Cookouts, fireworks, dirty feet, summer camp, fireflies, giggling cousins, and lots of sunscreen means summer is here.

It’s a busy time full of fun, but boy does it fly by. Summer for us is a time for getting refreshed, re-energized, and recharged, but that can easily get lost in the hectic schedules we allow to bog us down.

So with our children already in high school (whoa), we’re trying to be very intentional about carving out time for our family to spend quality down time together before school starts in the fall. And what better way to refresh than to get away from the laundry, yard work, and other daily routines with a family vacation full of fun.

Of course in addition to all the fun activities a vacation offers, favorite summer foods are a big part of our family vacations and downtime. Homemade ice cream, juicy watermelon, or a crisp cool drink can’t be beat, especially during the heat. An all-time favorite for me has been ginger ale.

From a young age I remember coming in from a fun day at the beach to find a cool, sparkly glass of ginger ale waiting for me. Its refreshing crispness hit the spot like no other — the perfect way to cap off a wonderful day and cool off.

To this day, no other drink says “happy” or “comfort” for me like ginger ale does.

I get on a plane headed for a special destination, I order ginger ale. Out for a special dinner with my family, I order ginger ale. It’s a happy drink for sure. And refreshing? Definitely.

I’d love to hear how you’re going to get refreshed this summer. What plans do you have? A special trip? A grand event? A personal goal met? Do share.

And remember, time will flee if you don’t grab it now. Happy summer!