Playing with the Magisto App

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a fun new app called Magisto while searching for a video app to create a video for another project, and stumbled across Magisto. I immediately was smitten and found myself a little sidetracked playing with this new toy app. Magisto is not only fun, but easy. Just select video clips and photos from your photo library, along with a theme and a music selection, plus a title, and POOF! Magisto magically creates a movie by mixing them all together. It’s a bit of a surprise to see what they create. Check it out.

Here’s a recent video created with clips and photos I took while traveling back home a couple of days ago.

So easy and fun! It’s like magic!

Magisto will be at BlogHer PRO ’13 October 22-23. Visit their space at the conference to learn more.

I made this video as part of a sponsored program for BlogHer and Magisto.