This little lady waltzed into my life this weekend. While I was cooking it took up residence on this blue cup. I’ve never seen one of these…have you? It’s an ash grey ladybug, I think. After making it to the top of this cup it walked around and around…and around and around and around…


{“You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round round round…” Name that song and/or band.}

And she kept on goin’, that little bug. I began to wonder if she was a stupid bug or if she just liked circles.

Then I was reminded of my tendencies as of late…to get sidetracked and find myself in my own circles going around and around and around… Anyway, I don’t know if it’s my age, too much on my plate, too little on my plate, lack of an essential vitamin or mineral, my age, the fact that I can’t finish a thought before the phone rings or someone or something interrupts me, or maybe it’s my age.

I’m looking into the vitamin thing ’cause I don’t think it could possibly have anything to do with my age.

Back to the ladybug…


As I said, this is the first ash grey ladybug I’ve ever seen that I can remember. At first I was thinking it was some freak, albino, genetically mutated ladybug. The entomologist that I’m not, I googled it.

My research found that they don’t typically domicile in clean, well kept homes as they feast on mites, dust bunnies and boogers. We don’t have no boogers ’round here – unless you count Jake…


or Sam…


and that Sam’s a wooly booger for sure.

But I did just see one of them ash grey ladybug’s ridin’ down the hall on a dust bunny – yee haw! And out of great concern that they may be endangered, I have decided to hold off any further dusting until I hear otherwise.

I do what I can for the planet.

[The accuracy of these statements has not be evaluated by a team of independent experts, dependent experts, or co-dependent experts and is only from the personal research and observations of one lame housekeeper. Thank you and have a nice day.]