Celebrating with a Thank You Giveaway

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? It flew right on by the 4 year anniversary of She Wears Many Hats a couple of weeks ago. I just happened to think about it and couldn’t believe that July was gone. Four years just like that? This time thing is crazy, is what it is.

It’s been a fun-filled 4 years around here, that’s for sure. There’s never a dull moment in virtual land!

What I’ve loved the most about the past 4 years is the interaction with everyoneβ€”with you! That’s the best part. All of the comments, some with advice, creative ideas, funny stories, or just a kind word have been such a blessing over the years.

To thank you for hanging out here with me, I’m giving away one of these:

KitchenAid #Giveaway

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer Giveaway

Woo to the hoo!
One person will be randomly chosen to win one KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer in the color of their choice.

Yes! The winner gets to choose the color from over 20 colors.

This giveaway has closed. The winner has been chosen and contacted.

Thank you for stopping by!

Giveaway details:

There are multiple ways to enter:

– To enter, leave a happy comment below. (It has to be a happy one to count.)

– Follow @WearsManyHats on Twitter and leave a separate comment saying you did so.

– Tweet about giveaway and leave a separate comment saying you did so.

– Subscribe to SheWearsManyHats.com RSS feed or email notification and leave a separate comment saying you did so.

– Pin the above image on Pinterest and leave a separate comment saying you did so.

(That gives everyone a total of 5 entries each!)

Giveaway ends Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 at 11:59 PM PST.
One (1) random winner will be selected to win one (1) KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer in the color of their choice from a selection given. The winner will be selected and contacted by email sometime on Wednesday, August 201st, 2013.
Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents only.

Again, thank you for sharing this space with me for the past 4 years. You’ve made it all the better!


(This is not a sponsored post. Any links are only given for product information.)

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  1. 1

    KQ says

    happy thought: giving my sister a kitchenaid mixer – she’s been using the same hand-held mixer for more than 30 years!

  2. 7

    Cindi says

    Happiness is making a fresh, warm batch of chocolate chip cookies and hearing your kids say “Thanks Mom” (and mine are in their late teens and 20’s!!!!)

  3. 8

    Carrie H says

    Congrats! I am happy that the temp has finally dipped below 90 outside and 85 inside (11:20PM)…its definitely Ugh-ust! Want to go get happy and create in the kitchen but it won’t cool down enough to get in there, lots of cold treats here right now. :)

  4. 10

    Morgan says

    I remember helping my dad make cakes and cookies when I was little. I loved to pour the ingredients in the bowl, and lick the beaters afterwards. His kitchen aid finally kicked the bucket a couple years ago. I miss it.

  5. 17

    Katg says

    Happy equals baking cookies with my son! We would love a new mixer to use :) Congrats on 4 years!

  6. 20

    Katie says

    Happily pinned it. Need it to fill a bigger kitchen! Yay! Signing up for e-mail notifications

  7. 21

    Savannah says

    Happiness is baking things for others and sending it over to them with a smile!

  8. 25

    Carrie says

    I would be so HAPPY everytime! I was making wonderful treats using my new mixer :)

  9. 26

    Jessica says

    WOWOW! I have always wanted a kitchen mixer in a super pretty color! I always pass up the Walmart deals on them.. cause I’m just waiting and waiting for the perfect one other than in white or black! :)

  10. 28

    Christina Hillberry says

    :) I grew up baking cakes and cookies with my Mom and we used her KitchenAid forever, Now I would LOVE to start baking with my own Mixer. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  11. 31

    Lorraine says

    All the cheerful colors just make me think how happy I would be mixing and making something yummy!

  12. 32

    Constance says

    What could make a baker happier than having a stand mixer to make things easier? One in an awesome color!! Thank you and congrats!

  13. 34

    Rachel says

    I subscribe to the RSS feed! =) And I LOVE Kitchen Aid – That’s enough of a happy thought!

  14. 44

    Karen White says

    Happy is getting to make goodies for all my friends and even happier is having a kitchen aid mixer to help do it

  15. 45

    Brittney says

    It’s 5am and my youngest woke with the stomach bug the thought of winning this makes me happy

  16. 46


    Happy thought – I hope there are 201 days in August this year! I might just catch up before school starts! πŸ˜‰

    I’ll be giving this mixer to my daughter if I win. She’s baking all the time and needs one. Thanks for the chance and happy four years!

