My husband thinks I’m anal.

(I think that’s pretty lame.)

Just because I fold my towels so they will all stack up the same?

Some people have clean houses –

with no dust to be found.

As long as the towels stack up straight, dust bunnies can keep hoppin’ around.

Okay, talking about lameness, this post? Pretty lame. But seriously folks is it too much to ask that the towels be folded all the same way? My husband, and now my kids, do a lot of folding, so I really don’t care how they’re folded so much anymore (and believe me, there are many ways people recommend to fold towels), just as long as they’re folded and folded alike.

I know it’s silly. But I want them to match.

I want them to stack neatly in the cabinet – be straight and uniform. I suppose I should be happy that they’re folded and put away at all, straight or not. I’ll work on that, but in the meantime let me show you what I mean.

See…the same.


Can you tell?

Sure you can. The results above are from two folding approaches. Here’s number one…

And here’s the second folding technique…


Did you see the difference? I know you did. Now, is it anal that one would start a job or task in one fashion and continue in that same fashion throughout the task?

No. I think not.

On the contrary, I think that it’s just plain haphazardness on the part of a towel folder to start folding towels one way and switch to another technique. Why would you do that? Why? The horrors!

So, please, for me, fold your towels all the same way – whatever way you choose, just so it’s the same for each and every single towel. They deserve at least that much.

Now I’m curious, how do you fold your towels?

Hey Hope! Come here and show me how you fold your towels. I’m taking a poll.

You’re doing a grand job sugah pie…

Lookin’ good!


Hey Hope, sweet child of mine, you wanna fold the rest of the pile?




Shoot. I thought I snagged her for a while. She’s slick and fast.

And gone.

So, again, how do you fold your towels?

Are they neatly stacked all in the same direction? Do you fold in half and half and half? Or thirds? Or are you a ruler measuring towel foldererer?