scones this weekend! ♥

  98. Riley says

    My favorite holiday memory takes me back to 2004. My dad surprised me and my sisters by coming home from Afghanistan on Christmas Eve night! It was the best Christmas ever!

  99. Brandy Kingsbury says

    I love all the holidays but Christmas is my all time favorited especially having kids!

  100. Monica K. says

    My favorite memory is when I was a teenage my dad would have a Christmas Eve party and everyone was invited, friends, family. Those parties were always a lot of fun.

  101. Angie says

    Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. Since I was little (I’m now 32), I have always helped my Grandma bake dozens of different kinds of cookies. I remember making my favorite, Spritz, and learning how to use the cookie press. My grandma would stand by with a butter knife and scrape off the camels that were too fat or the trees that were too skinny. We still bake these cookies every year (she’s now 94). And as an extra special Christmas surprise this year, I get to tell my Grandma that she is going to be a great-grandmother come May!

  102. Nancygirl says

    I was ten when my Dad and Mom decided to surprise the 6 of us kids with an “epic” Christmas. We never had a lot of money, so we were shocked to wake up Christmas morning and find huge boxes everywhere. The 4 boys got electric guitars and amplifiers. I got a piano. My sister got the down payment of a car. Best. Christmas. Ever.

  103. Theresa Behm says

    Love Christmas the best!! What is not to love your family, the lights and decorations and lets not forget all those smells coming from the kitchen. Really what is not to love!!

  104. Donna says

    I love Halloween as my holiday the beautiful colors non stressfull for the holiday and wall fun giving

  105. Hope says

    I love Christmas time! I liked and shared on Facebook and pinned on Pinterest. I also subscribed with my email. Happy Holidays to you! I love your site by the way!

  106. Katy Smith says

    The Fourth of July! Wonderful food, kids can be outside and you still get to decorate with red!

  107. Cheryl Strathearn says

    It’s our Christmas Eve Tradition that’s my fav memory. We all open one present which is new PJ to wear and we eat giant homemade Santa cookies while watching Christmas Vacation and then hop into bed!

  108. Becky Konemann says

    I love Christmas as my family always went to the Allegheny mountains in NY for a week in a cabin…no t.v. or phone…just played games and went hiking and sledding…so much fun!

  109. says

    Christmas is my most favourite, and I am even more excited this year because my little girl will be just a year old and unlike last year with a 22 day old I won’t be a zombie – I hope. My favourite bit is making my Christmas goodie packages and sending them out to family and friends!

  110. Susan Hoeflich says

    My favorite Holiday is Easter. Spring is in the air. Sharing a meal with family and friends. Counting our blessings!

  111. Lisa Wilson says

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. I have loved it since I was little. Its the season of giving. I love making goodies and taking them to friends, shutins, and neighbors. Love the smile I get. It makes my day. My girls enjoy helping me make the goodies. It gives us special time in the kitchen together also.

  112. Shelly Gertge says

    Favorite holiday has to be Christmas. I love the church services, the decorating, the FOOD and the family time :)

  113. Leighann Zerkel says

    My favorite memories are when my daughter was in high school we use to go to the hall on Christmas eve and decorate then Christmas day serve lunches to the less fortunate. Santa would come and each child would get a wrapped gift. Thats what tge holidays are all about.

  114. Melissa W says

    My favorite holiday and memories are from Christmas. My family has a tradition where we give “mantle gifts” at the end of the day after our meal. Each family member draws a name (usually done at Thanksgiving). The gifts are small and many time meant to be funny and/or mean something special to that particular person. As a child, it was always nice to know there was one more gift waiting!!

  115. Victoria says

    I love the 4th of July! It’s stress free from gift giving. Family and friends all get together for food and fun in the sun!

  116. Debbie says

    My favorite Holiday is Christmas. My favorite memory? Being at my parents home in Austin with all the grandkids sleeping in one room and the rest of us sleeping all over the house. Setting up Christmas for the grandkids in the formal living and watching their faces as we open the folding doors on Christmas morning!!

  117. Carolyn Davis says

    I love Christmas. My favorite memory goes back many years ago. My grandmother always made by cousin (who happens to be 5 years younger than me) and I matching Christmas dresses.

