Craving pizza? Plan a pizza night at home. This Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe will become your new favorite for pizza night. Watch it disappear right before your eyes, quicker than you can slice it up!

Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe |

In the scheme of all things pizza, I have my regular favorites, mushroom and hamburger come to mind. I can tend to get pretty stuck on the same thing, especially when it comes to food. We regularly have homemade pizza night, and set out a spread of ingredients to make a variety of our favorites. Three combos usually make the final cut: a basic, yet hard to beat, Margherita Pizza (another one of my favorites), BBQ Chicken Pizza, and this sneaky good (and good is quite the understatement) Bird Dog Pizza.

If you’re not familiar with The Southern Bird Dog, it’s a fried chicken tender snuggled in a hot dog bun, along with some bacon, honey mustard, and a bit of cheese. It sounds odd enough, for sure, but the combination is quite satisfying: a soft bun contrasted with crispy bacon and a crunchy chicken tender, mingling with zesty honey mustard, and melty cheese … so very good indeed! (Of course, we’re not talking health food here, folks.)

Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe | shewearsmanyhats.comHomemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe |

This Bird Dog Pizza recipe is the basic Bird Dog recipe in pizza form. We discovered the Bird Dog pizza at a favorite local pizza restaurant outside of Greenville, SC. It’s our son’s favorite one to order. He would order it every single time we’d get take out. And every single time I sort of cringed thinking of how odd it seemed. That is until I tried it myself during that one very satisfying homemade pizza night a couple of weeks ago. No more cringing from me. No sirree bobtail. I couldn’t believe how unbelievable the combination was in pizza form. We were all fighting for the last piece. I think it’s the zesty, tangy honey mustard that adds that something special. And, obviously, bacon.

Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe |

Since then we’ve made this crazy tasty pizza a couple of more times right at home. I guarantee it will be a regular feature for our future homemade pizza nights. Definitely. Try it yourself. I think it’ll become a favorite for your crowd too! Plan a homemade pizza night soon and make this easy and totally satisfying Bird Dog Pizza part of the lineup. But be prepared, you may have orders for take out.

Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe |

Making pizza at home is so much fun to do, especially with a group of friends or family, but there are a few simple tools that can help make it much easier:

  • Pizza Peel: A wooden pizza peel makes it easy to slide pizza on and off and on to the grate.
  • Pizza Stone: A sturdy pizza stone will help the crust cook evenly. It can be used in an oven or grill.
  • Pizza Cutter: A good pizza cutter OR multi-purpose kitchen shears are handy when it comes to cutting pizza.
  • Corn Meal: Even though corn meal really isn’t a tool, we have found it handy dandy when making pizza crust. With a bit of corn meal sprinkled on the peel, the crust easily slides off to bake, plus it adds a little bit of crunch too.

Ever grilled pizza? It’s our favorite way to cook pizza at home.

Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe |

Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe

Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe |

Homemade Bird Dog Pizza Recipe

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

This tasty pizza may surprise you! It's a crowd pleaser and can be made right at home.


  • pizza dough, enough for 2 crusts, approximately 10-inches each
  • about 2 teaspoons olive oil (just enough to brush on crusts)
  • 1/2 cup honey mustard
  • 1 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella, divided
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 4 pieces fried bacon
  • 4 ounces roasted chicken, shredded and/or cut up (about 3/4 cup)


  1. Preheat grill or oven to 600-degrees F.
  2. Prepare pizza crusts.
  3. Brush pizza crusts with olive oil.
  4. Divide honey mustard between crusts and spread evenly. Repeat with 1 cup of the cheeses, bacon, and chicken.
  5. Evenly spread the remaining 1/2 cup cheese on top of pizzas.
  6. Place pizzas on a pizza stone or directly on grate and bake for 600-degrees F for about 8 minutes or until done.

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Originally published July 15, 2014.