Last week we visited my in-laws in NC, and found my mother-in-law’s beauty of a lilac specimen full of blossoms. One big happy lilac bush for sure. I want it. I want many. I have lilac envy.


If I lived close enough, her lilac would somehow mysteriously become bare of all fragrant blossoms in the night.


I’ve been pining for peonies and now I’m adding lilacs to the list. Lovely lilac lined plans are churning away. I’m looking into it. This is what I’ve found so far…
Lilacs like:

  • well drained soil, with pH of 6.0-7.0
  • full sun
  • grows most favorable in USDA plant hardiness zones 3-7

For some reason I’ve always thought that lilacs were difficult to grow, but after some light reading it doesn’t seem so. It sounds like it takes a few years to get them established, but after that, they are hardy and flourish under the right conditions. So, now to find the spot, and prepare it for lilacs come fall. And maybe some peonies too.

I stumbled across this poem called “Stealing Lilacs” by Alice N. Persons. Thought you may enjoy it. I did.

Do you grow lilacs or another lovely flowering bush?

Hope you’re enjoying spring!