Foodie friends please don’t disown me. I gotta keep it real. And real around here lately has been one long ride on the crazy train.

Where we live is conveniently located in between 3 towns – about 15-20 minutes from each, creating one big triangle. It’s convenient in that we can usually find what we’re looking for in at least one of the three towns. But what has been a booger lately is that all of our spring time activities, practices, rehearsals, and just general end of the school year stuff are spread out among the three towns.

So, even though each destination may only be 20 minutes, when you have to go to 2 or more of the vertices of the triangle, it makes for a long day. Not smart planning on my part. But in the last weeks “planning ahead” has meant what’s happening in the next hour or so.

My chauffeur hat definitely needs some rest.

“I will survive! I will survive! Hey, hey! …”


Anyway, needless to say, the meal planning around here has been nil to none. That would also explain my lack of regular recipe posts lately. But they’re coming! I promise. Don’t worry, we’ve been eating, and I’ve been cooking, but it’s usually rushed and thrown together.

What I want to mention today are a few prepared foods I’ve been grabbing for snacks on the road. Yes, they’re pre-packaged. And yes, I know, there are simple, quick fixes I can make at home for times like these.

I feel I’ve failed my foodie friends that daily offer up simple, healthy options. Like homemade White Chocolate Cherry Granola, from Jessica at How Sweet It Is, that I’ve been meaning to make since first laying my eyes on it.

Maybe this time next year I’ll be better prepared, but for now I’d like to show you some of the snacks that I’ve been happy to have on hand. Please note that no one has paid me, sweet talked me, or given me free stuff to mention these products. They’re just things I’ve found, and like, so I thought I’d share them with you.

First off are these nut mixes from Planter’s, called Nut-rition.

I like the Omega 3 mix and Energy combo the best. They’re nutty, and crunchy and a little chocolatey too.

Next, these little triangle of cheese surprised me.

They’re The Laughing Cow® spreadable cheese wedges in Light Original Swiss. I’d never had them before a couple of weeks ago but yuuuum! Spread on a cracker or just eat it alone and it hits the spot. Seriously satisfying for such a little bite, or two.

More triangles. I literally ran through the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner between dropping one kid and heading to pick up another and grabbed a bag of these, riceworks® Sweet Chili gourmet brown rice crisps.

What a big surprise. They’re gluten free, with no preservatives, and full of flavor and crunch. My new favorite chip.

Now this final combo was a really desperate attempt at meeting a late afternoon craving when home for a few minutes. The ginger snaps were recently purchased for a pie shell that I’ve yet to get around to making, and the Nutella has been a regular item in our pantry for a while.

No doubt that Nutella on a stick probably tastes great, but you’ve gotta try this combo.

Well, that’s all. Hope I’ve not been too much of a bad influence. I’m hoping to have some more real food recipes up soon!

Do you ever have those weeks (or months) when you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off or am I the only one? Any favorite snack foods for those times? Do tell.

(Again, I’ve not been bought, coerced, threatened, or brain washed into mentioning any of these products. I just like em.)