Today is National Gourmet Coffee Day and I thought I’d share how my Tassimo Brewbot has been working out. I’ve had the Tassimo for a month now, and have been making mocha lattes every day, and sometimes, twice a day. They’re quite yummy. And super simple too!

It’s been fun adding different flavors to the lattes. For Christmas, a friend gave me some peppermint cocoa. That certainly made for a yummy latte!

A few have mentioned the Tassimo T-Discs seeming a little on the pricey side. But from what I can figure so far, the Tassimo has certainly saved me in the long run by cutting down dramatically on the trips to the local coffee shop. I’m sure my friends working down at the coffee shop are wondering where I’ve been.

My only complaint is that I can’t find the T-Disc at many of our local grocers. Maybe if I have a chat with the local store managers, they’ll begin stocking them? It’s worth a try.

The Tassimo has been a breeze to use and keep clean too. And like I mentioned before, it fits nicely under our cabinets. There’s quite a lot packed into that compact machine.

All in all, we’ve enjoyed our Tassimo. It’s been a breeze to use, and brews a tasty cup of Joe, and lattes, and hot chocolate, and tea and other tasty gourmet coffee drinks.

Have you tried a Tassimo before? I’d love to hear what you’re brewing up with yours.

(The lovely folks from Tassimo provided me with T20 Brewbot to keep for my very own, and another for one lucky winner. Thanks Tassimo!)