Daylilies are a happy bunch in the garden. When they start blooming around here mid-May, we know that summer is a comin’ round the bend. Our daylilies have recently faded for this year, but I know they’ll return, with more friends to spread their sunny cheer.

Soon after moving in to our new abode a couple of years ago, we were blessed with these vivacious, common Tawny Daylily transplants from family and friends. Daylilies are easy to grow. They’re hardy and adapt well to most soil types, are drought and heat tolerant and also thrive in full sun to light shade. There are over 60,000 varieties of daylilies. Some varieties even have edible parts.

One of my favorite things about daylilies is that they multiply like crazy, enabling division of plants. So you too can share the daylily love.

But since they multiply, make sure you’re ready for the commitment, because, once established, your daylilies will be around for a long, long time. Which is just fine with me.

Do you have any favorite flowers to share? Or do you grow any other varieties of daylilies? Please share – I enjoy reading and learning from you!