I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away now. Time to get to meal planning, and fast! Perusing some dessert recipes I landed on the Mini Apples Pies I made when I first began blogging, along with some other desserts that are perfect for the holiday menu.

These Mini Apple Pies are such a fun twist on the regular apple pie. Made in muffin tins using a basic pie crust, filled with your favorite apple filling or apple crisp (recipe below). Using pie crust scraps, I made little leaves to add to top of pies.

They couldn’t be easier. And they’re so cute!

Mini Apple Pies need some friends to share the dessert buffet with, don’t ya think? Here are a few of my other favorites for Thanksgiving celebrations:

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie doesn’t last long in our home. It’s dangerous, y’all, but totally worth it.

Pecan Pie Muffins that I made for Tasty Kitchen a while back double as a dangerous dessert or breakfast muffin. They are super easy, and really do taste like pecan pie. Try em. Soon. (There’s a link for the full recipe over at Tasty Kitchen.)

Wanting a simple dessert that serves a bunch? Praline Cake Squares are the ticket. You may want to go ahead and make two pans. Just sayin. 😉

Now I’m getting hungry for all things dessert. How about you? For more tasty treats, perfect for the upcoming holiday season, check out these 8 Gourmet Desserts from CookingLight.com.

I look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with family this year, but I want to thank you for always stopping by to share you comments and good ideas. I’d love nothing more to share a pecan pie with you one day. xoxoxo

Mini Apple Pie Recipe Link