gingerbread25A little over a week we headed out for a day trip to check out the National Gingerbread Competition entries on display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. The gingerbread is displayed throughout the inn, tucked in and around the many Christmas trees. We started our tour with a display sporting a wide array of gingerbread to enjoy (no eating, just looking).


Everything from a hamburger house…


To the perfect fairy tale castle with you-know-who climbing Rapunzel’s hair were on display.


Next we discovered a gingerbread farm this was one of the child winners I believe.


(Just so you know, my camera isn’t acting wonky many of these pictures were taken through plexiglass, and even though they’re not the best pictures, I wanted to share the talent of the many artist on display.)

Here’s a familiar friend.



Look at this little birdy perched on the roof of one of the teen winners houses. He’s so cute.


This windmill was impressive for sure. This was another teen winner (I think). Amazing.


The rows of tulips were darling.


And check out the little blue wooden shoes….awwwww.


The creativity of all the artist was really fun to see. This looks like Madeline, her friends and Ms. Clavel.


And here is a small portion of an impressive 12 days of Christmas display. Can you guess what it represents?


Four calling birds. Isn’t that the cutest?

And these little ballerinas are gonna have to hold that position for a while.


This is a part of one of my favorites…a book shop. Look at that little book mouse.


Impressive detail on the books.


And this little lantern…


It would seriously take me a year to do that little lantern. How do you make glass look like that out of sugar anyway? Anyone know?

Real talent around every sugared corner.

Here’s a Madonna and child.


And a bakery.


Another little birdy. Tweet! Tweet!


And grand prize winner…Two Turtle Doves.


gingerbread11Just beautiful.


I can’t even imagine how you even start something like that, much less finish it AND transport it?!?

I couldn’t hardly show you all of the pictures I took of all the wonderful gingerbread creations but if you’re ever in the Asheville area during Christmastime, stop by and see for yourself. There’s no charge to wander through the beautiful Grove Park Inn to admire the gingerbread.

Do you have any favorite places to visit during the Christmas season that you can tell us all about?