Easter and Mother’s Day is approaching, and maybe you have a birthday or other celebration coming up? Planning for those memorable occasions is certainly fun but can sometimes be overwhelming. We want the perfect table setting and everything to be special for those in attendance. With a few simple tips it doesn’t have to be a frazzled time, and you can enjoy the festivities too!

Earlier this week one tip I mentioned is cutting down on cooking time by picking up breads or rolls ready for warming and serving, like the new Stone Baked Artisan Rolls from Pepperidge Farm. Anything to cut down on time in the kitchen without cutting quality is always a good thing.

Another tip that I like to do for any special occasion is to use fresh cut flowers or greenery from my yard, or an inexpensive bouquet from a local grocer. It doesn’t have to be anything large. I used these small vases down the middle of my table filled with Viburnum blossoms. Jars or glasses could be used as well.

Here’s one more tasty tip, compound butter to accompany the rolls from Pepperidge Farm. It sounds fancy but all it is is butter that has been softened, then mixed with seasonings, herbs, fruit or other ingredients. My favorite is Honey Cinnamon Butter. Yum! It can be made days ahead and refrigerated. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

An additional tip, especially for family gatherings, is to place small family pictures around the table or serving area. It’s a great conversation starter, and a good way to remember family on those special days.

Sure hope you try some of these tips to help elevate your dinner table to something extra special. It’s always fun to try new ideas.

I’d really like to hear any tips you may have to share, and if you have any links, feel free to add those too!

(Pepperidge Farm is compensating me for my time and materials for this post.)