Generally I don’t consider myself a vain person. I suppose none of us do though.

Except for the hair. Last spring I began losing lots of hair, all of a sudden. Lots. Whether due to hormones, chemicals in the water, styling, or a combination of all the above, I’ll never know. What I do know is that I was freaking out.

A bunch.

I have much more understanding and compassion for women who experience hair loss. I can’t even imagine. Mine was temporary, and only slight compared to those ladies going through chemotherapy or other, more permanent hair loss situations. Sending out much love to those ladies.

Like I said, mine is doing much better now. Thank goodness it began growing back, creating whole sections of short hairs all over that I’d have to conceal in one way or another. But, again, thankfully, it’s growing back. I figure I’ve got about six more months for it to be back to a more normal state.

Since the hair loss first began, I’ve tried all kinds of hair products, vitamins, and other treatments to help, but the biggest change has been from using a line of hair care products recommended by a very well known blogging friend. I won’t drop names, but let’s just say she has lovely hair.

She mentioned that getting a whole house water filter helped a ton, and then told me about Kerastase hair products, warning me of how pricey they were. We’re looking into the water filter, but in the meantime, I immediately began researching about Kerastase. It is pricey, but after reading tons of wonderful reviews I placed an order and waited daily for it to arrive.

Let me say that I don’t tend to place a lot of confidence in cosmetics in general. As far as makeup goes, if I can’t find it at the drug store, or Tarjay, I probably don’t own it or have never heard of it. I think most products are full of hype, and backed with mega advertising dollars. And have been quite pleased many a time with $5 lipstick.

But this Kersatse… I don’t know what’s in it, but whatever it is, it’s good stuff. I immediately felt a change in my hair. After using it now for over a month, I’ve seen a gradual change in the texture and strength of my hair. And I want to tell everyone I know about it.

Yes, it was a pretty penny. And yes, I’ve found it’s worth every pretty penny, because for me it works. Works mighty fine indeed. And it smells so loverly. My husband and my son tell me quite often, how nice my hair smells.

FYI – I’ve been using the Kerastase Resistance Bain Age Recharge Lipo Replenishing Shampoo, the Masque Age Recharge, and the Resistance Volumactive Volume Expansion Spray. I use the Masque Age Recharge as a daily conditioner for a couple of minutes, and once or twice a week as the full 5 minutes masque.

Have any new beauty product to rave about? Do share.

(And no, Kerastase didn’t pay me to say these things or even send me a free bottle of shampoo, although that would be excellent.)