  17. 58

    Roma M. says

    Thx for doing this give-away….who wouldn’t love a new mixer!! The colors are gorgeous!

  18. 66

    Dana says

    Happy 4 years! Would love to win one for my momma. She’s never owned one before in her life! Wonderful giveaway! :)

  19. 73

    Lauren at Keep It Sweet says

    Congrats on 4 years, wow! What a fun giveaway, those colors are certainly making me happy:-)

  20. 77


    I’m so happy to have tomorrow off of work and spend it with my soon-to-be Kindergarten student buying supplies and going to school orientation.

  21. 80

    Cathy says

    Happy comment: I’m going to see JT and Jay-Z tonight AND I love your blog! :-)

  22. 92

    Kristen says

    Happy thought for the day – love hearing the chatter of my twin baby boys in the morning!

  23. 94

    Kathy E. says

    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary! That’s pretty cool….and so is spoiling one of your followers with a super KA mixer! I’d love to win that!

  24. 96

    kate says

    Happy thought: I ruined our quesadilla maker. It’s happy because my husband has told me that from now on, he’ll make me any quesadilla I want, any time. It makes me want to ruin a lot of things. :)

  25. 100

    Tara says

    Happiness is 20 COLORS! I’m the queen of tie-dye so nothing makes me smile more than a pop of color! Happy 4 years! Here’s to the next 4 :)

  26. 102

    Audrey says

    I would love to win a new mixer. I can think of tons of things to try. Love all the cool colors. I’m still using the same hand mixer I got when I moved out on my own (30 years ago). Love your site!

  27. 105

    Heather says

    This giveaway has me so happy and smiling from ear to ear!! Happy 4 years!!

  28. 108

    The Bearfoot Baker says

    Yeah! 4 Years and counting! Can’t wait for the next four years of your amazing posts;)

  29. 112

    Jessica w says

    Congrats! I would love to win this to give to my sister who doesn’t have a kitchenaid mixer. I don’t know which color she would choose,but i would hazard a guess at one of the grays.

  30. 118

    Julia says

    My seven month old and I are enjoying my day off usually by baking something delicious

  31. 132

    Dawn Fralick says

    Happy Anniversary! I love the great colors. I have an old, faded white Kitchenaid that I would like to replace with a pretty new one! Actually, my husband would love it more than me since he has taken a liking to baking!

  32. 150

    Kymber says

    today is a great day…sun is shining…my son comes home for the weekend tomorrow…things are good!

  33. 156

    Joyce Watson says

    Love the colors. Would love to win the aqua one for my granddaughter. She loves to bake.

  34. 158

    Mary Moore says

    Congratulations on a very happy four years of blogging. So happy to see such a wonderful giveaway opportunity. I’ve always wanted one of these!

  35. 165

    LeeAnn says

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for such a great giveaway. I have really enjoyed all your posts, looking forward to many more! Have a great day!!!!

  36. 166

    Windy P. says

    Today is Friday Eve and it’s sunny, warm and beautiful outside. How’s that for happy! Happy anniversary. :)

  37. 167

    Marsha Perdue says

    You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy (or make in this case) donuts!! And that kind of is the same thing :)

  38. 175

    Sally says

    i am not this lucky as many of contest i have put in , so one more try , , But I love the orange one, it would be better then a whip or fork

  39. 177

    Sue Boyd says

    So fun! I want one of these soooooooooooo bad! Congrats on your anniversary! Great job!

  40. 178

    Jennifer says

    Happiness is finding shewearsmanyhats.com yesterday and waking up to this promotion today! Happy Anniversary!

  41. 183


    Congrats on 4 years!! That is a happy event!! Happiness is waking up to hearing my girls giggling and getting along!! Also I have many happy memories of helping my mom in the kitchen with baking using her mixer, and I want my girls to have the same happy memories with me in our kitchen!!

  42. 186

    Lizz says

    I helped my friend pick out her first KitchenAid mixer for her wedding registry, and received updates/photos the first, second, and third times she used it. She loves her KitcheAid mixer and I would too!

    Also, these mixer decals make me incredibly happy — http://etsy.me/ZZo2wQ

  43. 192

    Denise @ Creative Kitchen says

    Congrats on 4 years!! My 4 year blogging anniversary is this month. πŸ˜‰ What a great giveaway. Love my cobalt Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s such a workhorse.

  44. 194


    My happy thought is thinking of the Dulce de leche buttercream that could be made with one of those bad boys!

