This bright and crisp Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer recipe will add a happy touch to any meal or celebration. It’s easy to prepare ahead and keep refrigerated until ready to serve on that hot summer day.

Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer Recipe

Before handling our bountiful lemon balm problem, I made sure to harvest bunches of the happy herb for a refreshing batch of Honey Lemon Balm Spritzers, adapted from a recipe I found in the August 2011 issue of Bon Appetit, one of my favorite magazines to peruse poolside with a refreshing drink just like this one.

The ingredients are simple, although, around here, lemon balm can sometimes be a little difficult to find in grocery stores. But, not all is lost! If fresh lemon balm is not available at your local grocer, grow some of your own. Just make sure to do so in a pot of course. Learn from my mistake on that one, please. Also you may like to try substituting mint, for a minty lemonade that’s sure to put a spring back in your step on a hot summer’s day. If growing your own lemon balm is not an option, I’ve found that many grocery stores will take specific requests for new items to carry. It never hurts to ask.

Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer Recipe

This beverage recipe is so easy. A little mixing, muddling, and waiting is all that is required for this sparkly and happy drink. It can easily be made ahead of time, with the sparkling water being added just before serving.

Honey Lemon Balm SpritzerHoney Lemon Balm Spritzer

The recipe shown below is for a non-alcoholic version. If you’re interested in an alcoholic version, add an ounce (or more) of whatever light liquor tickles your fancy to each drink.

Using fresh herbs in beverages is always a nice change of pace, and especially good and refreshing for those warm summer days. Do you have any favorite summer beverage recipes that use fresh herbs to that you could share? Please do. I’d love to check it out! Plus, I’ve still got a patch of lemon balm, along with many other herbs, that I’m looking for creative ways to use.

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Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer Recipe

Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer Recipe

Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer Recipe

Yield: Makes 48 ounces.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

A refreshing drink made with lemon balm and honey.


  • 1/2 cup honey (orange blossom or other citrus blossom honey is nice for this recipe)
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1/2 cup lime or lemon juice (or combination of the two)
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 cup lemon balm, lightly packed (substitute mint leaves for a minty version)
  • lime or lemon slices
  • 2 cups cold sparkling water
  • optional: 1 ounce/per serving of light liquor (rum, gin, or St. Germain to name a few)


  1. In a large pitcher, mix honey and warm water until honey combined.
  2. Add lime/lemon juice, and 1 cup cold water. Mix well.
  3. Crush lemon balm and add to mixture. Using a muddle or wooden spoon handle, smash lemon balm in bottom of pitcher. Add lime/lemon slices and refrigerate mixture until chilled (about an hour).
  4. Once chilled, add 2 cups of cold sparkling water. Stir.
  5. Pour through a strainer into individual glasses over crushed ice.
  6. Garnish beverages with lemon balm leaves and citrus slices
  7. For alcoholic version, stir in 1 oz. of light liquor to each glass.


Adapted from Bon Appetit August 2011.

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Originally posted April 26, 2012. Updated April 1, 2015.