Today I’m sharing four of my favorite products for creating a simple eye makeup routine for everyday.

Simple Eye Makeup for Everyday

Years ago I remember watching the popular show Survivor. It was in the early years of the reality show. I sat watching just knowing I could totally rock that game, with all the conniving and such. There was one thing I always wondered, what would I be allowed to take? I could pack light, but would I be allowed to take mascara along to the island? Mascara and some good lip balm? Those would definitely be required.

It’s not that I’m into primping and wearing lots of makeup. Quite honestly, when it comes to wearing make-up, unless I’m going somewhere where my picture is going to be taken or a special or fancy occasion, like a wedding, I tend to keep things simple. Like real simple. I think it comes from a combination of me being lazy and easily distracted by more fun things to do (hence the constant pile of laundry to be folded). So my daily prepping routine has become quite streamlined with the occasional exceptions.

Basically when it come to makeup I wear a moisturizer, basic eye makeup (which I’ll elaborate on), then finish with a little face powder and a subtle rosy lip gloss. I can almost feel those “don’t wear face powder if you’re over 40” people cringing right now, but I do. I wear the powder.

From start to finish I can probably be done in about 3 minutes, 4 minutes tops. It’s not that I hate cosmetics or looking put together. Again, it’s more about the messing with it all. With that said, I do think that good basic eye makeup is essential. Eye makeup, when applied simply and as natural looking as possible, can make all the difference in my appearance. If I don’t wear it I look like I’m walking around half awake. And that’s not good for anyone, whether you’re a survivor or not.

There are four basic things I use for my daily eye makeup:

  1. Concealer: A few dots of concealer under the eye helps brighten things up. I’ve tried a variety of brands, and currently use Maybelline New York Cover Stick.
  2. Eyeshadow: I like a matte nude colored eyeshadow. A simple brush on the lid is all I need. Urban Decay in Nude is my everyday favorite.
  3. Eyeliner: I don’t go crazy with the eyeliner. Many days I just apply to the top outer lid. A dark brown is nice. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner in Demolition has been my go-to color and brand for about 3 years now. It just glides on and will stay put pretty well too.
  4. Mascara: Mascara is a must (and one of the two things I would need on a Survivor Island). I’ve shared about what kinds of mascara I like before. I still fluctuate between using Benefit’s They’re Real and Revlon’s 3D Camera Ready. Both are quite nice in my book.

Well that’s it. My basic eye makeup plan.

Do you have any great eye makeup tips to share or any brands that you find exceptional? Do share!