  45. 204

    Tammi Mitchell says

    I love all of the colors-but, the mint green sticks out a bit more to me. I completed all your requests. Thank you for brining a smile to our faces.

  46. 205


    If I won this mixer, I would gift it to my sister, who doesn’t have one and LOVES to bake (cakes, especially). :)

  47. 214

    Linda says

    My baking makes my family happy which makes me happy! Congrats on 4 years, luv your blog and recipes!

  48. 226

    Nancy R. says

    These mixers are a piece of art for your kitchen counter. I’ve always wanted one!

  49. 235

    Karen S. says

    Baking always makes me happy! And people love baked goods, which makes them happy. :)


  50. 244

    Mikaela says

    Congratulations on 4 years of sharing your life and your loves with like-minded people. You are a breath of fresh air and bring beauty and joy to all you do! Happy anniversary!!!

  51. 246

    Val in MN says

    So Happy its my weekend, when I get to bake and cook. Would be very Happy to win this! (I’ve been dreaming of one for months!)

  52. 253

    Lynne A says

    Happy, happy, happy! Four years? Really?! I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve posted, from the hilarious (anything by “Slocum”) to the creative (big swirls on your daughter’s walls) to the profound (go.). Happy belated 4th blogth-day!!!

  53. 256

    Kiersten says

    I am a newlywed and I am so excited to learn to bake more! These bright colors make me so happy! Congrats on the anniversary!

  54. 260

    Kathleen says

    Just moved into my new apartment and graduated from a kitchenette to a full blown kitchen. With enough countertop space for a kitchenaid mixer. SO HAPPY!

  55. 263

    Deborah says

    the picture of all the mixers makes me smile. i think my fav is the lighter green one. My mother had one and it was green. I don’t know what happened to it. It was used to make many cakes and lots batches of cookies.

  56. 267

    Leslie says

    I’m happy thinking about making Christmas treats for my family using a brand new mixer in a beautiful new color.

  57. 269

    cbp says

    Makes me smile just thinking about your start up 4 years ago… your thinking about what you would blog about, coming up with a name for it, your first TV appearance, your first post, your first trip, meeting people you’d only read about, etc. etc. So proud of you and love saying, Happy Happy Anniversary! Your talent for spreading happiness never ceases to amaze me! Love you!

  58. 288

    Kathy says

    Love the bright colors of the mixer. Want to surprise my daughter with the mixer. Thanks

  59. 294

    Holly says

    Happy would be seeing my mom’s face when I give her a brand spankin’ new KitchenAid Mixer!! :)

  60. 301

    Annie W says

    Orange is such a happy color! It reminds me of daisies and tangerines and fall leaves. I would like to win an orange Kitchenade mixer so my kitchen can be happy too : D

  61. 310

    Lindsey says

    And last but not least, happy four years and hopefully you will have many more! It would be nice to give one of those to my mom. Her birthday is just around the corner and she loves red. Dreams!!

  62. 311

    Deb says

    Happy to celebrate your anniversary with you! I enjoy the variety of posts on your lovely blog!

  63. 313

    DB says

    IT’S MY DAY OFF TODAY AND TOMORROW! Happy to sleep in and browse the internet!

  64. 314

    Jan R says

    HAPPY…would be winning and picking a color of my new mixer. HAPPY Anniversary!

  65. 317

    Michelle R says

    Happiness is listening to little puppy and baby snores simultaneously! It’s also clean underwear, really…

  66. 321

    Elizabeth says

    Happy Anniversary! I have to say that every time I try a recipe of yours I’m never disappointed!

  67. 324

    Jen says

    Happy Anniversary! My teenage son and friends call me the cookie mom! Have just started cakes! A Stand mixer is a bakers dream! Thanks for being generous!! Happy baking everyone!

  68. 333

    Jennifer K says

    Congratulations on 4 fantastic years! I have enjoyed learning many cooking and gardening tips! Photos are always beautiful!

  69. 335

    Kathy says

    I pinned it today. My daughter really wants one badly. Hope I win so I can give her the pretty minty green one.

  70. 336

    Ashley P says

    Congratulations to you on 4 years of blogging! And thank you so much for the chance to win :)

  71. 343

    Susan H. says

    Happy Anniversary! Reading blogs like yours makes me happy, happy, happy!! Thanks for sharing so much with us and for the awesome giveaway.

