Hey friends! The past few weeks I’ve been working on a new project. It’s called Go Savor.

Some of you may have already checked it out, but for those who haven’t heard about it, I wanted to mention it, and explain a tad bit about it too. Go Savor ™ is a new culinary site, but nothing fancy. It’s for everyone who likes to eat.

Whether just down the road, or on the other side of the world, Go Savor is about getting out there finding the tasty stuff, trying new flavors, experiencing unfamiliar territory with food, with a real emphasis on small, local treasure. At Go Savor,™ you’ll find restaurant recommendations, recipes and helpful tips.

Another fun segment called “Go Savor the best…” is a series we just kicked off this week with Go Savor the Best Cake. It will be a compilation of recommendation from everyone (that includes you!). The food subject will change periodically, with each “best of” listing being available as a resource, categorized by state. If you’re traveling around and want to see if someone has made a suggestion for a great piece of cake in that area, just pop on, scroll through the list and maybe you’ll find a winner.

Another venture of Go Savor™ is Go Savor Culinary Retreats. The retreats will offer a small group environment for food bloggers to get together to share, learn, and of course, cook. The first Go Savor Culinary Retreat is right around the corner, this March in Savannah, Ga. You can read more about that and check out a few of the retreat attendees. And pssst… we’re still looking for companies to partner with us for the weekend. You’ll find more information about that by contacting us through the Go Savor site.

Hope to see you over at Go Savor!™

And if you have a great cake discovery to share, please check our The Best Cake Ever, and leave your recommendation for all of us to find.