Sharing about my current favorite and what I’ve found to be the best nail polish system so far from Sephora.

Best Nail Polish Sephora Formula X

A few weeks back I was rushing around getting ready for a cruise with Princess Cruise lines on very short notice. I was so excited to be able to travel and spend some time with my sister so it didn’t matter that it was last minute. We planned out some excursions for our days ashore on Grand Cayman and Cozumel, as well as a visit to the onboard spa for some pampering that we were both looking forward to.

Suitcases were packed and I looked at my toes. Ick. I hardly had time to get my clothes ready much less take off to have a pedicure. Plus I really hate people messing with my feet.

So I decided I would tackle it on my own. I already had some last minute errands to run that included a stop by Sephora. While I was there I explained my predicament and asked the helpful sales lady to point me in the direction of the next best thing to a professional pedicure. She didn’t hesitate and showed me the Sephora Formula X line. She shared that she was a trained cosmetologist and knew from her experience that the set which includes a nail cleaner, base coat, a color of choice and top coat, was similar, if not exactly what would be used in a salon and that it was long-lasting and should last a good week or two at least. I grabbed it and left.

Now, first let me explain. I don’t do nails. I hate messing with stuff and especially stuff that doesn’t last, and with exception to maybe one professional pedicure that I recall years ago, nail polish has never lasted for any length of time for me. So you could say I wasn’t all that hopeful that this would be much better. But I tried it anyway. I did all the steps (which is a stretch for me). It wasn’t the best paint job, but it would do in a pinch.

Best Nail Polish Sephora Formula XBest Nail Polish Sephora Formula XWell … at almost 3 weeks post-cruise and my toenails were still pretty good looking! They stood up to the sand, and sea during the trip. I’m quite surprised to say the least. With a few dings where I rammed my toes into something as I always do, they pretty much look as good as they did when I painted them (plus the new growth area). Really. I’m planning on making a special trip back to the store just so I can thank the sweet salesperson that sold it to me. She was right on!

I bought the Formula X System set in store which comes with one color of choice for about $35, plus an additional color for about $10.  The total cost of all of it was less than one trip for a pedicure and manicure. That’s a win win in my book any day. As I said before, the set comes with 4 parts: the nail cleaner, base, coat, 1 color of choice, and a top coat. I chose an additional color.

Best Nail Polish Sephora Formula X

Speaking of if you’re looking for a true red the Fahrenheit is lovely. It’s a vibrant red without being orange or too pinkish, if you know what I mean (and looks great on toes). The other color, Enticing, is okay. It’s definitely one of those new neutrals that you should test with your skin color. It looks okay on me, but it’s not my favorite color. The Fahrenheit red is a classic, though. One that I will purchasing again.

Let me know if you try this nail polish system out, and how you like it. I’ll be trying it again and will report back here if anything changes with my opinion.


This is not a sponsored post for Sephora. I bought my own nail polish with my own money in a pinch.

Princess Cruise Lines paid for my trip and expenses. As always, all opinions are my own.