The goodness of eggs.

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to Oregon with the nice people from The Good Egg Project to visit a Willamette Egg Farm, and learn more about the goodness of eggs.

Our trip began with a tour through one of the Willamette Egg Farms where we saw first hand how eggs make their way from the farm to our grocer’s shelves. Willamette Egg Farms is a family owned farm who go to great lengths to produce a safe and healthy product. And with all the scary news about the egg recalls, it was good to hear and see firsthand how it’s being done responsibly. A few bad eggs can spoil the bunch, creating bad press and concern for the majority of the rest that are doing it right.

Plus I learned that brown eggs do come from brown chickens, and white eggs come from white chickens. I feel so learned now that I know the truth of it all. We didn’t discuss whether the chicken or the egg came first though. I forgot to ask.

After the tour, we learned from Mary Donkersloot, RD, about how the egg offers great nutritional benefits, like high quality protein that produces long lasting energy levels, lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that have can help with vision, and choline, an essential nutrient necessary for healthy cell activity and much more.

There’s a lot of goodness packed in that little shell.

A lot of goodness for very little money too.

Howard Helmer, the world’s fastest omelet maker, followed Mary and showed us his mad skilz as a master omelet maker. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Everyone should have a Howard around cheering them on in the kitchen.

He broke down the omelet making process into simple steps so that even a child could learn to make their own omelet. “Dig Hole. Fill it up. Dig a hole. Fill it up,” was his mantra. He even showed us how to make an omelet for on the go wrapped in a flour tortilla shell. Fun and easy. Easy as an omelet.

Chef Jeffrey Saad rounded out the trio with even more tips and tricks for cooking tasty recipes with eggs.

You may have seen Jeffrey on The Next Food Network Star. He’s skilled man. And he’s passionate about cooking. Jeffrey has a new show that will be airing this fall on The Cooking Channel called United Tastes of America, airing November 16. Watch for it.

Anyway, back to the eggs…

Jeffrey showed us how to make a quick pan quiche and how everyone can learn to poach an egg.


I poached an egg that actually turned out like a poached egg. It was like magic. For realz.

At the end of the day we had a table full of tasty creations, all made with the simple, but satisfying egg. I’m excited – or should I say egg-cited – to try out some of the new tips, tricks and recipes I picked up in Oregon. For a full list of recipes to try out for yourself, search for an egg recipe from the Incredible Edible Egg.

Now for a recipe. This is the recipe for the burrito omelet thingy that Howard shared with us. I’m gonna call it the Omelet Burrito, real original. If it goes by another name Howard, please let me know.

The first thing is to choose your omelet ingredients. Get creative. Use what’s on hand. One of the tips we learned that make the omelet such an easy fix, is to have all the ingredients/fillings ready to go. You can fill your fridge the night before with your prepped omelet makings, so you’re ready to go in the morning.

For this one, I chose salsa, black beans, two cheeses, butter and of course, salt, pepper, and other herbs.

Begin by cracking two eggs (this recipe makes one omelet) into a container. Notice the cloudy egg whites?

I learned that cloudy egg whites are a sign of fresh eggs. Clear egg whites are an indication of not so fresh eggs. I’ve always thought the opposite. Who knew?

Add to the eggs 2 tablespoons of water.

The water acts as a heat barrier helping the eggs not to cook too quickly, it kinda lightens them up a bit too.

I go ahead and add my salt, pepper and herbs/seasonings now.

Beat it all together until combined.

To the stove. We’re using a flour tortilla to wrap it all up in at the end, so it’ll need to be pliable, easier to roll. Heat your omelet pan over a medium-medium high heat. I use an iron skillet for my eggs. Non-stick is preferable, and works like a charm. I’m just hard headed. I like my iron skillet.

Once the pan is ready, lay the tortilla in the pan and warm on each side for 5 seconds, then set the tortilla aside on a plate to wait for the rest of the gang. If you’d like, cover with a cloth or lid to keep warm.

The butter is next. I’ve kinda got a little much butter here, you can certainly get by with less. Olive oil would work too. The butter helps keep the omelet from sticking to the pan – plus it tastes good too.

Place the butter in the heated pan to melt.

When the butter has melted, pour in the egg mixture, to completely cover bottom of pan, and reduce the heat a bit.

The eggs should instantly bubble if you have the pan heated correctly. You may not be able to tell, but there are bubbles here. Howard, I promise, there are bubbles. There are. You’d be so proud.