  118. DeAnne Hoke says

    Thanksgiving is my favorite! Besides the fact that I love to eat all that yummy food, I always remember being at my grandmothers house and all the wonderful smells and how warm and inviting it was. It was also the one holiday where extended family would come home from around the country.

  119. Kay Mc says

    Christmas is my favorite with all of the good food & time spent with family & friends.

  120. says

    These scones look amazing! The chocolate finishes it off nicely.

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love all the baking, gift giving, and carol singing as we celebrate the birth of our Lord.

  121. Kathy Reedy says

    Thanksgiving is my favorite! nothing better than time with family sharing wonderful, delicious food!

  122. Dawn Wise says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. The music, the warmth of family and friends and making a huge traditional dinner.

  123. Nadine Yoder says

    Any Christmas we were all together are my favorites! Can’t pick one, there are too many!

  124. Ann Conger says

    I love Christmas! Love all the memories from my childhood and now making memories with my grandchildren and family and friends

  125. Jennifer says

    My favorite holiday is Chirstmas! I love getting together with my whole family and sharing a wonderfully fun day!!

  126. Mercy says

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving….family, friends, food and lots and lots of food. Is a day you are allowed to eat the entire day and not feel guilty.

  127. Lauren Wyler says

    I adore Christmas- the trees, the decorations, the extra time with my kids. It’s the best!

  128. Debra Putman says

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. When I think of holidays I always remember my Grandmother. She is my favorite holiday memory.

  129. Tammy says

    My favorite holiday is Halloween–I get such a kick out of costumes–dressing up and seeing what others come up with. My favorite Halloween memory is when I hosted a party for my friends in Jr High and my mom asked me 30 min before, “Are you ready for your party?” I wasn’t–and I think of that every time I host a dinner or party at my house as an adult.

  130. Marie says

    Halloween!!! You get to be creative with your baked goodies and all the wee tots running around…a great time to spoil my nephews :-)

  131. Brittany Bellows says

    Christmas is hands down my favorite. I love the food and spending the day with family.

  132. Karen L says

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love the traditional foods/desserts and the symbolism of the holiday. Good times with family and lots of yummy food.

  133. Debbie S says

    I love Thanksgiving. I have such wonderful memories of my grandma cooking in the kitchen and then afterwards we got to put up her Christmas decorations to let the festivities begin.

  134. Cathie Truman says

    One year at Christmas we had everyone from both mine and my husbands family here at my little house for Christmas dinner, we totaled 23! I managed a sit down dinner (no buffet for me) but to make it work we had to have everyone go outside while I set up tables then they came in sat down ate a fabulous meal that combined recipes from many family members sharing stories of Christmas’s past, then had to go back outside while I took the tables down. lol it was amazing. And you couldn’t get near the tree for
    all the presents. That is my favorite memory.

  135. Jennifer says

    I liked on Facebook. I’m so glad Ree shared you with us! I can wait to try these scones today!!

  136. Lacey says

    Definitely Thanksgiving! Found this blog thru Ree’s websites, so hoping I love it too!!

  137. Ann Conger says

    I love Christmas! Love remembering childhood memories and now making memories with our grandchildren, family and friends! :)

  138. Kathleen says

    Christmas is my favorite holiday! It is a time to be grateful and thankful for all that we have.

  139. Rachelle Shaw says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I have always loved the many traditions of decorating the tree and making cookies and fun times with family.

  140. Sharon Leonard says

    My favorite is Christmas!!!!!!! The snow with Christmas is so beautiful!!!! Your cookbook is awesome. Thanks for so many recipes.

  141. Linda Cates says

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I was 7 we lived with my grandparents.and money was very tight . That year I saw a beautiful 24in fashion doll dressed in a purple lace dress ( purple being my favorite color even back then) while shopping with my grandmother. I fell in Love with her and asked my grandmother if she thought Santa could bring me one. She looked at me with sadness in her eyes and said that Santa could not spend that much on one kid that he had to bring presents to kids all over the world. on Christmas morning I walked into the room and there was that Beautiful purple doll that I had seen in the store. I was so happy that I cried and when i looked over at my grandmother she was crying too.

  142. Tayler Perkins says

    my favorite holiday would probably thanksgiving. I just like it because its about being with family and friends and focusing in bring thankful for what you have rather than stressing about buying everyone stuff. I do like Christmas too, don’t get me wrong, I love getting my family in the car with hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights!

