Handy Dandy Tips is a new series where tips and tools for around the home will be regularly featured. I hope you enjoy this first edition and stay tuned for new ones to come. And if you have any handy dandy tips to share, please do! I’m all about learning new things to make life a bit easier, aren’t you?

When it comes to tools, in the kitchen or otherwise, I do appreciate a multi-tasker. Storage space is usually limited. I can certainly tell you that ours are overflowing, when only half of their contents is really used on a regular basis. So when a tool is handy and works for more than one job, it’s a keeper for sure.

cookie scoop tip

This Handy Dandy Tip was shared with me a few years back. I remember my friend, and experienced cookie baker, Jennifer told me about using a cookie scoop when making cookies for baking up perfectly uniform cookies. I didn’t think much of it at the time, except it was just another thing to take up space in my junky drawers. But I finally bought one, and man, was she ever right. It makes cookie making fast and fun. Not that I need any excuses to make baking cookies more fun. It is cookies that were talking about here.

With this handy tool cookie dough can be quickly scooped to uniform size.

making cookies with a cookie scoop cookie scoop for making cookiesmaking cookies

Not only can these scoops, that come in a variety of sizes, be used for cookies, but they work quite well for divvying up batter for cupcakes, muffins, thicker waffle and pancake batter. And, of course,  we can’t forget ice cream. It’s perfectly scooped with this handy dandy tool too.

I now own a couple of scoops in different sizes a smaller one for cookies and mini muffins and a larger one for ice cream and cupcakes. My favorite scoop that has been durable and works likes a charm, is the OXO Medium Cookies Scoop (1 1/2 tablespoon). It has a nice comfy grip too, which comes in handy if you’re making a mountain of cookies, or muffins, or cupcakes, or a ton of ice cream cones.

So if you don’t already own a scoop, consider purchasing one, or if you have a friend that has one, see if you can take their’s for a test run. I think you’ll find it a handy dandy tool for sure.

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