  72. 348

    Erralee says

    Happy Thought: My husband has always wanted one of these mixers. He hand kneads his own bread dough. Great whole wheat bread that neighbors always ask for more, after getting it as a gift. Hummm, what color would he like best? Thanks!

  73. 351


    Happy Anniversary Amy…time does fly when we’re having fun and you do seem to have plenty of that!

    Truth is I’m not commenting to be included in the giveaway. I fear my 28 year young stalwart of a KitchenAid mixer would get upset and stop working and that would make me very sad…just want to give you my best wishes, nothing more!

  74. 352

    Melissa says

    I have wanted one of these mixers for so long. I’d probably pick some shade of green.

  75. 355

    Samantha C says

    Happiness is finding a pencil.
    Pizza with sausage.
    Telling the time.
    Happiness is learning to whistle.
    Tying your shoe for the very first time.

    Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band.
    And happiness is walking hand in hand.
    Happiness is two kinds of ice cream.
    Knowing a secret.
    Climbing a tree.
    Happiness is five different crayons.
    Catching a firefly.
    Setting him free.

    Happiness is being alone every now and then.
    And happiness is coming home again.
    Happiness is morning and evening,
    Daytime and night time too.
    For happiness is anyone and anything at all
    That’s loved by you.

    Happiness is having a sister.
    Sharing a sandwich.
    Getting along.
    Happiness is singing together when day is through,
    And happiness is those who sing with you.
    Happiness is morning and evening,
    Daytime and nighttime too.
    For happiness is anyone and anything at all
    That’s loved by you.

  76. 356

    Deborah says

    I’m happy I finally found a Doctor that knows how to treat my auto immune disease!

  77. 357

    Elisabeth says

    Happy thought! It’s almost Friday :) and I am going to visit my family :) so excited!

  78. 359

    stacey says

    Just subscribed, I’ve pinned a bunch of things from your site before! Congrats on the four year mark!!! :)

  79. 360

    Tiffany B. says

    Happy 4 year anniversary!! Thanks for fun things you post every day. I love your blog!

  80. 377

    Amber says

    Have always wanted one, could never justify the price. Kids always needs shoes, socks… Hahhaha

  81. 378

    Crissy Shinn says

    Congratulations on your 4 years! Amazing!! & Good Luck to everyone who enters!

  82. 384

    Janeen says

    Congratulations, and many more blessed ones to come, my happy thought is that I am a new Mother-Inlaw, my baby girl (18, yes I said 18, her Husband is a Corporal in the Marines now having served 3yrs) To win this Kitchen Aid would be a dream to be able to pass on my traditions of baking to her and her new husband. Did I forget to say they can’t boil an egg between the 2 of them. So a Kitchen Aid would be a quick learn, lol.
    Congrats again!!!!!!!!!!

  83. 386

    Deanna Mushat says

    Happy Anniversary!! I pinned it too! I would love to win a happy color.

  84. 396

    Amy too! says

    Happy thought/comment: “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” :)

  85. 400

    Robin Logan says

    I have wanted a colored kitchenaid mixer for years!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I can’t wait to make yummy cupcakes with a beautiful new mixer!! (fingers crossed)

  86. 403

    Cindy Walker says

    I love all of the colors shown here. Kitchen Aid mixers are the best!

  87. 407

    Channing says

    Life is good! I have been swooning over a KitchenAid mixer for a while now! They are a beauty!

  88. 409

    Hope Lancaster says

    I love baking especially around the Holidays and I love giving away the baked goods to friends and family. It would be great to own a Kitchen Aid mixer to help out! πŸ˜€

  89. 415

    Gail Parr says

    I subscribe to your blog through email. Keeping my fingers crossed for a KitchenAid mixer!

  90. 416

    Rina says

    Congratulations on four years! Isn’t it great to know that you have touched so many people and made them happy. Here’s to another four!

  91. 423

    Sarah Deffinger says

    Rainbows! Unicorns! Puppies! Cupcakes! Puppies eating cupcakes riding on unicorns over rainbows!

  92. 424

    Jlmor says

    Today really is a happy day for me. My best friend is post cancer surgery and the doctor called this morning and said the pathology indicates she will be ok. Also, this morning we found out that my grandson does not have autism. Happy, happy day!!!

  93. 425

    Michelle says

    Thank you for the giveaway! Awesome prize! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  94. 426

    Sarah Deffinger says

    Pinned it, along with countless recipes I’d love to try it out on!

  95. 428

    Kim McCallie says

    I would be so happy to win this mixer. It’s a dream of mine to own one.