  143. Renee Hester says

    I love Christmas, that is the best time. We get together as a whole family and eat!

  144. Courtney says

    Just “Liked” you on Facebook! First heard of you and your site today from Ree!

  145. Cindy says

    Thanksgiving, and the tradition of making dressing with my Dad! Lots of family time and wonderful food!

  146. Jennifer Stewart says

    I love Christmas! Too many favorite recipes and memories too even list. Love the feel and smells of the holiday.

  147. Courtney says

    My favorite holiday is a toss up between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And Halloween. I love holidays!!!

  148. Alicia J. says

    I love Thanksgiving. Always have. That was our holiday to stay home with just our family. We used to make ornaments for our Christmas tree every year. To this day my parents tree is nothing but home made decorations.

  149. Sandra L. says

    I love Thanksgiving – all the fun of getting together without all of the stress of shopping for gifts! ;-)

  150. Cheryl Schuh says

    I love Thanksgiving. I remember watching my girls learning to make pies or whatever part of the meal they chose as theirs to do.

  151. Kathy T. says

    Can’t lie, I love the Christmas season and always remember the Reason for the season!

  152. Renee Hester says

    Liked you on facebook. Hope to win. I want to give it to my sister for Christmas.

  153. Toni in KY says

    What’s your favorite holiday or holiday memory? One Christmas when my dad was a Captain on a Tow Boat on the Mississippi River my mom took my brother and I out for a ride down the river with dad. We got to send the holiday together and Mom didn’t have to cook or clean up afterwards. It was a great way to spend the Holiday together.

  154. Kami says

    My favorite holiday memory is kind of silly – I just adored, as a child, being snuggled up on the couch watching the Dolly Parton Christmas specials! Do you remember those from the 80s? I recently found a cd from one of those specials and hearing those songs brings back so many cherished memories!

  155. Tiffany says

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! We always celebrated at my grandmothers house. She passed away 2 years ago and we have kept the tradition alive but this year my family and I are going to Disney World!

  156. Jolene Prine says

    Christmas but Thanksgiving is a close second. Love the cooking for these holidays!

  157. Kathleen Morearty says

    I love Christmas. Decorating the house and tree are definitely some of the highlights.

  158. Cindy C says

    I have just subscribed to “She Wears Many Hats” I love how y’all tie and link to each other, i.e. you, Ree Drummond, etc. Such great support!!

  159. Cindy Logue says

    Christmas is my favorite holiday and this Christmas we will enjoy it with our soon to get here grand-daughter,. our first grandchild, due November 7 !!!

  160. Tammy says

    I love Christmas. I love the reason that we celebrate Christmas. We still get up early to go to my parents with all of the kids and grandkids. A great tradition.

  161. Jen Wilson says

    Christmas is the one time a year, the entire family clan gathers at my Gramma and Papa’s house. This year with all the new babies in the family ( there are 3) there will be 60 people gathered. We will play games, laugh, sing around the paino, and share meals together for a 2 day span. Its so precious to see my grandparents ( both who are in their late 70’s) hold their 20th great grandbaby. Merry Merry !!

  162. Christine S says

    Favorite holiday is Thanksgiving with Christmas running a close second. I do the family meals with folks bringing in a side dish or two. Having went to culinary school, I feel the need to flex my cooking muscles and show everyone what I am capable of. Thanksgiving is my favorite primarily because of the leftovers! :)

  163. Jenn says

    My favorite is Thanksgiving. Nothing else attached. Just great family, food and a little football thrown in.

  164. Ashley says

    Christmas will by far always be my number one, for its meaning, its love, the time with family and the new memories each year!

  165. Cindy W says

    Christmas! Love being with family, opening gifts, and especially remembering the reason for the season, Jesus!

  166. Nicole N. says

    My favorite holiday memory is the year my parents gave me a full-sized keyboard. Being a musician, I needed one for practicing at home, and it was a total surprise. I cried for 20 minutes!

  167. Cindy J says

    I enjoy Thanksgiving & Christmas because both bring my family together. Last year was the first time I prepped & cooked a Turkey by myself. It was a huge success!

