Which glass is mine? Clever drinking glass markers.

Whose is whose? Keeping the drinking glasses straight.

The amount of dirty dishes that the four of us go through is crazy. I’ve found that the majority of what I’m loading and unloading are drinking glasses, and not because we’re consuming large amounts of liquid, but because no one can remember which glass is theirs, so they get another one, therefore a menagerie of drinking glasses can usually be found at our house.
Whose is whose? Keeping the drinking glasses straight.
I tried to think of a few creative ways to avoid the confusion. Coasters of different colors in a special place in the kitchen for each person to park their glass when not using it, but glasses aren’t always left in the kitchen. Plastic cups and tumblers with different designs are always easy to differentiate, but we like to use glass drinking glasses too. For our family, the solution needed to be able to be attachable, and be used with any glass or cup, yet not permanent.

I think I’ve found the solution.

Rubber bands! A 99¢ pack of colored rubber bands. It’s always the simplest things. It seems so obvious now.
rubberbands-glasses-6 A simple solution to keep the drinking glasses straight. A simple solution to keep the drinking glasses straight.
So easy. These drinking glass markers work perfectly. Each person can choose whatever color, or colors they like. AND if there’s a large group over for a get-together, the color combinations are endless.

A simple solution to keep the drinking glasses straight. A simple solution to keep the drinking glasses straight. A simple solution to keep the drinking glasses straight.

Rubber bands are now kept hanging on the knob of the cabinet door where our drinking glasses are stored.

A simple solution to keep the drinking glasses straight.

So far everyone here is gradually catching on to the system, and I’ve already seen a reduction in the dirty dishes. Simple solutions are so cool, aren’t they?

If you’re struggling with drinking glasses taking over your counter, try this one soon.

Have a lovely day!



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  1. 1

    Urban Wife says

    So stinkin’ clever! It’s the simple things. Between my husband grabbing a new glass every time he gets water and myself (the other extreme where I keep the same glass too long) it’s amazing how many times our dishwasher top rack will be full of glasses and the bottom is practically empty, but I have to run it since the top is full. Now I can just try the rubber bands and see how it helps. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2

    Melony says

    What a fantastic, inexpensive idea! I just had this discussion with my kids and my husband. I come home from work and mysteriously enough it was only the three of them there all day and accumulated 8 glasses. I was going out and buying them a glass that they know is theirs, but a quick trip to Staples will cure the glass situation. Thanks for the post :)

  3. 7


    This is great. I have a huge mason jar full of rubber bands. I’m thinking it needs to live in the glass cupboard.

  4. 10


    What a cute idea! I love the colors and different thicknesses, and it’s so much prettier than getting red party cups and sharpies!

  5. 17


    LOVE this idea! We’ve been having the same problem, especially with the kids having so many friends over during the summer. So I bought a big sleeve of plastic cups at Sam’s Club and write their names on them with a Sharpie.

  6. 19

    Trena says

    This is a great idea, but our problem is with bottles of water. By the end of the day, there are several unclaimed, half empty bottles which are currently put to use in the coffee maker the next morning. But I think that this solution is much better, and I’m anxious to give it a try.

  7. 20

    Alison says

    A really great idea…until you have a guest with a latex allergy. Rubber bands generally aren’t latex free. And something so small can cause a big reaction with someone severely allergic. And people don’t generally talk about this allergy. Just food for thought.

  8. 22

    Carrie says

    Brilliant! I am impressed. I have the exact same problem and your link was the first thing that popped up when I tried to google a solution. I love it!

    • 23


      Yay! Glad you find it helpful. Now, if I can only get my kids to follow along with my plan. At least I can keep track of my own glass. 😉

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