Sharing another rerun today, an easy Grape Salad. This easy Grape Salad is a tasty combination of grapes, cream cheese, yogurt, walnuts and brown sugar that is perfect for dessert or a sweet snack.

There are those recipes that just stand the test of time. They will always be there. Tried and true favorites, just like this Grape Salad recipe. I first shared about this Grape Salad back in 2009. It was one of the very first recipe posts here. It was and still is one of my favorite dessert or snacks. A local restaurant still serves a version of this as a side and regardless of what I may be ordering for an entree I always order this Grape Salad. Always.

Grape Salad Recipe

This easy Grape Salad recipe is made with walnuts (or pecans), cream cheese, yogurt and brown sugar is delicious. It may sound like a strange combination, and it was at first to me. A good friend told me about this salad long ago. I was polite, smiled and replied with something like “Oh, how nice” and remember thinking of how it didn’t sound like something for me. But boy, was I wrong. I finally tried it a little later and was totally won over. I began making this salad in large batches to have on hand as a smarter choice to substitute for those dangerous sweet tooth cravings. Not that this salad as a smarter choice feels like a sacrifice at all. No way.

This Grape Salad is pretty durn good. Fresh grapes, walnuts or pecans, a bit of brown sugar, cream cheese and yogurt come together to make a pretty addictive combination that is the perfect ending to a meal or a tasty afternoon snack. Plus, it can be lightened up with a few changes, if desired. Flavor, texture and options for making a lighter version? This salad has got it all!

This Grape Salad would make a great addition to a luncheon or picnic menu. It can be made ahead of time by a day or two, and kept refrigerated, covered tightly until ready to serve.

You can find the full original recipe post from 2009 right here: Grape Salad Recipe.

Grape Salad Recipe