No this isn’t about that cheesy song from the 80’s. Sorry, I’m a great fan of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, but you have to agree, it was cheesy.


No this post is about a weekend project.  We dismantled an old piano this weekend. And when I say “we”, I mean my husband. He had a little assistance from our son. I just took pictures.


The piano had seen better days. We purchased it a little over a year ago with hopes that it would just take a little tuning and minor repairs but no such luck. A professional checked it out and said we had a dud. Darn. It was lovely. An old upright; walnut, with a carved front.

After much regret we decided we needed to part with our bad purchase and chalk it up to a lesson learned. So we told everyone about the free piano that could either be used for parts or as-is, because it did have a great genuine honky tonk saloon sound that you just can’t find anywhere. No takers. Or should I say suckers.


So we decided to dismantle it and maybe use the parts. It was interesting to watch the piano being dismembered. The innards were fascinating.



Oh look, a 10 year warranty. It says…

“This is to certify that this piano is manufactured by us of the best materials and by the most skilled workmen and is fully warranted for any defect in workmanship and materials not caused by exposure to extreme heat, cold or dampness.”

If that wouldn’t have sold me back then, that naked, cherub, guitar player would’ve spurred me on for sure.

I can only imagine the hours, skill and craftsmanship that went into making this former gem. Not-to-mention the hands that made it sing. But now, this is what remains.

piano7piano8This must’ve been one of the sticking keys.



Isn’t this a beautiful panel? This was what we both fell in love with.


I love to repurpose and think it’s the best form of recycling. Wonder what may come of this pile of remnants? Maybe the money we originally put into the piano won’t be a total bust.

So tell me, what do you see emerging from this mess?

And what is your favorite way to repurpose or what have you repurposed in a creative way?

My wheels are turning…