A list of ideas for Culinary Gifts for inspiring your holiday shopping.

A great selection of ideas for culinary gifts with a range of prices.

You may all complete with your shopping this holiday season, but if you’re not, and you’re looking for a few more gifts (or maybe you’re just now starting), here are some great ideas for Culinary Gifts in a wide range of prices. I’m sure you’ll find something that would be perfect for the foodie, home cook or newlyweds on your list.Cuisinart Griddler: My parents gave us one of these a few years back and it’s has been well-used. From paninis and grilled cheese, waffles, and even grilled chicken, this little appliance has been a useful part of our kitchen ever since receiving it.

Rolling Pin: Several years ago I stumbled on a marble rolling pin for a few dollars at an estate sale. It has been a great tool to have on hand for making pie crusts, sugar cookies and even a few crafty projects like Homemade Christmas Ornaments.

Food Scale: I never thought much about needing a food scale until I had one. Now when I find it indispensable. A slim food scale can be neatly hidden away in a drawer, out of sight until needed. They don’t cost much either!

Spiralizer: I don’t personally own one of these, but they sure do look pretty nifty. This kitchen tool cuts fruits and vegetables into spiral shapes noodles. Talk about an easy way to make low-carb pasta.

Cast Iron Skillet: A cast iron skillet was on last year’s list and there’s a reason for that. They are a must-have for any kitchen. I even bought our college-bound daughter this exact one to use in the dorm. They are multi-purpose with the ability to go from stove top, to oven, to grill. I think the best brownies are made with an iron skillet. At the very least, that’s a great reason to have one.

Oil Mister: These handy dandy misters make it easy to cook and eat a little lighter. Easily spritz a skillet or salad for a little flavor!

Tea Kettle: A brightly colored enameled tea kettle is not only functional but a bright spot in any kitchen.

Air Popcorn Maker: Quickly make your own healthier air-popped popcorn right at home with a popcorn maker like this one.

Vanilla Paste: I discovered vanilla pasta years ago and enjoy using it in baked goods, and especially homemade ice cream! It’s a tad more pricey so it makes a terrific gift for the baker in your life.

Espresso Powder: Espresso powder takes chocolate recipes to a new level. A little goes a long way so this little gift will make lots and lots of chocolate cakes.

Aged Balsamic Vinegar: Quality aged balsamic vinegar is a treat to have on hand. It makes salads pop like nothing else. The good stuff can be pricey so it makes a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life.

OXO Peeler: This may seem like a trivial gift, but this particular peeler makes any peeling task much easier. I’ve tossed many vegetable peelers over the years, in preference for a paring knife, but this peeler beats them all.

Frother: Quickly froth whipped cream for hot cocoa or your mocha with this little gadget. A good friend of mine brings one over for coffee time and it stays busy.

Pepper Mill: An excellent (and colorful) pepper mill is a must and will last a lifetime.

Immersion Blender: Puree soups, baby food, and smoothies in no time with a handy dandy immersion blender. They come in all kinds of fun colors too!

For more ideas that never go out of style in any kitchen, be sure to check the list I shared last year too: Gift Ideas for the Cook

And when you finish up your shopping and are in need of some gift tags, here are some free tags you can download to print out right now:

Happy shopping! And Merry Christmas!

A great selection of ideas for culinary gifts with a range of prices.

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