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Today, I wanted to share a quick photography tip. Please note, I’m not a professional. I’m learning as I go, just like many of you. Some things work. And some just don’t. But the little handy dandy tip I’m about to share works like a charm for me, time and time again.

Recently I shot a series of photos for a post for Tasty Kitchen on How to Open A Pomegranate. Maybe you noticed them? Fruit and veggies are always one of my favorite foods to photograph. The colors and shapes are rich and alluring on their own, which make it easier to create a great image. Even so, sometimes, even with the most perfect subject, the lighting sometimes needs a bit of help.

Plus, I have to admit, my kitchen is bathed in natural light, which for the most part, is mighty nifty. Yet, there are those times when the light is so harsh, it’s difficult to manage. Below shows my setup for the pomegranate photos.

(Please overlook the messiness. You’ll also notice the heart pine surface my husband made for me. Man, I love that man.)

It’s a pretty typical set-up I use for quick food shots. Notice the window? That’s handy dandy inexpensive white tissue paper taped to the window.

(Just how many times can one cram the words “handy” and “dandy” in one post?)

I have a wall of windows that offer light at just about any given point of the day. But as I said, it can be harsh, and also leave strips of shadows across the subject due to the grille/muntin bars from the window.

A simple fix is the tissue paper.



Taped to each window, or just certain ones, I can control the light and create one huge light box in my kitchen. Here it shows tissue on only one window which in this setup is diffusing the back light, with the side light not being diffused. I could have easily diffused both directions of light for a different look as well. Other times, I’ll have all four windows taped up with tissue paper. It really does create a lovely diffused light.

And it’s cheap.

And it’s handy. And dandy.

Not-to-mention, it travels well.

Maybe you just cruised through a local drive-thru only to have the bestest cheeseburger ever? Want to catch a shot of it before it disappears? Grab your handy dandy tissue and tape to create a light box in your own car. Or maybe you’re traveling, and room service delivered one fine omelet that is looking a tad bit blown out in that early morning hotel light. You’re in luck! Grab that tissue and tape up what you need to capture the most perfect omelet shot ever.

It’s handy like that.

Try it out sometime and let me know how it works for you.

Have any simple photography tips to pass along? I’d love to hear em. I’m learning something new every day.