Botany Bay

The coast during the winter is beautiful. The colors are so serene, with soothing tones, and often a crispness in the air that you don’t get around here in South Carolina during the summer. As I was glancing through our travel photos, I ran across these photos I posted when I wrote about Botany Bay last year.

botany bay

Botany Bay is an old residence, turned nature preserve located just outside of Edisto Beach, South Carolina.

dirt road


Such an unusual beach compared to most of the coastline in the Carolinas.

beaches in sc


So extreme, exotic, and mysterious.

botany bay beach


Of course, Botany Bay is a mighty nice place to visit during the popular spring and summer vacation times. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway or passing through, near Hwy. 17, take a detour, and stop by to check it out.

Happy travels!

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    Thanks! I needed that! I love your pictures… you captured some beautiful moments in time. Wish I could be there right now!

  2. 9


    You have such talent with photography. That shell picture and the tree lined path? Would totally frame those and put them up in my home. Gorgeous!

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