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Photo credit: Bill McSweeny

Our  Go Savor™ Culinary Retreat in Savannah, Georgia was absolutely amazing! The “Hostess City of The South” certainly didn’t disappoint with her beautiful weather, fountains dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, and fun local bakeries, shops, and cafes to explore.  Here are a few highlights from our retreat.


Attendees left the weekend learning techniques from professional photographers  Helene Dujardin and Bill McSweeny for using artificial lighting in food photography followed by behind the scenes lessons from  professional food stylist Tami Hardeman and Helene. Learning how to make every shot look just as delicious as it tastes was a special treat.

Photo credits: Julie of The Little Kitchen and Gwen of Bunky Cooks


Attendees enjoyed our signature feature of gathering together in the kitchen. The weekend featured recipes with ingredients and using materials from our Go Savor Culinary Retreat sponsors Jarlsberg cheese, The Fresh Market, Wild Hibiscus, Savannah Bee Company, Woolwich Dairy, MetroKitchen, BlendTec, and Lodge Cast Iron.

Check out this signature drink called The Savannah Sling using Wild Hibiscus that we enjoyed during the retreat. Quite tasty.

Photo Credit: Helene Dujardin

To top it off, Cheryl and Griffin Day from Back in the Day Bakery shared their tasty sweet and savory treats of cupcakes, cookies, fresh baked breads throughout the weekend.


Participants received an up close and private tour of Savannah Bee Company where they learned the ins and outs of bee keeping, were able to have a taste of fresh honey, and enjoy the bounty of these busy little fellas.

And more…

We took hundreds of photos and hours of video throughout the weekend that we’re editing to share with you all in the next few weeks. In the mean time, many of the attendees share their experience with our Go Savor™ Culinary Retreat in Savannah on their blogs that we know you will enjoy reading.

The Little Kitchen

Mele Cotte

Bunky Cooks

I Am Tickled Red

Be sure to check out the attendee list and our gracious sponsors. Please contact us for more information about partnering with a Go Savor Culinary Retreat.