Now here’s where you “dig a hole and fill it up.” Using a spatula, immediately begin pulling the edge of the cooked egg away from the edge of the pan, thus “digging a hole.”

Once the hole is dug, tilt the pan to allow the uncooked egg to flow into the hole, to “fill it up.” Continue to “dig a hole, and fill it up” all the way around the circumference of the pan, maybe 3-4 times total.

Work quickly so your omelet doesn’t overcook. This whole digging and filling it up thing should only take 10-15 seconds at tops.

Next go on the omelet fillings. Top the egg with your ingredients of choice.

Almost done! Gently slide the open faced omelet onto the the flour tortilla.

Mine didn’t slide so well, cause, yeah, I’m kinda hard headed like that, with the whole iron skillet vs. non-stick pan thing. But if I didn’t show you, no one would’ve never known, because it’s all going to be rolled up, covering up my lack of Howard Helmer’s mad skilz cooking with eggs. I’m working on it man. This time next year I’ll be a master omelet maker too. Maybe Howard and I could do an omelet cook-off? Nah. He’s too quick for me.

Where was I, oh yeah, the wrapping and rolling of it all. Wrap and roll the flour filled tortilla up like a burrito, folding in the side first then rolling and tucking as you go.

Cut it in half and enjoy a bite of your success. It’s a fun way to serve an omelet. My kids will love it.

Burrito Omelet Recipe
(makes one burrito)
adapted from the great, fantabulous Howard Helmer


2 eggs

2 tablespoons water

pinch of salt

pinch of pepper

seasonings of choice

1 flour tortilla

2 tablespoons butter

omelet fillings of choice

Preparation instructions:

Crack eggs in a mixing bowl or large measuring cup.

Add to the eggs 2 tablespoons of water, salt, pepper and herbs/seasonings. Beat all together until combined.

Heat omelet pan over medium-medium high heat.

Lay the tortilla in the pan and warm on each side for 5 seconds, then set aside. Cover with a cloth or lid to keep warm.

Place the butter in the heated pan to melt.

Pour in the egg mixture, to completely cover bottom of pan, and reduce the heat. The eggs should instantly bubble if you have the pan heated correctly. Using a spatula, immediately begin pulling the edge of the cooked egg away from the edge of the pan, and tilt the pan to allow the uncooked egg to flow into the hole. Continue this process around the circumference of the pan, maybe 3-4 times total. Work quickly so your omelet doesn’t overcook. This should only take 10-15 seconds.

Top the egg with your ingredients of choice.

Gently slide the open faced omelet onto the the flour tortilla.

Wrap and roll the flour filled tortilla up like a burrito, folding in the side first then rolling and tucking as you go. Cut in half and serve.


(Thanks to The Good Egg Project for covering the cost of my trip.)

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  1. 1


    That burrito omelet looks pretty good! I love to make an omelet with shredded cheese and a few veggies like peppers and onions. My other favorite recipe is just a simple fried egg on 2 pieces of toast, can’t go wrong with that!

  2. 2


    Love great egg recipes. Can’t wait to try Howard’s tricks. Thanks so much for sharing them. Love your picture of him. He looks like a lot of fun! :)

  3. 3


    You got the “dig a hole, fill it up” thing down! It was so good to spend time with you, Amy. This burrito would be a huge hit in my house!

  4. 5


    I’ll take a two egg omelet with ham, cheese and onions. After the omelet cooks I’ll put it in my whole wheat tortilla and add some dill pickle chips all wrapped up together. YUM! I’m gonna call that a Piggie-dilly omelet wrap.

  5. 6


    Let’s see … in our house we always use leftover OREGON salmon (yes, I live in Oregon!) and fresh dill, Dubliner cheese. It’s the BEST.

    So happy you were so close to me, yet too far to say hi! See you in a few days.

    Pick me! Pick me! xo

  6. 7

    Alicia@thecoffeeqween says

    Breakfast burritos are my favorite!! I’m hispanic so I grew up eating them filled with chorizo with egg and potatoes. But my favorite inlet combo to this day is ham, extra cheddar and Jack cheeses with green onion. My mom would “treat” us with these for breakfast as kids and after I had my first little one, we stayed with my parents for a week and she made me my treat as a push present. Great childhood memory I shared with my mom and first born!

  7. 10


    I have not had a breakfast burrito in a while. Sounds like a plan for this weekend with some fresh fruit!

  8. 11

    Anne B. says

    My favorite omelet fillings are bacon, mushrooms and swiss cheese. Sounds like it was an interesting trip!

