I found it on Pinterest.

Some of my Pinterest boards.

There are so many places online to find inspiration these days. I used to have pages and pages ripped from my favorite magazines for recipes, wall colors, garden designs, hairstyles, table settings, wedding ideas, kitchen layouts, birthday party themes. You name it. Pages and pages were (and some still are) crammed here and there, not filed, not organized in any way shape or form. I’m sure you’d be so very impressed with my general organizational skills. Um … not so much.

So when Pinterest popped up with millions of ideas (for free!) at my fingertips, AND a way to organize them, otherwise known as “pinning” them, onto “boards” I was more than tickled.

Are you on Pinterest? I am. Sometimes maybe too much. It can be quite addicting. I’ll pop on there to find ideas for plantings in a new flower bed, then end up wanting to make paper flowers because, ya know, there may be sometime I need to know how to make paper flowers. (They’d make a cute centerpiece for Easter, wouldn’t they?)

I found it on Pinterest.Paper flower making ideas I found on Pinterest. Pretty, aren’t they?

There are a couple of ideas I’ve seen which have spurred on real projects here in our home. Like this table setting shown in the center “pin” now filed under my Entertain : Inspiration board.

I found it on Pinterest.

I was able to recreate the style of the old wooden board centerpiece when we hosted supper club here last summer.

I found it on Pinterest.

It was super easy and doable.

Currently we have one mini project in the works. One of our dreams is to someday have a music/library room. I started a Music & Library room board on Pinterest a while ago full of all kinds of cool rooms. I even started thinking about converting our dining room into a music room, but thought otherwise.

Now after being here for 5+ years, our whole downstairs needs major painting to freshen up. These two pins in particular gave me the idea to use the end of one of our hallways as a place to hang some of our stringed instruments.

I found it on Pinterest.

We have several guitars, a banjo, a mandolin, and dreams of more. Right now they’re all over the house in stands, cases, and hanging on walls.

I found it on Pinterest.

This place at the end of the hall will provide a way to have them up and out of the way, but not out of sight. Because we’ve found that out of sight, and not easy to access is never good for budding musicians.

I found it on Pinterest.

I’ve marked the wall for studs, and have drawn outlines of a few guitars on the wall for placement to make sure everything will fit. We’ve hung a couple just to see if it will work. Later this week I plan on painting the wall a dark grayish brown, and then letting my husband finish up by installing the instrument hangers/hook thingies. I’ll try to remember to share the finished project later on.

I’m not sure why I never thought of that solution before. Like so many other things, after seeing the idea on Pinterest, it seems so obvious. Guess that’s how it’s supposed to work though, huh?

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, check it out sometime.

But don’t say I didn’t warn ya. 😉

Happy pinning!