Thank you for visiting. This giveaway has ended.

Hey y’all! We have a winner for the itty bitty nest drawing. After reading all of your comments about your favorite little (and some big) birds, I really wish I could sit down and draw one for every single one of you. But, my eyes wouldn’t make it. Just curious, would you be interested in me showing you how to draw your own nest? My wheels are turning…

Now, on to the winner!

The winner of an itty bitty nest drawing is…

ValRae who said…

“A hummingbird is my favorite. I love watching them zooming back and forth gathering nectar from the flowers. We used to have one the nested in one of our trees and sometimes we could see it’s eggs. So great!”

Yea ValRae! I’ll be contacting you about what nest to send your nest to.

Thanks everyone for sharing yourselves with me. I love reading your ideas and thoughts.

And let me know if you’d like to learn how to draw your own nest. If I can figure out how to show you, I will.

Hugs and kisses!