The dust around this place is out of control. It’s taking over and I’m about ready to call the law. Call the law, I say!

I blame it on a big yellow lab and our poorly skilled housekeeper. She needs a talkin’ to.


Self, get to work!

Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.

For now I thought I’d write a poem about it. It’s called “Dust.”


There are things that come around,
But then they go away,
And things that no matter what I do they always want to stay.

I find it in the corner,
Then on the ceiling fans,
And even inside the cabinets, which I just don’t understand.

I battle it in the morning,
I battle it late at night,
But every time I turn around it’s right back there in sight.

This particular particulate
Is determined to never leave,
I suppose I’ll welcome it with open arms to keep my sanity.

Maybe less poem writing, more house cleaning?

Maybe. Maybe not.

There’s another post I wrote a while ago that you may enjoy about dust, and ladybugs too. It’s called Ladybugs and Dust Bunnies. You may remember it?

Wishing you a joyful day full of whatever you may be doing, house cleaning, writing poetry, or watching ladybugs!