  96. 441

    Marie M.C. says

    Congratulations! May we all enjoy your website for many, many, many more years!

  97. 442

    Casey Stonecypher says

    I would love this as it would make all the baking and cooking so much easier at my house!

  98. 447

    Dayle Huber says

    Baking cookies and other goodies to give to family and friends make me (and them) very happy!

  99. 448

    Angie Arthur says

    Beautiful mixers!!! Happy Thought….Not using my handheld mixer anymore. πŸ˜‰

  100. 451

    Emelie says

    My birthday is next week!
    I’ve always wanted one of these and winning one would definitely make me happy!
    The colors make me happy too!

  101. 452

    Katy M. says

    Congratulations! We love baking together as a family so this would be wonderful! Thank you for working so hard on this wonderful blog!

  102. 463

    Judy D. says

    In the words of Phil Robertson, “Happy, Happy, Happy!” Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! Perhaps an even Happier Birthday for me on the 18th of this month! :)

  103. 475

    Jennifer M says

    Happy thought: we found the house of our dreams tonight and this would be AWESOME in my new kitchen!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. 488


    I mentioned to my husband that IF we ever got divorced (we we wouldn’t!) I’d only want my Kitchen Aid– But I NEEED a new one, new color!
    Jackie Lee

  105. 495

    Mary-Clay @ Cooking with the King says

    I followed you on twitter! :) happy blog-aversary!

  106. 496

    Mary-Clay @ Cooking with the King says

    I tweeted about the contest! Happy blog-aversary! :)

  107. 499

    Mary-Clay @ Cooking with the King says

    I subscribe to your emails! :) happy blog-aversary!

  108. 505

    Katie says

    Happy Anniversary! I love thinking about my first time baking Christmas cookies with my grandma and her stand mixer. Such great memories and it brought my love for baking. I would love a mixer of my own!

  109. 508

    Tammy (streganonadolci ) says

    Happiness for me is when my 8 yr old son wants to bake with me! You see he’s autistic and loves baking and cooking with mom! This would make it all the more cooler!! Love it! Thanks for this chance!

  110. 509

    KeeCatz says

    Congratulations on your 4 years. This mixer has been on my wish list forever, I still use a hand mixer so this would be so awesome to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  111. 515

    Kelsey says

    Yay for this fantastic giveaway!! SO excited! I love to cook and I’m inspired by what you do on your blog!

  112. 520

    sara says

    The colors of those mixers are just beautiful! What a happy rainbow. Happy Anniversary.

  113. 530


    Happy 4 years to you! Time certainly does fly by. I started my blog about 5 1/2 years ago and can’t believe it. Love your blog!

  114. 534

    Kelly says

    Pinned It! Happy Anniversary! Always thinking Happy Thoughts!!
    Would love to have one of these mixers. I’m still using my mom’s avocado green hand mixer from the 60’s. LOL.

  115. 539

    Eugenia R says

    congratulations on your anniversary! I have a blog of my own and I always find it SO hard to keep up and post regularly, kudos to you for still doing it after FOUR years!

  116. 540

    Caroline says

    My poor mixer is on its last leg, so that orange stand mixer would make me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

  117. 544

    Aimee says

    Sweet sweet giveaway!!! Happy 4 years! My 20 year anniversary is this week & a super cute colorful kitchenaid mixer would be a great surprise! πŸ˜‰

  118. 550

    Mink Mackley says

    Happy thought is that my husband sent me this link. It shows how much he cares about making my dreams kitchen come true! =)

  119. 554

    Sydney D says

    Wow, thank you for such a generous giveaway!! And for opening to Canada! :)

  120. 555

    Andrea Amy says

    Happy anniversary AND WHAT AN AMAZING giveaway!! Thank you so much for the chance :)

  121. 568

    Julie says

    I found your blog on Pinterest. This contest was pinned by a blogger I follow. Now this blog is on my home page so thank you. Congratulations on 4 years and happy blogiversary! I look forward to many more visits.

  122. 571

    wanda says

    I am very happy to be filling this out in the hopes of winning a Kitchen Aid. Thanks you and congratulations on your anniversary.

  123. 577


    My happy thought right now is I’m a happy Mom as my son just moved back to the midwest after being in LA for two years after college. He got a great job in Chicago so now he’s only 2 1/2 hours away. I’m just so glad to have him closer!