  168. Sharon Key says

    Our family loves 3 holidays, they are probably tied: Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas. All are major holidays in our home with our 4 adult children, mates, 8 grandchildren, 5 greatgrand children and 5 step grandchildren. Love cooking….for holidays. Hope to win!

  169. Nancy says

    i love the season from the start of Thanksgiving through the end of the year. Such a lovely time of year.

  170. Heather Wells says

    My favorite holiday memory is spending Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house. Family, food, yummy Christmas treats, and presents!

  171. AmyG says

    I am also a huge fan of Christmas. My husband and I are already counting down the days until we can start watching Christmas movies!

  172. Stacey Moore says

    My favorite Holiday was when I got the chance to cook with my Mamaw. I love that now that she is in Heaven I get to share her recipes with Family and Friends.

  173. Paula P. says

    I loved Christmas as a child because we would spend Christmas Eve with my mother’s family in one state and then Christmas with my father’s family in another state. It seemed like the holiday and excitement would never end. :-)

  174. Jennifer Luscombe says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas and I love waking up Christmas morning, having homemade cinnamon rolls and watching my kids dive into their stockings

  175. Donna London says

    Story Family Christmas — started out with about 30 ish (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) — now, with all the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, inlaws, outlaws — 100+ and yes, it’s family celebration — NOT a “reunion”, because no wants to go to that! (family joke)……

  176. Lauren says

    I love Christmas because it is a time of giving, feasting, family, and it’s my birthday!

  177. Sarah Fetterman says

    I love Thanksgiving. Everyone gets together and enjoys an amazing meal together. It’s the ultimate family holiday <3

  178. Julie hall says

    Christmas,I can always remember Christmas being so special with my grandma I really do miss her

  179. Tati says

    My favorite holiday memory is when me and my grandma would bake her amazing sweet potato pies in the fall.

  180. cathy j says

    We went to a Rawhide (a wild west town in Arizona) for Thanksgiving. The whole family was there. We had a blast and even got old time photos with everyone all dressed up like the 1800’s. We still have the pictures hanging up.

  181. Deborah Kiemele says

    I love Christmas! All the decorations, the baking, the music and everything we do to celebrate Jesus birth! And to top it off we have three children born Dec. 20, 25 and 26! Wow do we celebrate!!

  182. Martie Hawkins says

    Our house burned in September of 1997. I was pregnant with child #4. That Christmas we were in a rental house and Christmas was simple but I was able to get up and enjoy watching one child at a time (starting with the youngest) come in as they woke up on their own, and find their Santa gifts under the tree. It was a special Christmas for us and one I’ll treasure always.

  183. Pegg says

    Christmas is by far the #1 holiday, but as I grow older, I relish all the holidays that allow us to gather together with family and friends over great food, conversation and the opportunity to share memories from the past. We laugh as much as we eat!

  184. Nicky says

    My favorite holiday is pretty much any that the entire extended family gets together. But my favorite memory was oplatek, a Polish wafer for Christmas. Each person was given some oplatek and you would break some off of someone else’s wafer and they would take a piece of yours and then you kiss and wish them a Merry Christmas.

  185. Ann says

    My favorite holiday memory is of Christmas Eve night when all the cousins are waiting until midnight when we can begin to open our presents. It is the one night we could all stay up that late and with each other for company. It was chaos once midnight arrived but we loved it.

  186. Katherine says

    Favorite holiday memory: getting a visit from Santa (turned out to be my father, which I didn’t know at the time). I have a picture of me reaching out to kiss him, which I cherish.

  187. Janice Zimmer says

    I think my favorite memory is my dad putting the Christmas lights up on our front porch. The air was cold & crisp and the lights were the old fashioned large bulbs (not old at the time). Those lights really bring back good memories of childhood.
    Missing my dad!

  188. Stephanie says

    My favorite holiday memory as a child was the night before Thanksgiving. Our family and all of the neighbors on our street would eat tamales and chili, and then walk a couple blocks to Texas A&M University and watch the bonfire before the annual A&M vs UT game. Happy, happy memories!

    I also pinned the cream scones to my pinterest account :) I can’t wait to try these. They look delicious and perfect for the holidays!

  189. Wendy Perry says

    Christmas is our favorite! To celebrate the birth of our Lord and to make so many memories with family, we bake Christmas cookies every year to give out to the community and our friends!

