A free printable and screen backgrounds available for instant download.

Free Printable and Screen BackgroundsThese days everything seems to be about speed. Streamlined productivity is the ultimate goal. Which leaves us with intermittent connections with others, eating meals on the fly, broken streams of thought—basically spinning and spinning all of the time. Even when we’re supposed to be relaxing.

Sometimes stopping even for a moment to be still, to breathe, to think, or to just be quiet seems like such a challenge. What with the whirlwind that life can become if we don’t watch out, it is nice, no, it is essential to take a moment to turn off the phone, forget about work or bathing suit season, and just sit, breathe, be still.

Just be still.

While my intentions are good, sometimes I need reminders—like a giant “STOP” sign. So I made one, a friendly “STOP” sign. And I’m sharing it with you too!

Free Printable and Screen Backgrounds

It’s free and it’s instant, and I hope you enjoy it. The free instant download is formatted to print or use as a screen background. Multiple sizes are available for screen backgrounds in a relaxing blue and green, plus a white and black version for printing on whatever color paper you’d like. Just click the image below and choose which one(s) you’d like to download.


Free Printable and Screen Backgrounds