Two things we like to do when we travel are meeting people and eating yummy food. Last year when we vacationed in St. John, USVI we were blessed with both. Even though we stayed on the west end of the island we made a couple of visits to Coral Bay and other areas on the east end. On one of those trips to the east end, we stopped by Miss Lucy’s for brunch before snorkeling at nearby Salt Pond Bay.

This was my first sign that we were in the right place: tea, with ice.


It only got better after that. After eating cereal all week, both of our kids were happy to see pancakes.

Smile purty pancake girl.stjohnthree3

Dude, did you use all the syrup?

stjohnthree2Randy ordered Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.stjohnthree6What a plate of food. He was happy to see that.

Not an ordinary brunch compared to what we usually get at home. Yeah, I know, I should strive harder for this kinda stuff sweetie, but don’t hold your breath.

I ordered…well, I’m not sure what I ordered, but it was mighty tasty. It was some other version of Eggs Benedict I think.

I could’ve just eaten a plate of those potatoes. Yum.

The food was fabulous all on its own, but we enjoyed live music too.

This is Joe. He played, while another guy flanked the other side of the tree playing a variety of instruments.

And of course, my musician husband had to find out about the instruments and make some new friends. He’s cool and hip and friendly like that. I get to stand by, behind my lens, and act all coy and such.

Joe told Randy how his 1950’s Gibson L4 fell off the back of a truck while he was trekking in Mali 40 years ago. The instrument had to be rebuilt. Sure is sounding good now. Mighty pretty playin’ Joe.

I don’t have the faintest idea of what they might be talking about here.

I don’t even want to know…

Anyway, the music made my brunch taste even mo’ bettah. Thanks Joe.

Not only did we have tasty food, and lovely tunes, but chickens and goats. It’s like a veritable dining adventure at Miss Lucy’s.

We got in trouble for feeding the rooster from the table, but the kids gained entrance to the goat yard.

They were even given a bottle of milk to feed them, along with our leftovers.

Those were some pretty lucky goats.

It turned out to be the best brunch ever. Good food, new friends and happy goats to feed – can’t beat that.

Miss Lucy’s is located near Coral Bay, so if you’re ever in St. John, stop in, say hello and maybe feed a goat while you’re at it.

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Do you have any great restaurants from vacation destinations worth mentioning? Or are there any interesting folks you’ve met while traveling? Any fun stories to share?