  9. 12


    My favorite omelet that I used to fix for my children was a Peanut Butter and Jelly Omelet. You don’t hear of it often, but is a great way to introduce your children to omelets.

  10. 13

    Jessica F says

    I find an over-easy egg on toast to be one of the best comfort foods. It picks you up and is so easy to make, so after a long day…exactly what I’m looking for… :)

  11. 14


    Thanks for this great “how-to.” I’ve never heard of the dig and fill method. I eat eggs almost every day for all the reasons you mentioned. I’d like to be entered in the drawing. My favorite topping or mixture is Rotel diced tomatoes with chiles.

  12. 15


    My parents have chickens and we love their fresh eggs they share with us. All my boys choose eggs first every morning. Thanks for the recipe. Looks delish.

  13. 16

    Debbie says

    I love omelets with a little salsa, black beans and cheddar cheese, or sauteed peppers, onions, ham and cheddar.

  14. 17

    SMITH BITES says

    Mad egg skilz girl – you got it down! And who knew about the cloudy whites being fresh? We get our eggs from our neighbor farmer just down the street and they whites are always cloudy – which now I know is good news! Love the breakfast burrito too!

  15. 18

    Sharlene says

    Adorable! I had a friend who worked for the Georgia Egg Commission at the time and she sent me a whole goody bag of stuff including a video that showed the whole process from the henhouse onwards. Your roll is beautiful!

  16. 19

    capecodjewel says

    That burrito looks really good. All I would add to it would be a few slices of avocado… Mmmmm.
    So healthy, so beautiful, so delicious!

  17. 20

    TidyMom says

    ok, that is one YUMMY looking omelet!! I’ve never tried beans and salsa with my eggs……..SO going to try this!!

  18. 22

    Debra L. says

    My favorite combo with eggs is salsa or green onions. One of my comfort foods is chicken broth with green onions and egg.

  19. 23

    Patrice says

    I absolutely love eggs. My favorite omelet is loaded with sautéed mushrooms and oozing with a combination of cheeses.

  20. 24

    Julie F says

    I would have to go with potatoes, cheese, onions and bacon with my eggs! Yum!

  21. 25

    Amy L says

    My favorite egg recipe is one I remember my dad making when I was growing up. It’s pretty simple, but good. Saute a Tablespoon or two of diced onion in a small skillet until softened, add about a half cup of frozen peas, thawed, and 2 beaten eggs. Cook until the eggs are scrambled to your taste. Top with salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. Serve with toasted garlic bread.

  22. 26

    Heather says

    Looks like you had a fabulous time and learn some great tips on your trip! I have to admit I didn’t know that the brown eggs come from brown chickens and white eggs come from white. Learn something new every day! :)
    Love your omelet burrito and your pictures are beautiful. My favorite omelet combo is: spinach, tomato, cheese, and basil.

  23. 27


    Yum! We love making Breakfast for Dinner at our house and this recipe is perfect!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe and for the chance to win the fun products!

  24. 28

    Wenderly says

    YUM!! I didn’t know that brown eggs came from brown chickens etc… My fav combo would be feta & fresh tomato omelet! It’s to die for!

  25. 29


    What fun you guys must have had!
    My favorite omelet would be brie cheese, onion and and mango salsa. A tasty treat!

  26. 31

    Amanda says

    My husband would love that omelet burrito. I think that might make it onto the menu for breakfast this weekend!

  27. 33

    kpage says

    Any vegee combo and some cheese. I doesn’t matter if the vegees are sauteed or raw. I often trade garden harvest or baked goods with my neighbor for fresh eggs. Works out great for both of us.

  28. 34


    I like… salsa, , mushrooms, and cheese.

    My second would be.. mushrooms, onion, roasted red pepper,garlic and cheese. ( I have to sautee the veggies first )

  29. 36

    June says

    my favorite omelet will always be ham & cheese. nothing more. i love love love it!

  30. 39

    Faye says

    My favorite egg dish is hash browns cooked in a skillet, make a hole in the center-break an egg in and cook sunny side up-serve with salsa. This is great any time of day!

  31. 40

    Chase :) says

    One of best friends has fresh eggs and they are delicious! I like a
    mushroom, onions, bacon-spinach-gruyere omeltte myself.

  32. 43


    I could totally use one of those egg burritos right now. What is it about a tortilla that makes everything wonderful? And you’ve got some mad wrapping skills, girl. Are you a former Chipotle playmate?

  33. 44

    Kelly M says

    Spicy sausage (chorizo), pepper jack cheese, peppers, avocado and some salsa. Mexican style is the best way to eat an omelet.

