Busy Bees Revisited

Things around here have been busy, busy, busy. Yesterday, I took a moment to stop and walk through the garden to check the progress on everything. I saw this Salvia getting ready to burst open and was reminded of the many bees that will soon arrive to bustle about, and an old post from my first month of blogging.

You’d think I would’ve remembered the point of that post but this past month has only proved to send me into one long spiral of tunnel vision. Two more weeks of craziness around here and then it abruptly stops. Just like that.

Until then, I’m gonna try to remember the “busy bees” and also look forward to the Salvia blooming soon.

Here’s the old post “Are you a busy bee?” Hope you enjoy it!


Are you a busy bee?

As I was looking out over the garden this morning, I noticed the Salvia was moving quite a bit and there wasn’t the slightest breeze. We have chipmunks that have taken up residence in the garden and love teasing our dogs, so I thought it might be them. I grabbed my camera and ran out to the garden still in my PJ’s. As I neared the Salvia, I discovered that it wasn’t the chipmunks. The Salvia was covered with bees.


There must have been more than twenty bees so I decided to try to get a few shots of them (without them getting me first). They were certainly some busy bees.


Busy, busy. I was right up in there with them snapping photos left and right. A few times I looked down to make sure they were not on me because I had some crazy bright colored PJ pants on and just knew they would mistake me for a flower. They didn’t even seem to notice me because they were working so hard. I watched them work for a while and was really amazed that they didn’t give me the time of day. So intent in their work, oblivious to the giant woman in the crazy PJ’s.


Lately I’ve been much like those bees. I started this blog a few weeks back and I didn’t quite anticipate how much work it would require. Hats off to those of you that have been doing the blogging thing for years now. It’s a lot of work.

A lot.

While watching those bees I was reminded of all the times over the last couple of months that I was a “busy bee” myself and not noticing the world around me at times – my family, my friends…my laundry. Not that there’s anything wrong with working hard or blogging. But balance is important and our relationships should come first.


Not so much.

And like a new blogger friend told me early on, you need to get away from the computer so you’ll have a life to blog about. So true. So true.

I’m learning to find that balance. I’ll continue to blog (I’m just getting started!), but I’ll be sure to remember my little bee friends and the lesson they taught me today.


How do you slow things down? Do you have any tips for remembering to “stop and smell the roses” or maybe look at the bees?

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  1. 1

    Wei-Wei says

    Bees scare me. :(

    (I love the wonderful dots of blue from the flowers in the first few photos. Beautiful photography as always.)


  2. 2

    Tickled Red says

    Love your photos’:) I truly hope that your two weeks go by successfully and quickly.

  3. 3


    Bokehlicious! Those photos have such a magical feel, as if the flower just appears from such a dreamy space.

  4. 4


    Your photos are fantastic! I am beyond busy right now too. I keep thinking life will slow down but not yet! I just keep on going, doing the best I can!

  5. 5

    Wenderly says

    EXACTLY, what I’ve been feeling in my first month (and a 1/2) of blogging! Good advice about stepping away from the computer and as always gorgeous photos!

    P.S. I walk around in my garden in my PJ’s as well! Yet another reason to adore the daylights outta!

  6. 6

    Wenderly says

    EXACTLY, what I’ve been feeling in my first month (and a 1/2) of blogging! Good advice about stepping away from the computer and as always gorgeous photos!

    P.S. I walk around in my garden in my PJ’s as well! Yet another reason to adore the daylights outta ya!

  7. 7

    Missy says

    Great close-up shots of the bees! I wouldn’t dare get that close to them with my little camera!

  8. 8


    A computer crash has me living life without a computer. (I’m on my son’s right now.) I’m accomplishing a great deal. Tell me something.

    Love your photos as usual.

  9. 10

    Jeannene Walker says

    Great shots Amy. I know what you mean about the time involved in blogging. I just started this past January and it really does require some time. I have had fun documenting life in pictures, though. Have a great day!

  10. 11


    Those photographs are simply amazing! Thank you so much for taking time to snap them. I’m not familiar with that flower, but I am developing a love and passionate interest in flowers and their names, etc. School is done for us very soon and until then I have lots to accomplish too.

  11. 12


    Those pictures and the thoughts to go with them are so lovely. I too am a busy bee these days, but your friend is right… It gives me something to blog about. It is the season to be busy. In a few months, will be the season to slow down, and I know the busy-ness now will make me appreciate the slow down even more when it comes.

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