  190. Megan G. says

    My favorite holiday is by far Christmas! Getting all my family together, making yummy food and reminiscing. It can’t get much better than that. :)

  191. Chris H says

    In 2007 we were quite literally homeless as we waited to get occupancy for our newly moved double wide home. After 9 mos of waiting we got our occupancy on Dec 22nd! We only had $5 to buy a Christmas tree, we found one at Lowes on Christmas eve and brought it home to decorate. We had no gifts that Christmas, and yet it was the best Christmas we have ever had. This is my favorite Holiday memory c:

  192. cindy goodwin says

    I love Christmas because no matter how much money we do or don’t have my mom and grandmom always made it so magical and I carry on that tradition with my now teenaged son who stills believes while maybe not in the person of Santa but the magic of the season. We lost my Mom this year and I’m praying her spirit will contribute to the magic this year!

  193. Pam Nelson says

    I love Christmas and my favorite memory is when as a child we would meet at the college campus where my uncle was Men’s Dorm Manager. We had the run of the place since the students were all home for the holidays. There was around 50 of us each year and we would spread cots and sleeping bags all over the Student Union, play in the gym and celebrate with tons of food and fun for several days!! It was a blast!

  194. Lisa says

    Christmas is my favorite. The tree, the home all decorated and the music and the food but, most of all my family. :)

  195. Mary Lozano says

    I love Christmas! I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving and fill each part of my house with a little something Christmasy :) The holidays are perfect time of the year to spend together!

  196. M.E.C. says

    My favorite holiday moment was on Christmas Day when we were flying home from Disney World in 1997 and Dad surprised us with a first class upgrade! What a treat!

  197. Quanah says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. We get to celebrate our Lord and spend a lot of time with our family and see extended family. Our extended family has a seafood feast for Christmas Eve.

  198. Irene says

    I adore Christmas! The Savior came to the earth to save us all from our sins — what could be more wonderful? AND I adore scones!

  199. says

    I love Christmas because of the wonderful memories of past Christmases spent with family, especially my Dear Mom, Dad, and Gram who are no longer with me…there was always a lot of love, laughter and good food.

  200. Teresa Durley says

    I love Christmas. Remembering when I was growing up and getting together on Christmas Eve with my uncle and his family and my grandfather and my great aunt and uncle. We would open presents and then have cookies and hot chocolate. Some of them have passed away but I love remembering those times with them.

  201. Sally Inman says

    I love Christmas. I love the reason for the season; Jesus. I love the togetherness of family. I love the cooking (Tamales) & baking.

  202. says

    I liked your facebook page. I look forward to following you.

    Christmas is my favorite time of year. My family, I am one of six children always had a big wonderful Christmas. I don’t know how my parents did it but the managed to make it magicial every year. We had little money but I suspect my Mom and Dad used “layaway” quite a bit.

  203. Irene says

    Posted Ree’s cookbook on my Facebook page when I received it in the page yesterday! So excited! Looks beautiful!

  204. Peggy says

    I love Thanksgiving! I enjoy cooking my mom’s recipe for the turkey and especially the dressing. Family time at Thanksgiving is the best, though regardless of the food!

  205. Jessica O'Steen says

    My favorite holiday will always be christmas. There are so many favorite memories that I have of christmas. One would have to be watching all the old classic christmas movies with my mom and sister. Starting thanksgiving night, we watch them all over and over until christmas. White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Christmas In Conneticut, Miracle On 34th Street ( the older one), Bells of Saint Mary’s, and it’s a Wonderful Life.

  206. Marti says

    Christmas, when I ws a kid my grandmother would bake all sorts of goodies and mail a big box to each of her daughter’s families. Lucky us!

  207. Kathy Warner says

    Always remember going to grandparents – best food, most fun, beautiful tree and decorations. Best memories !!

  208. Donna Letourneau says

    I love both of you!!!!! GREAT RECIPES!!!!! Ree I am jealous of your life, I live vicariously thru your show, website pictures & blog!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! <3

  209. Brandy says

    I love fouth of July/indepence Day. The best times were/are spent with the family in the back yard either in the pool or grilling on the bar-b-que pit and then watching fireworks light up the sky at night. Plus it’s the day my parents were married so that day has a special place in our family.

