For the past two years I’ve failed to send out Christmas cards. I’d like to be able to tell ya that it’s ’cause I’m trying to be green or frugal. But no. It’s just plain slackness on my part.

But it is nice to know…

that Santa is setting a good example for us all…

by driving a cute little fuel efficient car while we barrel down the road in our American-made-with-no-bail-out-money truck.

You rock Santa.

So friends and family, old and new, please accept this glad tiding post in lieu of a traditional Christmas card.

I’ll try harder next year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

Before you go, since we’re talking green and everything, what do you do with old Christmas cards? Do you make cute ornaments out of them? Do you frame ’em up all purty and nice? Do you build a fire, have s’mores and call it a year? Do tell.