30 Days Until We Go Savor Savannah


Today marks 30 days until we Go Savor™ Savannah, Georgia for our first Go Savor™ Culinary Retreat. The weekend is filled with food writers sharing their professional expertise, cooking together, and discovering what the “Hostess City of The South” offers. Some highlights include:


Professional food photographers and stylista Helene Dujardin and Tami Hardeman will share their expertise on how they makes every shot look absolutely breath taking. From lighting, camera basics, and workflow to styling and composition, the workshops are sure to be a highlight of the weekend.


One of the signature features of the weekend is the opportunity for participants to gather and cook together throughout the weekend. A weekend filled with food writers cooking together is a perfect weekend indeed.

We’ll also feature our Go Savor™ Savannah cocktail, delicious Jarlsberg cheese, a Smoothie and Juice bar with Blendtec, and many other delightful dishes.

Cheryl Day from Back in the Day Bakery will be joining us to share her fabulous baked goods. Can’t wait!


Savannah is a city rich with Southern hospitality and gorgeous sites perfect for exploring. Participants will enjoy a private tour of Savannah Bee Company full of busy bees, food and beauty products.

And more…

Even if you aren’t traveling to Savannah, you’ll still be able to enjoy the weekend with us! Be sure to follow along to find out about great giveaways, information, and more.

We look forward to sharing the weekend in Savannah, Georgia with you!

Be sure to check out the attendee list and our gracious sponsors. Please contact us for more information about partnering with a Go Savor Culinary Retreat.


  1. 1


    I’m going to be crying in my cheerios as I watch this weekend unfold. Really wish I could be there with you all! It is coming together beautifully.

  2. 8

    DeDe says

    I live in Savannah and would like to attend. This is the first I’ve heard of this event. How do I find ot the details?

  3. 10


    I think I have found my calling!! I want “in”!! Now, I just have to find my talent! I am trying to absorb anything and everything I can about food photography and styling. Can you tell me if you have another event like this or if something else is coming up that I could attend? Thank you.

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