  34. 45

    cbp says

    Oh my… you’ve done it again Miss Amy! If I didn’t already love, Love, LOVE eggs I would now after looking at this post. These pictures are INCREDIBLE… almost edible right off the screen. Some of my favorite ingredients for a yummy omelet? Fresh spinach and goat cheese topped by a fresh homemade salsa.

  35. 48

    Lisa says

    Love the omelet burrito! One of my favorites is mushroom and cheddar in a quiche. Thanks for the chance to win the prize!

  36. 49

    Deborah says

    My favorite egg recipe is egg salad on white bread. Cook the eggs and fix the egg salad right away not allowing the eggs to cool much. I only add salt, pepper and Dukes mayonaise. Spread on white sandwich bread and enjoy! For some reason, it tastes better not chilled.

  37. 50


    Oh, yummy. I love a good omelet. Great for breakfast or dinner, too. My favorite is to add a little herbed goat cheese inside along with some rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes. I also have a great recipe on my blog for Baked Herbed Eggs. A little different but so, so good.

    When I was growing up my grandparents had an egg “farm.” They had about a dozen chicken houses with hundreds of chickens in each of them. I have such fond childhood memories of riding on the back of the tractor bringing in the long wagons full of eggs to be graded, “candled” and sorted. I’m sure the process is much more fancy and technical these days, but thanks for bringing those great memories back to mind :-)

  38. 54

    Lynne A says

    MMmmmm! sauteed peppers, onions, & ‘shrooms with cheddar, & maybe some ham or bacon.

  39. 56

    Tickled Red says

    What a wonderful adventure! Very informative and great photos. I love your recipe as well darlin’. I like beans and oregano with my eggs :)

  40. 57


    after my over abundance of kale this summer (as it should be) I think an onion, kale, mushroom and goat cheese omelet would be one of my favorites. My kids would love it too.

  41. 58

    Kirstin says

    That breakfast wrap looks too yummy. I might just make that for lunch. Excited about your giveaway! thanks!

  42. 59

    amber says

    Ooh yummy! This would be fantastic to win, thanks so much. I love making omelets with feta cheese, spinach, and mushroom, and then I top it with a homemade pesto sauce and a little sun-dried tomato. Yum! :)

  43. 60


    Mmmmm… what do I NOT like in my omlets, is the question. We put in onions, bell peppers, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach… and I guess eggs go somewhere in there :)

  44. 62

    Steph W. says

    My favorite thing to do with eggs is to make frozen hashbrowns (with onion) really, really crispy, then chunk up some leftover ham, add a handful of frozen spinach, scramble the eggs(add a little chili powder or tobasco and a small dollop of plain yogurt…it makes them fluffy and wonderful!), then pour them over everything and add a little shredded pepper jack or cheddar. Stir and enjoy!

  45. 65

    Janet M. says

    Mmmm. That looks really good. I would start the way you did but add a few chopped chiles and maybe some chorizo.

  46. 66

    jeff says

    some potatoes diced very small with some diced mushrooms fried up a bit then add some shallots, garlic, diced tomatoes and what ever cheese you have on hand. mmm heavenly, i like the idea of wrapping it in a tortilla, makes for a fairly quick and portable breakfast.

  47. 69

    Kelsey D. says

    Roast chicken, salsa, and cheese mixed in scrambled eggs. Served with a slice of toasted three cheese semolina bread. Yummy!

  48. 70

    Aggie says

    Am loving that recipe Amy!! I wish I could have been there with you, looks like you guys had a great time!

    I love mushrooms and onions in my omelets…and of course cheese!!

  49. 72

    chickenlove says

    Awesome ideas on this site, thanks. I actually took the plunge and got me some chickens last week! Now I have more eggs than I know what to do with!. You might be interested in these egg recipes.

  50. 73


    I am an egg lover. And my family states that I’m a protein pusher, so the egg is perfect in my eyes. Sometimes no so perfect on the plate in the eyes of my family. I’m learning the art of making an omelet so this post spoke to me. Thanks for the great looking recipe. I’m ready to give it a try tomorrow (but I have to go shopping so I guess another day)

    Very excited to make this. One more omelet recipe to practice with, thanks a million.

  51. 74

    Fran Michael says

    If you ever hear of a place in Memphis, Tn that sells really fresh garden eggs PLEASE let me know have wanted fresh eggs for so long. Just found your blogs and having so much fun going thru them. Keep up the good and entertaining work. Thank you so very much, Fran

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