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Easy Creamy Flan Recipe

Sharing about one of my favorite new cookbooks today. You may remember me mentioning Pam Anderson and one of her cookbooks, Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great. Pam’s newest cookbook, Perfect One-Dish Dinners: All You Need For Easy Get-Togethers is now on the shelves ready to make taste buds all across the land dance with joy.

What I like about Pam’s recipes in all of her books, is that they are approachable, tested, tried, and true. And Perfect One-Dish Dinners: All You Need For Easy Get-Togethers is no exception. The recipes that Pam offers in this cookbook enable you to get a scrumptious meal for a group going, and still have time to primp, wash the dog or hide all the unfolded clothes in your closet before company arrives. And even better, Pam pairs appetizers, salads, desserts, and even wine suggestions with each main dish recipe. How cool is that?

Yesterday, for our Sunday dinner, I tried the Rioja Beef, with Chickpeas, Peppers, and Saffron. And I’m glad I did.

It was tempting me, and no wonder. Who could pass up a rich beef stew, accented with a combination of savory seasonings, and colorful peppers? Seriously yum. And seriously simple. Seriously.

As an appetizer we had the Sautéed Chorizo Bites with Sweet and Sour Fig Sauce.  A tad bit of improvisation was called for since I didn’t purchase the dried chorizo (which Pam clearly noted), but instead the refrigerated kind. That didn’t work so well. It kinda fell apart and is now waiting to be used in another dish. But all was not lost! I was able to sauté regular smoked sausage in the chorizo renderings.

It was a tasty bite that didn’t last long around here.

On to the dessert … I have to ooh and ahh and little here, so please forgive me. The recommended sweet ending to this meal was a Creamy Flan Recipe. Before yesterday, I’d never made flan before. And I have to admit, I was more than a little apprehensive that the flan would flop. And floppy flan is no good.

Creamy Flan Recipe

But it worked. I can’t believe it. I can make flan that actually looks like flan, and tastes like flan. And you can too! Seriously, Pam’s recipes are solid. So if you plan a bunch of get-togethers or are looking for a great cookbook to give as a gift be sure to check out Perfect One-Dish Dinners: All You Need For Easy Get-Togethers. I think you’ll be happy you did.

You’ll find the full flan recipe right here: Easy Creamy Flan Recipe

Creamy Flan Recipe

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