In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I asked my mother for some Mother’s Day gift ideas. So she did. Yay, Mom!

I hope you enjoy her creative and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas, straight from my mother to you.

15 Memory Making Mother's Day Gift Ideas

15 Memory Making Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words – Candid family pictures in frames or a small photo album is always a lovely gift for mom. This is especially good for Grandmothers.
  2. A Surprise Picnic – Without mom knowing set up a picnic somewhere.  It could be on a blanket spread out in the backyard, in a park or if it is raining spread it out in the family room. You could even blindfold her and lead her to the special spot.
  3. Honor Mom with Flowers – Some churches on Mother’s Day Sunday have special flowers to honor or remember Moms, usually red for the living moms and white for those who have passed away. You can also wear the appropriate color flower on your lapel as you go to church with her.
  4. A Visit to the Beach, Lake or Local Park – Surprise mom with some time together at her favorite spot for some down time away from phones and gizmos. Take a walk, feed the birds, and remember to grab pictures to remember the day.
  5. Queen for the Day – Wake up Mom with a homemade crown and breakfast in bed. Then treat her special throughout the day.
  6. A Tea Party – Have small children make an invitation for Mom to attend a child size tea party. The children can serve small cookies, cupcakes, small sandwiches, tea, lemonade or juice.   They may even want to have a picked flower by Mom’s plate.
  7. “My Love Grows” Plant – Present mom with a living plant to plant in the yard or a house plant to keep inside reminding her that your love for her grows each day.
  8. A Memory Box – A mother’s heart is her special place for memories but a Memory Box or a basket with a lid can hold the special treasures and memorabilia, like children’s artwork and homemade cards.
  9. An Acrostic for Mom – Using the name you call mother or grandmother write an acrostic as a card or letter to be framed. You can look up Acrostic on the internet for examples and ideas.
  10. Handpicked for Mom – If you have access to flowers to pick (preferably not the neighbor’s) have the children pick or cut a bouquet of flowers to present to mom. Be prepared to put flowers in a vase of water.
  11. Fond Memories Shared – Make up a scrapbook or album of your favorite times shared with Mom.
  12. Mother’s Day Art – Have children draw a picture of them with mom or just a portrait of mom or grandma. You can frame it or copy and reduce it for a bookmark.
  13. Helper for a Day – Give your mother a coupon for a helper for the day. You can be the helper or you can hire someone. She may want someone to help her with the yard work, spring cleaning or to paint a room.
  14. One-on-One Coupon – Make up a coupon for “One-on-One” time with Mom, letting her pick what to do. This coupon can be for a day or certain amount of hours.
  15. A Spa Day – A day of special treatment at a Spa or just a manicure or pedicure is a good gift especially if you accompany her.

Regardless of what you do remember that any time spent with mom is well spent and much appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day!

15 Memory Making Mother's Day Gift Ideas