This photo caught my eye a few months back as my mom, sister, my cousin and I were browsing through some old family photos. This is my great, great Uncle Joe, my sweet grandmother, Mary and some man with a cool hat. I think he was Uncle Joe’s brother. And check out those huge ginormous fish. Can you believe those fish? By the look on my grandmother’s face she wasn’t very fond of those stinkin’ things. They’re almost as big as her.

Uncle Joe was married to Aunt Ally. They had no children until they took my grandmother and her two brothers in to be part of their family. My grandmother’s father had died and her mother, my great grandmother, became too ill to take care of her children. (Is that all straight and everything? A little confusing I know.)

This portrait is my grandmother and her two brothers as children. That older brother looks serious, doesn’t he?


Here they all are as one big happy family. Well, they look kinda grumbly in this picture but I think it’s because the sun’s in their eyes. And it’s hard to smile outside in S.C. in the summertime heat, let me tell ‘ya…


Can you imagine how difficult it must’ve been at times? I’m so glad for Uncle Joe and Aunt Ally’s servant’s hearts as I wonder what might have come of my grandmother and her siblings if they had not been there to care for them. I wish I could thank them now.

That’s what family is for isn’t it? To sometimes make sacrifices. To pull each other up. Dust each other off. And help each other onward. And to love. Can’t forget love.

Oh, and when they are old to wipe their hineys.

(But Mom, Dad…you know, if you could work it out somehow to have a hiney wiper, I’d much appreciate it. I can wipe your nose, clean, cook some tasty grub for you and even fix you a nice comfy place in my own home, but I’ve gotta lot of growing up to do for all that other wiping stuff… just sayin’.)

And sure, family can drive us crazy. I should know as I’ve done my share of crazy driving. None of us are perfect. But when the going gets rough, it’s usually family that’s there to lend a hand, hold us up and stick in there ’til the end. And I’m very thankful for that. I’m also thankful for all of the Uncle Joe’s and Aunt Ally’s out there.

So with Thanksgiving just around the corner, what is it about your family that you are thankful for? Are they always there to share an encouraging word? Do they watch your children so you can have a date night? Help with housework? Or have they already bought long-term hiney wiping care?

Whatever it is, please share. I so look forward to reading each and every comment and I know others do too.

If I forget to say it next week, Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble! Gobble!