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  1. 1

    Those tiki torches are beautiful! I had no idea! They look like they provide just the right amount of light in an outdoor setting! I am going to Walmart today!! Beautiful and helpful!!

  2. 2

    TIKI® Brand Torches add a little ambiance with additional lighting and no mosquito bites! They are super beautiful and a perfect addition to any backyard!

  3. 5

    I love the way they enhance any decor or style with beautiful color and/or warming fire and keep away the mosquitoes. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  4. 7

    Tiki brand torches enhance the mood of any late night gathering. And most importantly – keep those pesky pests from bothering my guests!

  5. 8

    The gentle light from the torches and lamps would make summer gathering by the pool much more magical!

  6. 9

    Tiki torches help add the beautiful ambiance that is perfect for summer nights outside. These torches are beautiful! I am looking for these next time I’m out!

  7. 11

    These are so gorgeous! We love entertaining outside almost year-round, and we’ve always used Tiki torches to help set the mood without having to drag all of our candles out of the house!

  8. 12

    We bought this house recently and haven’t started outdoor project yet (with the exception of gardening). These are beautiful and I can see them in my mind’s eye around the burn pit with seating wall we plan to make (eventually). Thank you for a chance to win.

  9. 13

    The Tiki torches would solve a problem I have with outdoor lighting and the many mosquitoes that are buzzing around. They are beautiful.

  10. 14

    Those torches are exquisite! Outdoor entertaining is a favorite at my house!! These little gems would add a perfect ambiance in our back yard!

  11. 15

    I love that Tiki brand torches add ambiance to any celebration and can help keep pesky bugs at bay.

  12. 16

    I love entertaining outdoors and seeing these Tiki Brand torches makes me want to do so even more! It would be fabulous to win some :)

  13. 17

    I’m in the middle of finally creating an inviting outdoor area for our every 8 days game nights. These Tiki brand torches would be a great way to help me choose a lighting scheme, not to mention keep the mosquitoes off of my friends.

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your site!

  14. 18

    The glowing torch is beautiful! I definitely see a few of these scattered around our garden during a patio BBQ.

  15. 20

    More important than anything is the fact that they are beautiful! Not your ordinary, cheap looking torches that you can buy at the Dollar stores, but expensive, looking and very decorative torches. Would love to have these in my yard for summer time entertaining!

  16. 21

    Tike brand creates the perfect environment because not only are they functional but they are so pretty and make a very bland back yard come to life.

  17. 22

    The beautiful colors of these TIKI® Brand torches would brighten up any backyard event! Love the colors!

  18. 24

    We live near a large lake so the Tiki Torches help keep those pesky insects away.

  19. 25

    I love how Tiki Brand torches keep the bugs away from my guests and provide a nice atmosphere with the light of the candles!

  20. 27

    Those torches are beautiful and I love how functional and pretty they are! Your guests can relax instead of swatting at bugs all night!

  21. 29

    mosquitos always ruin the night for me! so these would be perfect :)

  22. 30

    The TIKI Brand helps me create the perfect environment for outdoor entertaining by creating a fun, comfortable and classy place to celebrate life with family and friends.

  23. 35

    These are going to definitely be part of our next camping trip! We love to grill out, but HATE those pests; these will give us the best of both worlds!

  24. 36

    The Tiki brand provides a sense of relief against mosquitoes when outdoors, compliments our decor and adds to the ambiance with their great styling.

  25. 39

    Love these! I like to have some candles burning when we are sitting on our front porch.

  26. 42

    By creating an elegant ambiance with soft lighting that keeps the bugs away.

  27. 43

    I think they help open up the feeling of the outdoors, making it warmer & welcoming.

  28. 45

    We love to entertain and ambiance and lighting are very important. We like to set the whole mood or theme for each evening!

  29. 46

    I had no idea there were so many different Tiki products available! Love to see the beautiful ambience created by their soft glow!

  30. 51

    Tiki will absolutely help by giving my patio a great amber on those special nights!

  31. 53

    Anything that keeps the bugs away adds an extra level to outdoor entertaining but these Tiki torches add even more with their new elegant look. They are so pretty.

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