Baked Beans in Onions Bowls are a fun and easy way to serve BUSH’S® Baked Beans at your next cookout.

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Baked Beans in Onion Bowls

Whether you’re preparing for a regular weeknight meal or a big weekend summer cookout, if you bring these Baked Beans in Onions Bowls to the table you’ll be everyones favorite cook. Because even the pickiest of eaters and the fanciest of foodies love classic Baked Beans, especially when it’s our favorite BUSH’S® Baked Beans. These are not only a fun way to serve baked beans, but the onion actually imparts a bit of flavor to the beans, plus it smells fantastic while it’s cooking! There’s nothing better to perk up the appetite than roasting onions.

These are easier than you think to prepare. To make the onion bowls, peel the onion and cut a thin slice off of the root end so it will sit flatly. Don’t cut too much off just a sliver so it will sit upright. Next, using a paring knife or spoon carefully carve out the inside of an onion without going all the way through the bottom. Once you get one done the rest seem to go quickly. The onion bowls can be carved out ahead of time and kept covered and refrigerated until ready to cook.

Onion Bowls for baked beans shewearsmanyhats.comBaked Beans in Onions BowlsBaked Beans in Onion Bowls

When ready to cook, lightly coat the outside of the onion bowls with vegetable oil, place them on a baking sheet and fill them with your favorite BUSH’S® Baked Beans flavor. Two of our all-time favorites have been BUSH’S® Homestyle or Country Style, although the NEW BUSH’S® Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans are quickly becoming my favorite. They are the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Mighty delicious!

Randy and I grew up enjoying BUSH’S® Baked Beans year round at cookouts and gatherings of all kinds. Family-owned for over 100 years (with that secret family recipe), BUSH’S® Baked Beans have always proven to be a winner on our family dinner table. They’re consistently tasty and an easy side dish to always have stocked ready to go.

Once the onion bowls are filled, pop the pan in the oven or grill and bake until bubbly. Keep a watchful eye and lightly tent with aluminum foil if needed to avoid burning the tops of the beans.

Baked Beans in Onion Bowls

For more unique ways to use BUSH’S® Baked Beans, see how Chef Jeffrey Saad takes ho-hum to oh-yum over at Done This With Beans. You’ll find some tasty ideas!

Baked Beans in Onion Bowls Recipe

Baked Beans in Onion Bowls

Baked Beans in Onion Bowls Recipe

Yield: 6
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

A fun and unique way to serve baked beans.


  • 6 large sweet onions
  • vegetable oil
  • 28 ounces BUSH’S® Baked Beans


  1. To create onion bowls, peel onion leaving root end intact. Cut a sliver off of root end so onion will sit flat. Be careful to not cut too much off. The bottom of the onion needs to remain sealed. Cut opposite end of onion off. Use a paring knife and/or spoon to carefully carve out inside of onion, being careful not to carve through the bottom of the onion bowl. Lightly coat inside and outside of onion with vegetable oil. Onion bowls can be kept refrigerated, covered until ready to cook.
  2. When ready to cook preheat oven to 350-degrees F.
  3. Place onion bowls on baking sheet. Divide baked beans evenly between onion bowls. Bake at 350-degrees F until onions are bubbly. About 30 minutes. Be watchful for beans getting too dry or burning, and if needed lightly tent with aluminum foil.

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Baked Beans in Onion Bowls

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