Meet Larry.

Larry is a leopard gecko. Larry’s real name is Licky but I can’t stand the thought of him licking things (and he does, man – he can lick his eyeball) so I call him Larry.

Since Christmas, Larry is the newest addition to our family. It’s all quite ironic as I’ve pronounced many a time that no reptiles – unless in the form of shoes or handbags – would be allowed in the house. But he’s here. Larry is here.

Larry belongs to my son, Hank, and lives securely in his room except for when he comes to the kitchen for an impromptu photo shoot. I don’t know if leopard geckos jump. He looks like he could jump. Larry, I swanny, if you jump on me that’ll be the last of your licky self, that’s for sure.

Larry eats mealworms and live crickets, will grow to be about 8 or 9″ long (unless he jumps on me), and likes to lick his eyeballs. See ya later Larry.

So, tell me, what have you had to retract after saying “never, no never” to?

Oh come on, you can tell.