  210. Jacqueline C. says

    Favorite holiday ~ Christmas! Best Christmas memory is when my Dad surprised my Mom with a fur coat. :)

  211. Carissa says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. My mom always made Christmas such a special time, from cooking delish food to making sure my sisters and I had everything we wanted. She was a single mom so we didn’t always get the things we wanted but at Christmas time, we had tons of presents and she always made it magical. She passed 2 weeks before my 15th birthday and to this day, I miss her most at Christmastime, not for the presents but for the feelings and memories that my kids will never know.

  212. Karen Mitchell says

    Christmas gets my vote! It helps me through the winter months in Michigan. After Christmas is my birthday, mid February. After that I start planning camping trips and summer activites. Don’t have a lot of great childhood memories, but I am determined to supply my children and grandchildren with them!

  213. wanda black says

    I subscribed to the newsletter, already own one of her books, would like to own more, I guess if I don’t win I will be buying two copies, one for me and one for my daughter Thank you

  214. Lisa says

    Christmas for sure! We would make special treats only at that time of year – and I’d look forward to them all year long!

  215. Rumana says

    I love Thanksgiving and everything about that time of the year. I love turkey day with all the fixings and delicious pumpkin pies!

  216. Karen Bolden says

    I love Christmas! I have many happy memories of Christmas, especially when my children were much younger. My favorite Christmas memory comes from when I was young,probably around eight years of age. Living in the country in the rural part of Meyersdale, Pa. My Mother took my brother and I into town to pick up the layaways she had worked so hard for on Christmas Eve. She then pulled into the alley beside of the meat shop and took us in to pick up a chicken for our Christmas dinner. Our joy and excitement were shattered when we went back out to the car to find that someone had stolen all of our gifts out of the car. In small town USA everyone knows everyone and news of what happened spread quickly. I remember my Mother crying softly after I went to bed and finally fell asleep. When I woke up Christmas morning and went downstairs I thought I had died and gone to Heaven! There were more gifts under that Christmas tree than I had ever seen before! We had the fullest table of the tastiest things I had ever had for that Christmas dinner. After we had gone to bed our Mailman and some volunteers came with gifts and food that the wonderful people from the area had donated that Christmas Eve and gotten to us before Christmas morning arrived. It to this day still fills my heart with Love and Joy! Many blessing to them all!

  217. Enecia Sabroff says

    One of my very favorite holiday memories is waking up on Thanksgiving morning at my grandmothers house. She’d been up for hours cooking and the house would be filled with the most heavenly smells; the kitchen windows would be all fogged up and the Macy’s parade would be on the tv in the living room….I can close my eyes and be back there in a second.

  218. Denise says

    My favorite holiday is a toss up between Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is something about the colors of the leaves, decorating the house, carving pumpkins, family memories, cooking together, making special treats and sharing with others, and acknowledging the things or people that make my life special. Thank you for having this contest and I also ‘liked’ She Wears Many Hats’ on Facebook.

  219. Jill Beck says

    Without a doubt Christmas – the reason for the season, the light and most of all the family. We do a few traditions but the best is family.

  220. wanda black says

    My favorite holiday was Christmas when I had young children at home, but unfortunately they had to grow up, than it was Thanksgiving, because it is all about togetherness and food. I have a new granddaughter who will be visiting for Christmas so I know that will
    be my favorite holiday again. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of young children is the best present ever. Priceless

  221. says

    My favorite holiday has to be Christmas! It may be cliched, but that is the time our whole family slows down and just celebrates time together!

  222. Patricia LeSage says

    Christmas is my favorite time of year! Getting together with all the extended family. Sharing food and memories. The excitement of all the children. People seem kinder and more generous at this time of year.

  223. Dotti says

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The smells, the food and the crisp weather have always felt coziest to me.

  224. Carol DiGloria says

    I love Christmas the best. Spending time with friends and family is what I love the most.

  225. Danielle says

    My favorite holiday memory is making dozens of holiday cookies with my mom and little brother. I hope I get to bake with my 3 year old son this Christmas!

  226. Marcia says

    I love Easter! By that time of year, I am so ready for the pastel colors, baby animals and promise that summer is coming around the bend.

