Creamy Pesto Pasta Recipe is perfect for any dinner. It’s simple and quick to prepare, and will disappear even quicker!

Creamy Pesto Pasta Recipe

Our daughter, Hope, just arrived home late yesterday afternoon for the first time since leaving for her first year at college last month. Yay! Originally I had planned on having a new recipe ready to share today, one involving shrimp, but that was delayed by her request upon walking through the door. She had asked earlier in the week if we could go out for Mexican, but once she walked through the door she requested her favorite shrimp and pasta dish, Creamy Pesto Pasta with shrimp. Of course I obliged. I’ll choose pasta over Mexican any day of the week.

That new recipe will have to wait. No problem.

So I thought I’d highlight her favorite pasta dish since it was so long ago when it was originally published here. When I say long ago, I mean like the first couple of weeks of my foray into the world of blogging in August 2009. Way back before I knew how to take pictures of food. Way back when.

I really should get around to reshooting this fabulous recipe to show it in it’s full glory. I’ve had ample opportunity to reshoot it as often as we make it. For some reason, grabbing my camera is the last thing on my mind. Grabbing a fork is another story. This delicious pasta dish disappears right before your eyes.

Creamy Pesto Pasta Recipe

Anyway, this Creamy Pesto Pasta dish is still a family favorite after all of that time. This pasta dish can be made in less than thirty minutes and never ceases to satisfy. It’s comfort food at it’s best.

Creamy Pesto Pasta Recipe

I hope you enjoy this pasta dish as much as we have over the years.