  124. 587

    Autumn says

    I am so HAPPY about this giveaway… love all of those bright and cheery KitchenAids!

  125. 595

    Crystal King says

    These colors make me happy, happy, happy and what would make the most happy is to win one!!!

  126. 610

    Karen says

    Happy anniversary!
    My happy thought is about how much fun I’m having at the beach with my sister and my two nieces. Girl weekend!

  127. 622

    Tim Fisher says

    I’m incredibly happy that my favorite duo (The Civil Wars) released a new album this week! πŸ˜€

  128. 627

    Kelsey says

    I am quite positive I did all 5! Thank you for this opportunity, I am in drier need of anything Kitchen- Gettin married in January!


  129. 629

    Deby Wright says

    What a blessing to win and be able to give it as a wedding gift to my son Calvin and his fiance!

  130. 634

    Caitlin says

    This is great! Happy 4th anniversary! And it’s my sweet daughter’s 3rd birthday today, too :)

  131. 638

    Emma says

    Just discovered your coconut pancakes…they are divine! Here’s to at LEAST four more years of awesomeness!

  132. 643

    Nancy says

    I saw a beautiful rainbow on my way home from work today. Great way to start the weekend!

  133. 651


    Woohooo….Happy 4 year anniversary! What a wonderful milestone you’ve accomplished. :) Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway to celebrate.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  134. 661


    Hi there ~ My happy thought is two of my children are getting married next year (not to each other, har har) and it’s been fun planning and such. :)

  135. 668

    Lynn M says

    Many thank you’s too! Congratulations on 4yrs and cheers to many more! Summer is a great time for celebrating and is special for me because I get to see/visit my family in the States.

  136. 673

    Catharine Mendez says

    I would LOVE to buy one, but don’t have the funds, so I’m sure I speak for us all when I say I am so grateful for these giveaways!!! Thank you!

  137. 676

    malia says

    Congratulations on the anniversary! Just subscribed through email. Awesome giveaway. My hand always gets so tired with the hand mixer when baking

  138. 677

    Susan says

    Oh Happy Day to find a give away for a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I see cookies in my future!

  139. 678

    Susan says

    I follow you on Pinterest so pinned this give away to Bake Sale Board because it would make baking for one a snap!

  140. 680

    Susan says

    Last, but not least I subscribed to your RSS feed, and hope that the next one will have my name in it for winning that hotpink mixer. Gotta have one. :)

  141. 681

    nicolthepickle says

    Happy things! I have a huge bucket full of fresh blueberries. YUMMY and happy baking to me. :)
    Happy anniversary to you.

  142. 686

    Amy says

    Happy thought: my sister, her hubby, and their daughter (my niece) are all getting settled into their new home that is PERFECT for them. So excited for them.

  143. 689

    Karen Peterson says

    Happy thought…saw the most beautiful double rainbow earlier this week on my drive into work and the sun was rising over the mtns, shooting rays of light upwards into the sky. Amazing even though it was 530 am πŸ˜‰

  144. 692

    Debbie says

    Happy Anniversary. Would love to own this mixer. Still gave a hand mixer that I received as a wedding gift 40 years ago.

  145. 693

    Catherine Thiel says

    Pinned…subscribed…liked…shared…commented…but no Twitter!!!:) After 57 years, three kids and 7 grandchildren winning one of these beauties would make me ~~~HAPPY~~~HAPPY~~~HAPPY~~~!!!!!!!!!!:)

  146. 698

    LeAnna says

    I’m HAPPY because I love “old school” giveaway entries as such. None of that raffle-belly-copter jazz. πŸ˜‰ Also happy, because I would loooove to win a new mixer in a bright cheery color. Mine is on the fritz!

  147. 713


    Happy 4 year old blog-a-versary! Wow, 4 years! I aspire to that….my little baking blog will be 2 in October :)

  148. 721

    Veronica Magyar says

    Those colors make me happy! I have a new found adoration of baking and I’d love a kitchenaid to help with the process!

  149. 722

    Maureen A. says

    Kitchen aid mixers are definitely among the top 5 of my all-time favorite things! Plus, my mom’s mixer is on the down and out, so it would be nice to give her a new one :)

  150. 723

    Sky says

    Happy anniversary! I just discovered the blog a few weeks ago on Pinterest and I love it, I also repined this post!

  151. 728

    Ann says

    Happy Webiversary to you! You have a lovely blog I’m happy you’ve had such success with it! Best to you!