  227. Linda Pool says

    It’s so hard to pick any one holiday. I Love Christmas and Thanksgiving as well as Easter.
    I was born on Thanksgiving Day so it’s naturally been a favorite of mine. Christmas is a wonderful time of family, love, friends and celebrating the true meaning of the day. Easter, because of New Beginnings. They all hold very special places in my heart so I can’t really say I have a favorite…they are all “the best” to me.

  228. Sharon M. says

    I love Thanksgiving because of the beautiful colors around and the wonderful smells and flavors.

  229. Pam Green says

    My favorite memories are getting up very early to open presents and see my dad before he went to work. He almost always worked on Christmas because it was double time pay for him as a firefighter.

  230. Jackie P says

    Christmas and Thanksgiving are tied for my favorite holidays! Growing up though, I always loved Thanksgiving because that’s when I saw the most family members. :)

  231. bonita mabus says

    All my life I have loved Thanksgiving… the beautiful leaves, turkey, pumpkin pies. It also seems to be easier to get the family together then, a much added plus!

  232. Katarina Kopasek says

    My favorite holiday is Halloween :) I love the decor, giving lots of candy to kids and seeing my kids in their costumes!

  233. Jason Whitsitt says

    When I was young and my daddy was still alive, because we didn’t have money, he would make a star for the top of the tree every year out of tin foil and a small strand of lights. He used scotch tape to assemble it. We made a different colored one every year. Those were the days. Christmas was daddys favorite holiday. Love you dad

  234. Carol W says

    Christmas is my favorite holiday and making memories cooking with my Granny and Mother are some of my favorite memories, especially since my Granny has passed away.

  235. Sandy says

    Well, since my memory isn’t what it used to be…I’ll say, my sons first Christmas. He was only four months old and we had decided not to buy him any presents since he wouldn’t know or remember anyway. Guilt drove me out Christmas Eve to buy way too many gifts for him, but it was by far the right choice…seeing him playing under the tree was priceless!

  236. Angie B. says

    For me, it’s a close tie between Halloween and Christmas. I have always loved the excuse to indulge my fancy with a Halloween costume, which makes it a fun and unique holiday. But it’s hard to compete with our childhood family Christmas of a day with the entire extended family.

  237. Marsha Saenz-Jones says

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. I have many fond memories of Christmas mornings while the kids were little. There’s nothing like seeing the joy on their little faces.

  238. Emily Lee says

    I remember waking up while it was still dark Christmas morning and heading to the living room, thinking I would be the first one there, but my dad would already be there reading, waiting for the family, just as excited as we were to open presents!

  239. Penny says

    I love all holidays but I think my true favorite is Halloween! Have just always loved decorating for it and seeing the excitement in all the kids faces. Not to mention the very cool costumes.

  240. Debbie says

    Though I do love Thanksgiving & Christmas, Easter is my favorite holiday. It’s starting to get warmer (though it has snowed on Easter!) and it is more about Christ. (The Easter bunny does not overshadow!)

  241. Candy says

    Favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It has not been over commercialized and is such a mellow day to gather with family. Each one has been memorable, but one that stands out is the one when I used my new Kitchen Aid mixer and the mashed potatoes were perfect for the first time for me.

  242. Rachel says

    My favorite holiday memory is when my family had Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge, TN. Our whole family went up together, rented a big cabin, and had the best time. I cherish the memories made that Thanksgiving so many years ago :)

  243. Susan Alber says

    Christmas is always special holiday. I remember cooking and baking with my mom. She has been gone now 17 years.

  244. Carolyn Clark says

    I subscribed to your email! Can’t wait to start receiving your newsletters!

  245. JenG says

    My favorite holiday is Christmas! It has always been a time for family and love. I can’t wait to put up the tree!

  246. Rosanna M says

    Christmas is definitely favorite holiday. We go and cut our tree every year on the day after thanksgiving so the house is fully decorated and presents are wrapped under the tree by Dec 1 so we can enjoy all 25 days of christmas!

  247. Kim L says

    Gathering at Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. Christmas is a special time of year.

  248. Marilyn Nergord says

    Christmas -always. Love sitting in a candle list room, in front of a roaring fire with my family, listening to the Dyland Thomas reading of a Child’s Christmas in Wales.

  249. Stacey says

    I’ve always loved Christmas best but this year I am most looking forward to Thanksgiving – our family will be back together with special friends too. Just can’t wait!

  250. Rachel says