Recently we returned from a great time on family vacation in Belize. This was one of my favorite views during the week, a relaxing poolside with a few of these cool chairs here and there.

They’re called “clam chairs,” I guess because they fold up like a clam. They may look a little awkward, but are really surprisingly comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that we bought a pair as a Father’s Day gift for Randy while there. They should prove to be good guitar playing chairs.

Again, they’re called “clam chairs,” the man we purchased them from kept calling them something else that sounded like “cayo” chairs. I never could figure out what he was saying, but if you ask anyone from Belize about “clam chairs” they’ll know what you’re talking about.

The chairs are made from beautiful Belizean hardwoods. A variety of woods were used for these chairs, but many we saw while in Belize, including the ones at our resort, were all mahogany.

What wonderful craftsmanship.

They’re interesting and beautiful – like a piece of artwork on the patio.

The clam chairs are made for outdoor use and should weather quite nicely.

Like I said, the chairs fold down flat for easy storage or travel. Good thing too, because we were able to have them wrapped and checked on board our flight back home. Shipping them would have cost almost as much as the chairs. So, if you ever plan a trip to Belize, make sure to pack lightly so you can check a chair as baggage on the way back.

Have you added anything, or are looking to add anything, to your outdoor living space this year? If so, what? Some new patio furniture? A fountain? A hammock? Maybe some pink flamingos?